Beintehaa 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 21st March 2014 Written Update

Aayath sees Rocky’s sketch and gets afraid. She calls Zain’s name. Surayya asks why is so afraid as if she saw a ghost. Aaliya asks did she see this guy anywhere. She says no. Zain signals her not to tell anything. Usman and Fahad comes. Usman gets happy seeing his sister and hugs her. She meets Ghulam and Aayath. She says Aayath is growing fast. He asks Shabana how come she came without informing. Shabana says Surayya called her. Surayya says they would not come themselves, so she called them by informing about Zain’s accident. She then thinks she wil give a big surpise to him about Aayath. Aayath cries remembering the party incident and Zain helping her. She then realizes that Rocky made Zain’s accident and says it happened because of her. She says sorry jiju.

Rizwan comes and

gives his kerchief. She says welcome to Mumbai. He says he is seeing first time someone crying after coming to Mumbai and asks what did his city do to her. He promises her will not tell anything. Gowhar sees them together, comes and holds Rizwan’s hand. Rizwan introduces Aayath to her. She does not greet but asks Rizwan to come with him as she prepared pani puri for him. Nafisa comes and signals him to go with her. He goes.

Shabana says Usman that his house is very beautiful. Fahad asks Shabana why didn’t she come here till now. Usman says he was so busy that he could not invite his sister. He thanks Surayya for inviting them. Nafisa asks Surayya why did she call these poor people here. Surayya says she will insult Aayath so much that either Ghulam will a heart attack or Shabana will take her daughters from here. She asks maid to bring cool drinks. Maid brings. Shabana tries to pick a drink, but she insults her that these are exotic drinks and she would not have tried them in her life. She asks maid to give rose drink to Shabana. Usman stops the maid, gives the exotic drinks to Shabana and Ghulam and rose drink to Surayya.

Aaliya cleans Zain’s hand. Sunona sangemarmar…. song plays in the background. Zaion sees her cleaning his hand romantically. She applies tincture on his forehead wound and applies bandage. She applies sling back to his hand. ZAin watches her silently. She gives him popcorn. He thanks her. She says she should thank him that he well behaved with her parents. She says he is well behaved. Inspector calls Aaliya and says he got information about Rocky. He says Rocky runs an escort service and was arrested 4 days back for blackmailing an escort girl. That complaint was made by Zain. Aaliya gets shocked and goes into flashback about the news and Zain lying him. Inspector says because this, Rocky would have taken revenge.
Aaliya tries to go out. Zain asks where is she going. He says she has some work and does not feel it important to tell him. Zain thinks she is going to pray for him. Aaliya thinks who is this girl that Zain is protecting. Aayath comes there. Aaliya informs that that she is going out and will come back soon.

Usman drinks Shabana’s salty tea and praises her. Aaliya comes there. Shabana says Aaliya does not have time for her as she has become bahu now. Usman says she is daughter to her, not bahu. Aaliya says she has to take care of a kid like Zain. Usman praises Aaliya for taking care of Zain. Ghulam asks if she is going out. Aaliya says yes, she has some work. Usman asks her to stay with her parents. Aaliya says she has some important work. Surayya asks her to come back by lunch. Surayya thinks when her parents are here, why is Aaliya going out.

Rizwan gives excuse to Gowhar that he has to bring medicine for Zain and sends her. Nafisa comes with a CD. Zain asks what is in it. She says it has Aaliya’s drama. When this CD will run, Bhopalis will get a tight slap.

Inspector shows Aaliya FIR that Zain filed on Rocky. She asked about the pic of escort girl. Inspector says he destrory videoes and pics,but has list of names.

Aaliya asks the name and he reads the names. He reads Aayath’s name. She is shocked to hear Aayath’s name. She then realizes that Zain helped Aayath.

Precap: Aaliya slaps Aayath and says Zain that Aayath is the escort girl whom he helped.

Update Credit to: MA

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