Beintehaa 28th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Beintehaa 28th February 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 28th February 2014 Written Update

Zain asks who was he whom she gave the bag. Aaliya says he was following her, so he must have seen her. Zain twists her hand and asks answer. Aaliya says what prob does he have, he counts days and wants her to get out of his room, what prob does he have if he meets someone. She then says she met a guy and gave him loveletters, why has he become so much possessive suddenly, has he started loving her. Zain leaves her hand listening that. He says not to think even in dreams that he can love her. She then says they both don’t love each other, then why is this discussion, she can meet anyone. He says he just wants an answer. He himself will help her elope and get out of his life. She says still 18 days are left, she will finish her 1 month and then will think if she wants to stay or go, till

then he can think who was the guy and what was in that bag. She thinks she could have told him that she helped Fahad bhai. She then says whenever she goes from his life, she will give him something than taking from him, it is her promise.

Aayath does photo session nervously. Rocky sees her and asks her to relax and shows her how to pose. She gets confident and finishes the photoshoot. Rocky calls someone and speaks. He then gives her 25000. Aayath thanks her. He asks her to come for coffee with him, she agrees.

Surayya comes and sees Shaziya sleeping on the sofa. She wakes her up. Shaziya sees her and gets happy. She says she wanted to say something to her and say how Aaliya sold her jewellery and took money.

Shabana is waiting for Shabana nervously. Aayath reaches home. Shabana scolds her for coming late. Aayath gives her 25000. Shabana asks how did she get such a huge amount. Aayath says she said lie and went to collect money from Aaliya’s students. She went to each student and collected money from her and then realised she has some money in her college account, collectively she got 25000 rs. Shabana says she needed money bdaly and goes to keep money. Aayath thinks she will not trouble her parents and will help them.

Aaliya does morning prayers while Zain is still asleep. She prays Allah to protect Fahad bhai and get him on right track. Zain wakes up and checks Aaliya’s phone. He thinks it is wrong to check someone’s phone, but then thinks he is her husband.

Aaliya’s phone has password. He tries various passwords, like ammi, abbu, Aayath, etc. Aaliya comes and sees that. Even Zain sees Aaliya and keeps her phone. Aaliya gets a phone call but does not pick it. ZAin asks to pick the call. She says she has no mood to pick it. Zain asks why did she keep a password. She asks why did he check her mobile and says she does not want anyone explore her mind. Zain then holds her hand and pulls her near him. He says she is wasting the lovely moments and to identify her love and not to stop herself. He sees in her eyes and then says go and live your life with your boyfriend, dont wait till 17-18 days. Aaliya gets angry and goes..
Aaliya calls Zain kitkit and changes her mobile password as kitkit. Fahad gives Chakkiwala 2 crores. He counts the money and calls goon, but goon’s phone is switched off. Chakkiwala then says goon is out of town and will come by night, he will speak to him and fix the meeting. He will keep the money till then. Zain says he can keep it. Chakkiwala asks him to relax. Zain thanks him and goes.

Aayath is having cofee with Rocky. She says why is he going so soon. He says his work is finished here and has to go. He then asks her to come to mumbai as she can get 1 lakh per day for modelling. Aayath agrees to come. He then says he will leave believing they will meet again. Aayath thanks her for giving that ad, she was in need of that money badly. He thanks her instead for agreeing to be a model for him. Aayath thinks for just 1 day 1 lakh rs, she can help her parents then.

Chandbibi praises Aaliya for convincing Zain to go to office. Surayya also praises her. She then introduces the jeweller to her and asks Aaliya to get her jewellery for polishing. Aaliya says her jewellery is new, so no need of polishing. Shaziya asks her to bring it, jeweller will decided if they need polishing or not. Surayya asks if she has jewellery or not.

Precap: Surayya calls Usman and asks him to come home as she has to discuss something important with him and take a decision. She then asks Aaliya to get the jewellery by 4 p.m., else she will inform Usman.

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