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Ghulam and Shabana hear Gauhar’s plea and come out to the engagement venue with her. Ghulam says that after speaking to Gauhar, me and Shabana have taken a decision. Aaliya says his abbu she will accept his decision. Ghulam says Gauhar has not hidden anything from me. Nafisa says it is Gauhar and Shaziya’s conspiracy. Shabana says this kid is taking oath on her kid and cannot lie. Ghulam says we have to stop this engagement now and Shabana says it is best at this time to stop it. Shabana drags Aayath from the stage.

Shabana tries to console Aayath who is packing her bags, but she says she does not want to hear her and says she feels she has only 1 girl Aaliyah and from childhood you people preferred Aaliya’s decision and even sent to Aaliya’s preferred school and college,

now Aalilya broke my engagement. Ghulam says when you saw pregnant Gauhar, didn’t you realize Aaliya did right. Aayath says she is always wrong. Ghulam says Aaliya is always right.

Zain drags Aaliya to their room and asks why did she broke 2 lover’s engagement. Aaliya says it was her sister Aayath’s engagement. Why did you announce Gauhar and Rizwan’s marriage without anybody’s consent and says Aayath is your sister and Rizwan is like my brother. Aaliya says he is dragging the issue. Zain says it is good I saw a selfish Aaliya and thanks her.

Surayya says Shaziya that Zain saw Aaliya’s new face now. Shaziya asks what about Gauhar. She says Gauhar will marry Rizwan, though you and Chakkiwala threw Gauhar out. Shaziya says did not want Gauhar and Rizwan’s marriage. Surayya says Aaliya is very egoistic, she will go against Zain and let Rizwan marry Gauhar. With that, Zain will throw Aaliya out. She is waiting for that day. Shaziya gets happy hearing that.

Zain says Aaliya that Rizwan and Aayath’s marriage will not break and even Rizwana and Gauhar’s marriage will not happen. Aaliya says it will ruin 4 people’s lives. Zain says it is Rizwan and Aaliya, only 2 lives. Aaliya asks what about Gauhar and her child. Zain asks her to remember her words that if Zubair is innocent, she will not be able to forgive herself and now he wantgs to asks if she will forgive herself if she will know that Gauhar is lying, never.

Shaziya says Surayya that she is 100% sure that Rizwan is Gauhar’s child’s father. Surayya says fantastic, then asks Gauhar to continue crying in front of Aaliya, she will let Gauhar marry Rizwan. Shaziya says she will ask chakkiwala to bring Gauhar back home. Surayya says do not worry about her, just do what I say.

Nafisa says Fahad that this is history repeating, Shaziya ruined my life by becoming pregnant and now Gauhar is ruining my brother’s life, both sisters do it for money by trapping richies. She has kept their name right as cheapster, they both are big cheapsters.

Aayath cries looking at her engagement dress and says in childhood her friends used to tell that her parents love Aaliya more than her, she did not believe them then, but now she is seeing from her eyes, Aaliya ruined my life today. Ghulam says she did not want to ruin your life. Aayath says she is believing Gauhar who always lies. She asks her parents why did not they question Aaliya. She says it is not Rizwan’s fault, Gauhar went to his when Rizwan was inebriated, he will not marry her. Ghulam says becoming blind in love is a big mistake.

Aayath says why they believe Aaliya’s words as a stone carved lines. Shabana says she is our daughter. Aayath says then who am I. Aaliiya comes there and asks Aayath to open the door and speak to her. Aayath says she does not want to speak until she changes her decision.

Rizwan sees Aaliya coming to the room and acts as sleeping. She says she knows he is not sleeping as she saw him closing eyes, if he does not want to speak, it is okay, she will not force, one day he will now she is not selfish and doing right thing. Zain remembers his promise to her that they both will make their relationship stronger and will not let any situation ruin their relationship. He SMSes her that they both promised in Bhopal dargah that nothing will ruin their relationship, but today she broke her promise. Aaliya SMSes that even he broke his promise. Zain SMSes that she is believing a fraud girl. Aaliya says she is worried about her child as it is Rizwan’s. Zain says she believes always that she is right and rest of world is wrong.

Precap: Zain in an inebriated state scolds Aaliya for meeting Gauhar without his permission. She tries to hold him, but he asks her not to touch him and falls on the floor unconscious.

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