Beintehaa 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Beintehaa 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 26th February 2014 Written Update

Fahad informs Aaliya about his betting habit and says he has to pay 2 crores in 3 days and has given something as collateral. Aaliya says they should inform Usman. Fahad requests her not to inform Usman as he would be angry. She promises she wont inform.

Aayath is having food with her college friends. Her friends go, but her internet boyfriend comes and meets her. She asks who is he. He informs her about chatting and valentine card. She recognises him. He says he saw her with friends, so he waited until they left. They both shake hands. Aayath asys what is he doing in Bhopal. He says he came to meet her, then says he is joking, he is a casting director and came for shooting there. He asks her to do modeling for her and he will give 25000 rs per day. He says the model who is with him

is getting 1.5 lakhs per day, once also she gets fame she will earn more.

Aayath says she will ask her ammi and let him know and goes. Zain is unhappy that Aaliya has not left her yet, Shawn’s girlfriend left him though he wanted her. He sees her pic in mobile and asks if she has boyfriend to inform him, he will help them elope. Just then Aaliya comes and he stops mumbling.

Aayath sees her chat boyfriend’s visiting car, but hears her parent’s voice and hides the card. Shabana asks Ghulam to get the tests done, he says he does not spend money unncessarily. She goes to prepare food. Ghulam then sees Aayath and calls her and asks how come she is early today. She says her lecture got over soon, so she came early. She then asks if she can do some work. Ghulam says he is in financial crisis, but does not like her taking up a job and asks her to study first. Aayath says she will work, Shabana says who will give her job. Aayath says she will do acting and modeling. Shabana slaps her, scolds her and asks her to go and study.

Zain asks how many mustards seeds were there. she says 623 and says she will ask chand khala to get him food from tomorrow. Zain taunts her that with 623 mustard seeds, she forgot her wife’s duties, soon she will leave him and go. Just then Aaliya gets a call and she goes pretending as she is speaking to Aayath.

Surayya is sitting in the lawn. Shaziya and Gowhar come and ask what is she doing here. Surayya says she is correcting her new book. Gowhar takes the book and says it is nice book mummy, I mean aunty. Surayya asks her she is holding the book wrong. Gowhar says there are so many cook books, she cant recognize which side is correct. Shaziya says Gowhar is a big fan of Surayya.

Nafisa comes and says she has got a news for her and reads about betting scandal. Shaziya and Gowhar gets tensed. Nafisa says middlemen are trapping rich kids and pushing them into betting. Some are in deep debts now and are taking out money from their family accounts. She says police is investigating and they will catch all the culprits.

Surayya says it depends on children’s upbringing. Nafisa asks if Fahad or Zain are caught in betting, what will Usman do. Surayya says Usman will throw them out and hand them over to police. Gowhar gets hiccups hearing that. Shaziya takes her from there. Nafisa thinks Shaziya’s family’s true face will come out soon.

Zain thinks why is Aaliya so tensed, if people in Bhopal are alright. He comes and sees Aaliya still talking to Aayath. He calls Aayath, she picks, he gets shocked that Aaliya is not talking to her. He then asks if Ghulam and Shabana are alright. Aayath says they are fine and asks if she can speak to Aaliya as she didn’t speak to her since yesterday. Zain says Aaliya is out now, he will ask her to call her later. He says Khudahafiz and cuts the call. Aaliya is still speaking to somone. Zain says he will find out whom she is speaking to. Aaliya is speaking to Fahad and says everything will be alright and aks to update her everything.

She turns and sees Zain next to her. He asks whom she was talking to. She says it is none of his business and leaves.

Aayath is searching her chat boyfriend’s card. Shabana asks her to serve the food. Aayath sees the card on the floor, but Shabana asks her to serve the food. Shabana goes near the food table. Aayath picks the card. Usman says how will he arrange money now, he says Aayath is also worried and is thinking of doing job, so he will not tell her anything. Aayath calls her boyfriend and says she will come and to message his address.

Gowhar calls Chakkiwala and says she heard Surayya speaking about betting racket and asks him to be careful, else he will be in trouble. Chakkiwala is with goons itself. He laughs and says he has trapped Fahad into betting racket for his benefit. Shaziya snatches phone from Gowhar and listens to his conversation and scolds him for trapping Fahad. She says if something happens to Fahad, she will not leave him easily. Chakkiwala says if Fahad was not her husband, he would have been dead and challenges her that Usman also can’t do anthing as some big collateral is with Bhai. Shaziya what is it, he cuts the calls without replying.

Aaliya gets Fahad’s call. ZAin gets up and asks her to pick the call. She goes and speaks to Fahad. Fahad says goons are coming tomorrow. Zain says Aaliya speaking and thinks something must be going on. He thinks she must be in an affair with someone lse and it is good for him if she elopes.

Zain is having his morning tea and working on laptop. Aaliya asks him to go out as she has to change her dress. He says she has already change her dress, why does she want to change again. Aaliya says it is her will. He murmurs she is having affair, so changing her dress. Aaliya then inists and he goes out. She closes the door, keeps her jewellery in a bag and thinks she has to give them to save Fahad. She takes the bag out. Zain follows her. She gets into a taxi and goes.

Precap: Aaliya goes into jewellery shop and sells the jewellery. Shaziya sees this from behind and gets happy.

Update Credit to: MA

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