Beintehaa 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 26th March 2014 Written Update

Surayya informs Shaziya that she has a good opportunity to get Aaliya out. Usman calls Surayya and says one of his employee has threatened if he does not get 1 year advance of 12 lakhs, he will resign. Usman further says employee is Zain Abdullah. Surayya asks why does he need money. Zain says he is a married man and needs money, else he will resign. Usman says he values his employees and gives him 12 lakhs cheque and asks him to write hsi name in it. He says he believes Zain will utilize the money judiciously.

Gowhar sees Rizwan alone and asks him why is he standing alone. She says since Aayath went away, they should celebrate. Nafisa comes and listens to their conversation. Gowhar gets sad that Rizwan got angry on her and goes from there. Nafisa comes and scolds Rizwan for not helping her

and asks him to say sorry to Gowhar. He goes to Gowhar who is angry on him. He asks her sorry, but he holds her near him and asks if she forgive him or not. She says if she has any option or not and gets happy. The both start seeing each other romantically. Shaziya sees that and is very furious. Gowhar sees Shaziya and asks Rizwan to go from there now and she will meet him later. Shaziya asks what is happening, what is she doing with Rizwan. She warns Gowhar not to mingle with her enemy’s brother.

Zain calls Shabana and asks if she believes him as son. She says yes she believes. She says he is transferring 12 lakhs to her account and says he got 1 year’s salary in advance. He says she would have told him about her problems and asks her to tell Aayath not to take tension. Aaliya listens to his conversation and gets. Surayya on the other side is very angry on Zain.

Aaliya praises Zain for giving 1 year’s salary to her parents. Surayya comes and says she got the calender and she thinks it fell from her room. Aaliya says it is her room’s calender. Surayya asks who marked the days in the calender. She says Zain. She asks why was he marking the days and asks Aaliya to tell. Aaliya says he was counting the days to get her out of the house. Surayya says praises Zain and says he sacrifices a lot, he sent 12 lakhs to your parents, though he is not happy with this marriage. She says Aaliya everyone knows about it. She asks if only Zain will sacrifice for her and her family, does not she think even she should sacrifice for him. She asks what can she do, if she thinks she can, to let her know, she will do it for sure. Surayya says Zain loves his freedom very much, and you took away his freedom. He helped your sister and didn’t care about his life. She says if she really want to see him happy, to free him from this marriage. This calendar marking signifies he is not happy. His nature is such that he won’t inform anyone about his problems. He cannot tell it to anyone, neither Usman nor Ghulam. She asks Aaliya to get out of Zain’s life. She gives Aaliya Zain’s pic and goes from there.

Zain informs Rizwan about the 12 lakhs advance salary incident and says he could not have got the money else. Rizwan asks he loves Aaliya, so he did it. Zain says he did it for his phupha, phuphi, and Aayath. Rizwan says he thought he did it for Aaliya. Zain says she looks like a bhoot for him. Rizwan asks if he wants to send Aaliya Bhopal back. He says if she wants he will drop himself. Aaliya listens that, gets sad and goes from there. ZAin further says he wants her to spend time with her parents. Rizwan says Zain atleast accepted Aaliya as his wife.

Aaliya asks Zain if he meant what he said. Zain asks what did he say. She says he was telling that he wanted her to go to Bhopal. He says yes.

Precap: Zain reads Aaliya’s letter that she is going out of his life forever. Aaliya is in railway station. Zain comes to railway station searching for her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Aaliya n zayin will be together for ever
    N how much Eva u try surraya u can never separate them as they r in love which they don’t realise but we viewers do see that
    So u n if Bahis stop playing wid their life

  2. better. if he say his love.

  3. I love this episode

  4. awww….how sweet f Zain…cant wait 4 today’s epi…hope he confeses his luv 2 her….

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