Beintehaa 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 20th March 2014 Written Update

Aaliya goes to Haji Ali dargah and prays. She says she saw her ammi/abbu’s happy married and believes even her husband would be loving her, but he does not even care for her. When she saw his blood, she was very upset. She understands now that she cannot see Zain in trouble. She prays to help her reach the culprit.

Aaliya is walking on the road towards his car. Even Rocky is on the road. He crosses in front of him, but she does not see him. Someone strikes her and her wallet falls. She bends to pick her purse, but sees Rocky in her car’s mirror. She starts following him. After some distance, Rocky disappears. She prays Haji Ali that she knows he fullfilled her wish and knows she will soon find the culprit.

Surayya remembers Chakkiwala about helping an escort and calling her as

his sister and doll. She then rememebers Zain speaking to doll after the accident and even remembers Aayath in Raghu bhai’s party. She calls Shabana and asks how is she. Shabana says she is fine asks why did she call. She asks about Ghulam’s health and about Aayath. Shabana says Aayath went to Indore for 3 days. Surayya asks are you sure she went to Indore. Shabana says her daughter won’t lie. Surayya says it is good that they are following Bhopali tradition. She says her Khudahafiz and cuts the call. She then thinks Zain went to Bhopal instead of Delhi and got into trouble. She thinks she should do something to them.

Gowhar calls Shaziya and scolds her that her slippers are broken and she will walking. Shaziya says she has car but cannot help as Nafisa took her car. She asks Gowhar to come home. Nafisa listens to Shaziya’s conversation and calls Rizwan.

Fahad’s children scribe on Zain’s hand plaster. Aaliya comes and says what are they doing, Zain’s hand is broken. They say his hand is already broken. Aaliya says does not they like Zain get well soon. Zain says it is ok he himself told them to scribe. Kids says Aaliya is kit kit chachi and go from there. Aaliya says what have these kids done to the plaster. Zain says his friends came and scribed on the plaster. Aaliya then folds his T-shirt sleeve. He says looks like she is going to be naughty now. Beintehaa songs plays in the background. Aaliya takes out Hazrath Haji Ali dargah’s taveez and ties it on Zain’s hand. She asks him not to remove it. Zain says he does not have habit of this. Aaliya asks him to make a habit from now. Zain asks why is she doing this, is she in love with him. Zain looks at her romantically.

Surayya comes and asks how is he feeling. Zain says he is feeling good, may be because of prayers. Surayya says mother’s prayers always pay. She then asks about Delhi project’s file. Zain says it is in his office cabin and will bring it when he goes to office.
Gowhar calls autos, but they don’t stop. She sees pani puri vendor and starts eating. Rizwan also comes and aks for pani puri. He goes near her ears and says it is also his favourite. Gowhar remebers Shaziya’s words and runs from there. Rizwan follows her and asks where is she going. She says she is going to house. Rizwan says even he is going to meet Nafisa and will drop her. She says no but falls. Rizwan saves her and asks does not she like him. She says yes and shyingly runs.

Shabana and his family come to Usman’s house. Aaliya sees them ang gets happy. She hugs them. Surayya says welcome to Mumbai. Surayya then drops Rocky’s sketch. She says it is her surprise for them. She says Aayath grew so soon that she does didn’t realize. Shabana asks Zain to sit and prays for him. Zain says whoever drinks Bhopal’s water, nothing will happen to them. Ghulam asks how did accident happen. Zain says minor accident, but Aaliya saved him in time. He says he will get well soon. Aaliya says 8 days. Surayya asks Ghulam to sit and asks Aayath also to sit. Aayath sees Rocky’s sketch and gets worried.

Aayath calls Zain’s name worriedly. AAliya says he is the one who did Zain’s accident. Aaliya says she is sure he did it purposefully. Police and she are searching him, he will be caught soon. Surayya asks Aayath why did she got afraid after seeing the sketch. Zain signals her not to say anything.

Precap: Usman meets Ghulam and his family and says Aayath grew so soon. Surayya says she called Shabana and Ghulam to make them realize that Aayath has grown now.

Update Credit to: MA

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