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Beintehaa 25th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Spain doctor checks Usman. Surayya asks if there will be any prob with unani medicine. Doc says he already warned them to either use unani medicine or allopathic. He says already negative reaction has started, and if both medicines are continued, Usman may get cardiac arrest, etc. Surayya says she will make sure nobody comes near Usman from now. Zain sees Usman holding his hand and happily shows it to doc, Surayya and others. They all get emotional. Doc says his medicines are working, though they are expensive, they work. He boasts of himself that it is a common for him, though for them it is a miracle. He says tomorrow is eid and for you people it is a double celebration. Surayya says we should celebrate eid lavishly this time.

Aaliya asks Zain’s permission to meet his parents at

their hotel room. Zain permits. She thanks him. Once she goes, he calls someone and goes out to meet. He meets Rizwan and Aayath and they both hug him. He scolds them for eloping without informing him and says he would have planned well, now Aaliya is angry on him. Aayath says we did not want you and Aaliya to fight. He says we are not fighting and asks them to marry. Rizwan and Aayath’s marriage/nikah happens in front of Zain and his friend.

Zain hugs them after nikah and says if they had gone without marrying, phupa/phups’s reputation would have been tarnished, so he took this decision of letting them marry. He then wishes them all the best and happy married life.

Ghulam and Shabana reminisce Surayya slapping and scoling Aaliya and telling she does not have to learn from him how to behave with her bahus, etc. They also reminisce badi phupi’s words that Surayya wants Aaliya out of Zain’s life and a lady crying in a hospital after her daughter is killed by her in-laws. Ghulam says he knew Aaliya would not leave that house. Shabana says it is not her mistake, we thought her that. He says she is telling right, but Aaliya does not know her life is at risk at that house. She says we have ot protect her at this moment and gives him some papers. Ghulam shockingly reads those papers. Aaliya comes there and hugs Shabana and Ghulam. Aaliya says she knows they are worried about her, but she is happy and well protected there.

Ghulam reminisces Zain scolding him. He asks Aaliya to sign papers. She asks what are these. Shabana says it is her old account closure form. Aaliya says it is good to close that account and signs the papers without reading it.

Fahad asks Zain if he got any news about Aayath and Rizwan. He says no news, hope they understand they are into deep trouble. Fahad asks him to take care of Aaliya. Zain says you know what Aaliya and even phupa/phupi took her side. Fahad says we all scolded her and Surayya slapped her, any parent would not like seeing their daughter tortured.

Zain writes a note to Aaliya that he is feeling guilty when he heard about Surayya slapping her. He was scared when Ghulam was taking her with him. He does not want them separated. He sticks that note on the mirror. Aaliya sees that and thinks tomorrow is eid and dunno what is in store for us.

Precap: Precap: Akshay kumar dances with the Aaliya and other on eid. Aaliya serves sweet dish to Surayya, Rudra’s mother from rangrasiya serial stops Surayya from tasting sweet dish and says it is poisoned. Aaliya tastes it and falls unconscious. Surayya is busy dancing when she hears police siren and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

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    sadiyo raha hai dushman dor-e-zama hamara,
    mazhab nahi sikhata aapas me ber rakhna,
    hindi hai hum watan hai ye hidusitan hamara……
    i luv my India
    and proud to b an Indian

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  9. Hi faiza,aliya,zoya,twinkle n all beinteha frnds good evening…

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  11. Guys i found the spoiler so i share it….
    Beintehaa: Police to arrest Zain and Suraiya

    We have seen, Zain and Aaliya celebrated Ramzaan Eid very happily with Akshay Kumar and Tamanna In Beintehaa Jashn-A- Eid. Zain and Aliya’s happiness will not retain long time because Suraiya does not want to see them together.

    At the time of Eid celebration, police will come in Barkat Villa to arrest Zain and his mother Suraiya. No one won’t get link of police arresting, Zain can’t do anything to prove his innocence.

    Police will tell that Aaliya has accused Zain and Suraiya for torchering her. Zain won’t undesrtand that why Aaliya will do this as Zain spent some quality time with Aaliya befire Police came.

    Zain will shout by calling Aaliya that why she did this but Aaliya won’t give replay to Zain because Aaliya will not be in Barkat Villa. Police will take Zain and Suraiya to jail.

    So what do you think? Will Aaliya a Villain? As we have heard, Aaliya has not file any domestic violence case on Zain and Suraiya so who will do this? Actually Aaliya’s parents filed domestic violence case against Suraiya and Zain, they also make divorce papers of Zain and Aaliya.

    A twist will come when Police will show divorce papers to Zain. Zain won’t believe on this. Actually Aaliya’s parents prepared divorce papers but they didn’t submit it to police. So who will give Zain and Aaliya’s divorce paper to Police?

    Finally Aaliya and Zain will separate in Beintehaa? Is this Suraiya’s plan to separate Zain and Aaliya?

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  21. Spoiler….spoiler…spoiler…

    eid k mauke pe laga aliya ko jhatka .. zain ne kaha aliya ko talaaq !
    eid celebration was almost perfect but something happened due to which zain said talaaq …! zain was shown near pool side saying talaq! n aliya puts her hand on his mouth ! lights decor in background n zain behind n looking towards aliya infront on the left ! this cud b the new montage / promo !
    zain was also shown in bedroom .. leaving d room in anger n den turning bak ! in d party … zain calls out for aliya when police comes to arrest suraiya only ! zain not arrested !
    suraiya says family was shocked n so wil aliya be when she wil b bak ! for suraiya .. it was embarassing n humiliating !
    aliya is not responsible for this … but we all wil come to kno later ! but for now its shocking for zain n suraiya !

    aliya is out of barkat villa to find out rizaat during eid celebrations.

    rizvaan was also shown in aliya’s bedroom n aliya in same red attire .. n den aliya leaving d room in hurry !

    its confirmed that only suraiya got arrested !!! thankfully zain didnt get arrested ! now we shud b relaxed as suraiya deserved dis arrest … !!!
    yestrday we were also surprised dat zain got arrested as he moved along wid his mom n police ! but now e24 confirmed suraiya’s arrest only !

    in e24 seg … rehaan had come to inform aliya about rizaat probably in d bed room !!! did rehaan send aliya purposely out of barkat villa n also file d legal papers holding aliya’s signatures ?


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