Beintehaa 27th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Beintehaa 27th February 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 27th February 2014 Written Update

Zain follows Aaliya. She gets into a taxi and goes. He tries to get into his car, but Shaziya stops him asks him to drop her. Zain follows Aaliya in his car and thins whom she is going to meet secretly. Aaliya gets down and goes. Zain searches where did Aaliya go. Aaliya goes to a jewellery shop and sells her jewellery. Shaziya sees her selling the jewellery.

Shaziya gets shocking seeing all the jewelleries being sold and gets happy thinking she will give informing it to Surayya. Aaliya gets 1.75 crores. Shaziya sees the money and tries to inform Surayya, but Surayya does not pick the call. She then thinks she will inform Surayya personally. Zain sees Aaliya coming out and follows her. Aaliya gets Fahad’s call. Aaliya says she got the money and will reach soon. Zain thinks whom she

is going to meet. She must be carrying clothes in bag to elope.

Aayath goes to meet her chat boyfriend Rocky with her friend. Her friend asks if she knows Rocky well. Aayath says she met him once and he looked good, but she is not sure if she wants to do it. She needs money, so she wants to do it. She asks her friend to tell anyone and her friend assures her she won’t. Aayath sits in the waiting area and sees models wearing skimpy clothes and gets nervous. Her friend asks what will she do if she is asked to wear those clothes, Aayath says she won’t. Just then she gets Shabana’s call and she asks where is she.
Aayath says she came for shopping with her friend. Shabana asks her not to do shopping. She hears people talking about taking shots and asks where is she. Aayath says shooting is going on in market. Shabana asks her to bring vegetables when she comes. Rocky comes and meets her. He asks her to come with him and gives Indian clothes to wear. He then asks about Ghulam’s health. She asks how does he know. He says she herself told while chatting. He then says to take care of her parents. Aayath gets happy listening this.

Zain calls Aaliya and asks where is she. She says it is none of his business. Zain says Usman was asking about her. Aaliya asks to give phone to Usman and she will speak to him. Just then Azaan starts and they both listen on their phone and cuts the call. Aayath thinks why is she listening Azaan sound in zain’s mobile, turns behind and sees ZAin. She calls Fahad and says she will keep the bag near post box and to pick it quickly. She keeps the bag and walks.

Fahad picks the bag and goes. Aaliya meets him. Zain sees them talking but does not see Fahad’s face and thinks who was he and what was in the bag.

Shaziya comes and calls Surayya, but does not find her in the room. She gets a sound from bathroom and thinks Surayya is in bathroom. She asks her to come out soon as she has to share with her a breaking news.

Usman comes out from the bathroom and asks what she wants to share with Surayya and what she can do that Nafisa can’t do. Shaziya starts laughing and says Nafisa can’t laugh like her. She says Surayya says daughter-in-laws should always laugh and be happy. Aaliya and Nafisa don’t laugh. She asks where is mummy. Usman says she has gone out and will come in the evening. She again laughs and goes.

Zain is playing soxaphone. Aaliya comes and listens to him from behind. He turns back and sees her standing behind. Aaliya thinks what will she if he asks about the market incident. She asks why is he behaving like devdas, if he is remembering his ex-girlfriend. Zain asks about the bag which she took. Aaliya says she left it in the mall. Zain says let us go and bring it. Aaliya says she herself will get it. Zain says he knows it is not in the mall and asks what was in the bag, clothes or love letters. Aaliya says it is none of his business and his time of 7:30 is over. He asks who was he whom she gave the bag. Aaliya thanks god that he didn’t see Fahad bhai. Aaliya says you were following me then. Aaliya says he should be bothered about it. Zain twists her hand and asks the answer. Aaliya says she is feeling pain. What is his problem, he says to go out from his room, what prob he has if she meets someone. She then says she met a guy and that bag love letters. She then asks why has be become so possessive suddenly, if he has started loving her. Zain leaves her hand listening that. Beintehaa title song plays in the background.

Precap: Aaliya says Zain still 18 days are left. She will finish 1 month and will think if she wants to go or not, till then he can keep thinking what was in that bag. Aayath finishes photoshoot and gives money to Shabana. Shabana asks how did she get so much money.

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