Beintehaa 21st February 2014 Written Episode Update


Beintehaa 21st February 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 21st February 2014 Written Update

Shabana and phupi are preparing sweets. AAliya’s phone rings. Aayath picks it and speaks to her. Aaliya asks Aayath to give it to ammi. Aayath puts it on loudspeaker. Aaliya after greating slaam says Shabana hesitantly Zain and me. Shabana asks what. Phupi speaks to her and asks what about her and Zain, are they going out. Aaliya says yes we are going to market. She says Shabana that she will speak to her later. Nafis and Shaziya try to brainwash Surayya. They ask her to stop Zain and Aaliya to go to hotel room. Surayya says she just wants Zain and Aaliya separted. Surayya scolds Nafisa and Shaziya that she could not do anything because of them and asks them to unite and help her. She asks Nafisa to delete gowhar’s video.

Nafisa thinks Shaziya is trying to do black magic on Surayya.

She then thinks to copy the video somewhere else and goes to her room, but hears Fahad speaking to Chakkiwala. Fahad says he has arranged 25 lakhs and asks him not to discuss it with anyone, not even Shaziya. He goes out. Nafisa thinks why is he giving 25 lakhs to chakkiwala.

Aaliya and Zain reach honeymoon suite. He gives her a gift. She opens it and it is s*xy nightie. He asks her to wear it. She says she won’t wear it. Zain taunts and provokes her to wear it. He says he is going to take shower and asks if she wants to accompany him. She says no. He says I will be back soon and goes.

Chakkiwala is waiting in a hotel. Fahad goes with money. Nafisa and Rizwan follow him. Fahad says it is already 2 crores now, if he is get caught, there would be a big problem. Chakkiwala says it is a small amount for his family, it is just a drop from an ocean. He further asks Fahad why he has a habit of betting money.

Aaliya is standing nervously. Zain sees into her eyes romantically and removes his blazer. He goes near her, she tries to go behind, but adamantly moves and Aaliya sits on bed. Beintehaa title song plays in the background. Aaliya tries to get up, but Zain catches her and they see each other romantically and lean on the bed. Aaliya is very nervous and closes her eyes. Zain gets up and starts clicking her pics. Zain says he will make her nervous face pic as his screen saver. Aaliya tries to snatch his phone, but he does not give it. Zain says his mom told not to mess with cheap things. He calls his friend Shawn, asks to get his gang there and goes.

Rizwan asks Nafisa to speak to Fahad about his problem. Nafisa says let him do it, his parents will know how cheap is Shaziya’s family. Chakkiwala is blackmailing his own brother-in-law. She says let him blackmail, once it comes into light, both him and Shaziya will be thrown out of this house. This scandal will bring her pride back. Rizwan gets Zain’s call. She asks him not to inform Zain about it. He agrees..
Zain comes to honeymoon suite in the room. He does not find Aaliya there. Usman calls him and informs he is coming for breakfast there. Zain calls AAliya and says her mamu is coming for breakfast there, but she is not in the room. He calls on her mobile, but her phone is in the room itself. Zain is worried now. He goes to reception and asks if they saw his wife, they say no. He searches her everywhere, but does not find her and comes back tensed. Aaliya is in the room and takes Zain’s tensed face pic. She says she will make it as her screensaver.

Ghulam is ill. Shabana asks her why did he go out. He says he is alright and says they have to leave their house in 45 days or pay 10 lakhs back. Shabana asks her not to worry. Aayath listen to their conversation. Ghulam goes. Aayath asks Shaabana to speak to mamu. Shabana says she cant take money from Usman.

Zain is angry on Aaliya and says she will make her mice from lioness. Usman comes and asks who he is talking and takes his phone. He asks why is he keeping such a nervous pic of Aaliya. Zain says her face is like that. Usman warns him and says his niece is very beautiful. He then asks Zain go to to office and work. Zain says he will go after 15-20 years when he is ready. Usman says his mind’s voice is late lateef. Zain promises to work in 15-20 years and goes.

Aaliya is speaking to Zain’s pic. Usman comes and asks whom she is talking to. He sees Zain’s nervous pic and says it is not good. Usman then asks about honeymoon. She says it was good. Usman says he wants to send them for a long honeymoon. Usman then says he knows about the rift between her and Zain. Aaliya asks him sorry for not informing about the rift and says though Zain is not accepting her, she is part of this family and will obey her duties. Usman says though he does not believe you as wife, she has to follow her duties as wife. Aaliya says they don’t love each other. He says she some duties to follow, which Allah and nikah as given her. It is her duty to inform Zain how important it is for him to work. She says Zain does opposite of what she says. Usman says he is happy that she knows Zain well now and asks her to try.

Zain sticks his gilfriend’s pics on wall and asks them to help him get Aaliya out of his room. Aaliya comes and sees his and his girlfriend’s pics. She taunts him they must be mad and takes their names. Zain asks how does she know their names. Aaliya says she spoke to them when he left his phone on their wedding day. She says it would have been good if he would have gone to Bankok and not married her. She again taunts him and says they must have dumped you. He says he dumped them. Aaliya brings a black board with daily schedule and informs him about it.

Aaliya says she will follow the schedule again and tells him about the schedule. Zain listens to them and says she has kept 7 to 7:30 for him and says to speak his rubbish in that time. She says it is 7:30 and goes. Zain thinks he didnt make scheduel in his life. He calls Rizwan and asks about schedule. He says yes it is there and informs about their schedule. He asks about their work, he says doing nothing is also a work.

Zain goes to Usman and says he is listening his mind’s words and has decided to go to work from tomorrow. He says he will schedule his day from tomorrow. Usman asks he was not ready to work for 15-20 years and does not believe it. Zain says even he is not believing about his changed mind and says he will join him tomorrow. Zain asks what to carry for office tomorrow. Usman says pure thinking, obediency, and courage, rest you will get it in office. Zain says goodnight and goes. Surayya comes and asks Usman to come as it is late now. Usman says Zain is listening to his wife and he will come to office tomorrow. Surraya is shocked to hear that.

Precap: Surayya says Zain that your dad informed me you are joining office today. She says Aaliya that husband should be fed sweets when he goes to office and feeds him sweets. Aaliya says she prepared that sweet and says she does not want to take her right. Surayya says she knows there is nothing between Zain and her and there is not question of taking away her right.

Update Credit to: MA

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