Beintehaa 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 24th March 2014 Written Update

Usman’s family are having breakfast. Surayya asks Fahad to identify the bookies in Raghu bhai’s party. Usman asks her to stop discussing about it. Surayya says Shabana and Ghulam saheb are part of the family and not to worry. She asks Shaziya to play the CD. She then asks maid to bring Aayath.

Zain consoles Aayath and says he didn’t identify Rocky and not to worry. She thanks him and smiles. He asks why is she smiling. She is thinking how will he look if he was the escort girl. Just then Rizwan comes worriedly and calls Zain. Before he could say anything, Maid comes and informs Aayath that Surayya is calling her.

Surayya and whole family are watching CD. Zain and Aayth come there. Zain asks what are they watching. She says inspector has sent Raghuveer’s party CD. Surayya asks

Fahad to identify the bookies. Nafusa gives evil smile thinking Aayath’s face will be reveled. Zain/Sheikh is seen going wityh escort, but Aayath’s face is not shown. Surayya says who is that girl and asks Shaziay to rewind the CD. She rewinds but Aayath’s face is not shown. Surayya asks Shaziya to clean the CD and replay. She cleans and replays, but Aayath’s face is not shown clearly. Surayya says she thought she knows that girl.

Aaliya comes and says Surayya that she is right, all of us know that girl. She then slaps Aayath angrily. Everybody is shocked to see that and come near Aaliya and Aayath. Aaliya says escort’s name is Aayath Ghulam Haider. Everybody is shocked to hear that, but Surayya and her 2 bahus give evil smile. Zain comes and asks Aaliya what is wrong with her, why is she talking rubbish. Aaliya asks why did he lie to her. She says she is coming from police station and knows everything now. Surraya thinks it is good Aaliya came to know about it, she will do half her work. Zain asks what has Aayath to do with police station. Aaliya holds Aayath and asks her did she really go to Indore.

Aaliya further says Aayath came to Mumbai instead of Indore. Shabana asks how can she come to Mumbai, she had gone to Indore from college, she even spoke to her friend. Aaliya says she is telling truth, when she can show Fahad right path, she cannot lie for her sister. Usman asks Aaliya to speak clearly. Aaliya informs Usman that Aayath lied and came to Mumbai and she was present in Raghu bhai’s party as escort. Surayya and her bahu’s give evil smile. Surayya then starts acting and says astonishingly that escort spend time with men for money. She says Aayath cannot do such a heinous job. Usman says she must be mistaken. Aaliya says Aayath’s name is registered in police station. Shabana says Aayath cannot lie. Ghulam backs Shabana and says she does not go anywhere without their permission. Aayath says Aaliya is telling truth and starts crying vigorously. Ghulam and Shabana are shocked. Aayath asks sorry to her parents for telling them lie. She says Ghulam she wanted to become his son and clear his debt. She did not know that Rocky would force her to do this, she is not wrong. Raghu asked her to do model. Ghulam goes into flashback where he was worried about the money and Aayath telling her lie. Aayath tells all the incidents happened and how Zain rescued her and got Rocky arrested.

Surayya thinks, Shabana is this your younger daughter’s story, she will make her get out of the house with her two daughters.

Precap: Surayya alleges Shabana that she did black magic and made her daughter married to Aaliya.

Update Credit to: MA

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