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Beintehaa 23rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surayya sees Rizwan drinking water in kitchen and says Zain is sad about your and Aayath’s engagement breakup, he is very dissappointed. Rizwan says he knows that. Surayya says she will not let Zain down this time as Zain is right and Aaliya is wrong this time, it it is his and Aayath’s duty also to help Zain. She asks him not to let him defeat and be in this sorrow state. He promises he will not and leaves. She smirks.

Aaliya feeds ayurvedic medicine to Usman and says everyone is angry on her and nobody wants to talk to her and says she knows he believes her and knows she will not thinking of harming anyone, even Zain left her side. Once she goes, Usman reciprocates and shakes his hand hearing Azaan.

Ghulam is tensed remembering Zain scolding Aaliya in an inebriated state,

saying it was his big mistake to marry her and then falling down on floor.

Someone knocks the door. Ghulam opens it and is shocked to see Rizwan standing outisde. He greets him salaam. Aayath gets happy seeing him and tries to go towards him. Shabana stops him. Ghulam says till the issue is sorted out, he cannot meet Aayath. Ghulam says he and Aayath love each other, Gauhar does not need anything from him, she did not even contact him all these days, it is Aaliya who brought Aaliya, even Aaliya can make a mistake being a human. Shabana asks him to go from there. Rizwan and Aayath plead to listen to them, but Ghulam sends Rizwan out and closes the door.

Aaliya sadly reminisces Zain calling her selfish. Kise poochooon…. song plays in the background. She reminisces Zain telling their relationship will be finished if she meets Gauhar and then Zain getting inebriated in Ramzan and fighting with her. Zain gets up in the morning with a hangover and sees her standing near the window. He reminisces Aaliya picking her in an inebriated state and he shouting on her. He holds her hand tightly and makes her sit on bed. She says he is hurting her and to leave her. He Band-Aids her wound and says not as much as he is hurt.

Rizwan calls Aayath and asks if she spoke to her parents. She says they are not ready to listen to her and says Aaliya’s words are a stone line for them.

He asks what he has tought now. She says whatever he thinks, she is with him and they have to take a decision now. Rizwan reminisces Surayya’s words.

Aaliya gets Shabana’s call who informs that Aayath is missing and Ghulam has gone to search her. Nafisa on the other side asks Fahad if he saw Rizwan. Aaliya says Shabana told even Aayath is missing. Nafisa gets Rizwan’s SMS that he and Aayath are eloping and getting married as Aaliya will not let them marry.

Shaziya hears that, starts her drama and shouts what will happen to her sister Gauhar. Aaliya says nothing will happen to her. She tries to call Aayath, but remembers Shabana telling Aayath left her phone at hotel. Surayya says Aaliya that you made Rizwan and Aayth to stoop to that level and dunno how they are now.

Aayath says Rizwan that they should not have taken such a big step. Rizwan says her sister forced us to take this decision. Aayath says she is angry on Aaliya, but she does not want her relationship with Zain broken. Rizwan says that is the reaosn he loves her a lot and says he will call Zain and request him not to fight with Aaliya. Zain gets Rizwan’s call which Aaliya picks, but phone gets disconnected. Aaliya asks Zain if he helped Rizwan and Aayath elope.

Zain says he does not know and says he will find out, but Rizwan’s phone is switched off. He says maybe Rizwan’s phone is out of power. She alleges him again that he is helping them. He says he is not and to think whatever she wants.

Shaziya asks Fahad to find out Rizwan and force him to marry Gauhar. Fahad says Gauhar’s condition is because of you and your father. She has to understand that Rizwan does not love Gauhar, then how can he ask him to marry her. Nafisa comes and asks what is he doing with Shaziya instead of searching Rizwan and says we have to find him and get them married.

Aaliya feeds ayurvedic medicine to Usman. Surayya watches that and reminisces Aaliya bringing unani doc and getting medicine home.

Precap: Shabana says Surayya that she is taking Aaliya Bhopal forever.

Update Credit to: MA

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