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Ghulam and Shabana reach Barkath Villa and Shabana asks Nafisa if she got any news about Rizwan/Aayath. She says no, even she is worried about them. She says she is especially worried about Aaliya as she does not know what Surayya will do this time. Ghulam asks if anything happened now. She says no, but Surayya still does not like Aaliya. Ghulam says we will go with Nafisa and talk to Surayya. Nafisa says if Surayya knows that she is helping them, she will kick her out with her 2 daughters. Ghulam says says she is right, we should not drag Nafisa in this. Fahad and Shaziya come there and Fahad asks Shabana and Ghulam not to worry as Rizwan/Aayath will be found soon. Shaziya starts her bitter tounge lashes and asks why didn’t they file a police complaint, if they are afraid of their dignity.

Nafisa says at least Aayath eloped with her boyfriend, she is not illegally pregnant like Gauhar. Fahad asks them both to stop badmouthing and to behave well with phupa/phupi.

Surayya sees Aaliya feeding unani medicine to Usman and shouts at her angrily. Everyone hear her shouts and run toward the room. Surayya throws unani medicine and asks why did she give medicines even afte she denied permission and says dunno what has happeend to Usman. Aaliya says nothing will happen. Surayya start scolding her and slaps her. Ghulam is shocked to see that and asks her to stop. Nafisa smirks seeing that. AAliya asks Ghulam not to say anything. Ghulam looks at her slapped cheek and asks Surayya how can she slap her daughter. Shaziya says what mummy would have done then when Aaliya did not obey her and insulted her. Ghulam asks her not to interfere and says Surayya that his daughter is not a burden on him. Surayya asks to speak clearly. Ghulam says he is seeing that his daughter is tortured everyday and today she slapped in front of everyone when he did not speak loudly till now. Surayya says if he had spoken, then she should not have had to dirty her hand and says it is her house and she does not want anyone to teach her how to behave with her daughter-in-laws. Shabana says there is a need to teach you as no one would like their daughter being tortured in front of them. Surayya asks if she wants to take her daughter from here.

Zain comes there. Surayya says he came at the right time and asks him to listen what his in-laws are telling. Shabana says Surayya slapped Aaliya. Surayya shows unani medicine and says even after we both denied permission, Aaliya fed unani medicine to Usman. She says dunno since howmany days Usman is being troubled. Shabana says Zain he knows well how much Aaliya loves Usman, she gave him medicine for his benefit. Zain asks what benefit, when there is already treatment going on, then there is no need for another medicine. Aalliya says Dr. Habeeb is a very good doctor. Zain says maybe he is a good doctor, why did she did not listen to him. Shabana asks Aaliya not to explain Zain anything as he is not a position now. Surayya says this house will run like before and will not change. Ghulam says he cannot see his daughter suffering and will take her to Bhopal forever. Nafisa thinks this story is going as she wanted and smirks. Ghulam holds Aaliya’s hand and drags her from there. Zain tries to go, but Surayya stops him and says if he accepts defeat today, he will have to accept defeat for whole life.

Zain says he married her and runs towards Aaliya while Surayya runs behind him. Aaliya reminisces Zain telling her I love you and the other happy moments with him. She then remembers Usman’s words that she has to be an obedient wife and bahu. She stops and says she does not want to go as this is her house and she is her mother-in-law, she should have obeyed Zain and Surayya, it is her mistake. She apologizes Zain and Surayya. Ghulam emotionally hugs her and says Shabana and others that this is called daughter.

Precap: Rizwan and Aayath’s marriage completes in front of Zain.

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