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Beintehaa 22nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Aaliya calling up Gauhar asking if she is lying, G assures her that its Rizwan’s kid and that Zain called her up and threatened her. She tells that she is having lots of pain.

Zain with Rizzy, Nafeesa n Fahad tells Rizwan not to worry.

Aaliya comes to Zain and asks why he threatened Gauhar. She charges him with allegations and tells that she is going to meet Gauhar and take care of her. Zain comes and tells her that if she goes to meet her then she will have no further connection with Barkat Villa.
Aaliya questions hs intentions, Zain tells her that she is believing someone who is outside family, she tells him that Gauhar doesnt have any support and hence she is supporting her. Fahad, Nafeesa, Rizwan and Shazia look on.

Shazia informs everything

to Suraiyya about what all happened with Zain-Aaliya. Shazia says that she is feeling unhappy that she is unable to be with Gauhar. Suraiyya is happy.

Suraiyya comes and instigates Zain and shows how Aaliya is wrong and to believe in his mother.

In the hospital, Shabana is worried why Aaliya is behaving like this, Ghulam is happy that she is helping a needy.they see a mother crying for daughter who got killed by in laws and both Shabana-Ghulam are shocked.Aaliya comes there, Shabana tells her that its not good to revolt against her own family. Gauhar on the stretcher, thanks Aaliya that she came to see herand Aaliya assures her that Rizzy will defo marry her.

Zain recalls his interactions with Aaliya just before leaving him to meet Gauhar.
Shabana asks if everything is fine at her house, Aaliya tells her that with time things will become normal.Shabana-Ghulam drop Aaliya at BV.

Zain comes out, he is drunk, tells that he can also do the tamasha, she cant take him for granted anymore.

Ghulam recollects hospital incident and asks the driver to go back to BV to see if all is well with Aaliya.

Zain says that he will not support her ever, she doesnt care for him, he has done blunders by going against his mother, she is no longer mallika-e-zain and not even mamu ki bhanji. he doesnt want any support from her, Aaliya keeps on crying. He furthers says that his mom was right that he should not have married her and he falls down. Shabana-Ghulam are shocked to see n hear this.

Aaliya takes him inside the house.

Precap–Suraiya brainwashes Rizzy, Aaliya n Shabana come to know that Ayat-Rizzy are nowhere t be found. Suru is happy that her plan is working.

Update Credit to: pollyanna

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  1. Aaliya is being to stubborn and ruining her own marriage. Zain is an a*sh*le at the moment. He is so up his mums ass

  2. Tnqqq……so so so much pollyanna

  3. Hi mehreen..sorry 1st aap ho

  4. Hi faiza

  5. Es serial me ab aage kya hoga wo to khuda hi jane kuch samaj nhi aa raha or ye aliya bhi bewakoof he

  6. Finally updated 🙂

  7. Hi rozina….todays epi is so sad…

  8. I think it’s zains child

    1. nooo…… not at all

    2. Wat the hell how zains child…….

  9. Aaliya pata ni khud per pr kulhadi q mar rhi h….

    1. yeah… this time she is 100% wrong……
      she even didnt respected ZAIN

  10. No lily…u dont saw the holi epi…???

  11. thnk.. god updated…………

  12. i think its not rizwan’s or zain’s child its some1 else…

  13. Yes it is someone eles child

  14. I agree with u both

  15. I can’t believe that Zain would ruin his marriage his happiness over Rizwan ok his not happy that aliya brought gauhar and she is claiming Rizwan made her pregnant you can disagree with each other but it’s ridiculous and suraya she’s loving it she’s a nasty mother inlaw

  16. Rose I totally agree with ya n its nt even gonna b rizzys child n gauhars gonna b bad obviously it’s a drama serial. Drama toh hoga na ? 😀

  17. I m not lyking the way beinteha is goin….plz change the topic from this…..n also make zain realise the bad deed of suraiya …..she is really out of control

  18. Why can’t they get a DNA test for Gauhar child. Aaliya is behaving stupid and so is Zain. It’s getting boring with same misunderstandings.

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