Beintehaa 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 25th March 2014 Written Update

Surayya scolds Shabana that she did not give good upbringing to her daughters. She says Aayath that she should have thought about Usman as he has a high status in this city. Ghulam says Aayath is a kid. Surayya says when will she grow up. She says they tied their first daughter to Zain and he was about to die because of second. She says they sold Aayath for money. Usman asks Surayya not to discuss this matter. Surayya says she will not stop as it will affect her family. Zain says Aayath is not lying. Surayya asks him to stop. She says he is not the same, small people use black magic to attract rich people, bhopalis must have done it. Shabana says Usman made Zain married to Aaliya, not Ghulam. Nafisa says Usman did it because of the situation. Shaziya backs her and says he was fooled seeing Ghulam’s

drama of getting ill.

Zain scolds Aaliya to create this situation and asks her not to speak in favour of her parents. She asks who will speak then. Zain goes and speaks in favour of them. She says Surayya there is no reason to blame his phupa/phuphi’s family. Like she and Usman were not involved in Fahad’s problems, they are not involved in Aayath’s problem. He praises Shabana and Ghulam and says they didn’t insult him as they think him as their son and part of their house. When today Aayath made mistake, why is she blamed so much. He says that and goes near Aalya. Aaliya gets happy that he supported her parents.

Ghulam says when Aayath has made mistake, it does not mean she is wrong. He says Aayath lied and she is her own culprit. He says he was seriously ill when Aaliya’s marriage was broken. Her dreams were shattered, so his heart broke. Today, he is strong that Aayath thinks of her parents and can do anything for them. He does not have any issues with his daughters and hugs them. He hugs Zain and cries. Usman says Ghulam and Shabana that Surayya is wrong about his status. Even with his high status, if something would have happened to his nice, what he would have felt. He then praises Zain for saving him and his family. He says he proved to be a good son, husband, and son-in-law. He says high values flows through blood. He then hugs Aayath.

Rizwan sees Aayath crying alone. He comes to her and says she is not wrong as she is repenting for her wrong deeds. Aayath thanks her.

Rizwan says Nafisa he cannot play with a girl’s feelings. She says if he cannot do it, she will take her revenge herself. He says he will help her. She thanks him and goes.

Aayath asks him what does he do. He says he is looking over his dad’s business. As Nafisa is in this house and Zain is his bestfriend, he often stays in this house and will get a chance to meet the guests. He shakes hands with Aayath and they both smile.

Ghulam and his family are leaving for Bhopal. He starts reciting a shayari. Zain replies with a funny line. They all laugh. Usman asks them to stay for some more days. Ghulam says they will visit them often and goes from there with his family.

Nafisa and his bahus are angry that their plan did not work. Shaziya says Surayya’s plan won’t go wrong, just one more move and Aaliya will go out of this house.

Aaliya sees Zain without bandage. She gets worried and asks why did he remove the bandage. He says doctor told him to remove. She thanks him for helping Aayath. He says it is ok and says he is going for swimming. She takes a calender in her hands, goes near the window and shyingly watches Zain swimmming. Zain sees her. She thanks him for whatever for helping her and her family, it really means a lot to her. Once Zain goes from the swimming area, she throws the calender. Surayya picks that calender and sees that days are marked from Zain’s marriage day. She thinks who is marking it and why.

Precap: Surayya asks Aaliya what can she for Zain, if she can give back his life and freedom back. Aaliya packs her trunk and goes from the house…

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  4. Oh! Now they will show the love triangle of rizwan, aayat,gauhar. Please focus on zaya. It is the story of two headstrong people who dont see eye to eye on anything and their journey of discovering love from hate then why r they showing the total focus on aayat!

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