Beintehaa 27th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 27th March 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 27th March 2014 Written Update

Aaliya remembers Zain’s words of sending her to Bhopal back. She writes a letter for him. She sees him still sleeping and keeps letter near bed. Kise puchoon… bheji thi dua…. song plays in the background. She watches him for sometime and goes out from the room with her suitcase. She stops and sees Zain pic on the wall and remembers time spend with him. She remembers her nikah with Zain and him helping her parents. She is very sad. She goes out of the house.

Zain wakes up and calls Aaliya. She does find Aaliya and asks if she is in the bathroom. She goes and checks bathroom and does not find her. He thinks she must have gone to kitchen to bring water. He finds a letter on his bed and reads it. It reads as Aaliya telling him that she is going out of his life. She says schedule is

on the wall and to follow that, she says not to become older Zain. She prays Allah to give him the happiness he deserves and says Allah Hafiza. Zain remebers taunting her to leave him and go. He starts missing her. Bin tere.. koi khalish hai hawaon me bin tere….. song plays in the background. Aaliya’s phone rings. He thinks where would she have give leaving the phone at night. He calls airport and railway station and finds train leaves in 30 min to Bhopal. He gets ready and runs to railway station, remembering how she served and helped him when he was injured.

Surayya sees him running and calls him, but he does not listen. She comes to his room and finds Aaliya’s letter. She reads it and gets happy. She thinks Aaliya is very obidient that she went to Bhopal on her insistence and thinks she will not let Aaliya come back to her home again.

Zain comes to railway station and asks someone where is Bhopal train. He shows the direction. Zain runs towards Bhopal train and searches Aaliya. He does not find her. He gets sad and says let her go, he does not care. He will not bring her back from Bhopal. He shouts mamu ki bhanji. Everybody look at him. Even Aaliya looks at Zain. She tries to get up and pick her suitcase. Suitcase opens up. Zain sees her and goes near her. He picks back the suitcase.

Aaliya asks why did he come there. He says he wanted to tell her something. She asks what. He goes near her ears and says she is a coward and is running away from him. He says she is in love with him. She says he is thinking wrong and asks if he is a hero. He says she wants Usman to scold him. Aaliya asks her to go back. Zain holds her hand and says he is a winner and she is defeated. He shows her the calender and says it is his tropy, she is running away within 1 month. She says calender is the main prob, so she is taking it with her. She tears the calender into pieces. Zain asks what now. She shows bhopal ticket and says she is going to Bhopal and he will go to Barkath. Zain tears the ticket and says she tore his past and he tore her future.

Precap: Surayya provokes Usman that Aaliya broke her promises and did not even have courtesy to inform them.

Update Credit to: MA

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