Beintehaa 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Beintehaa 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 20th February 2014 Written Update

Guest says Adbdulla that he was confident that a small town girl will adjust, but she is shocked. Another one says Aaliya is not adjusting big city’s pace. Zain comes and says whatever happened, it is not Aaliya’s fault.

Usman gets Shabana’s call. She asks about the newspaper pic. Usman asks how did she get mumbai’s newspaper in Bhopal. Shabana asks if Aaliya is alright. Zain then asks guests whatever happened to Aailya can happen to your children also. It is not Aaliya’s fault, her blouse tore because of me and someone took advantage of that situation. He then says Aaliya was proved innocent in shopping mall case also, so she is innocent. He holds Aaliya’s hand in her support. Usman sees that and gets happy. Surayya and her group is shocked.

Zain takes Aaliya with

her and Surayya’s group see that in a shock. Usman speaks to Shabana and says husband is supporting his wife. Shabana is happy.

Zain takes her to their room. Aaliya starts alleging Zain that his performanc was good, with his drama it looks like that pic was published by him. Zain says she has got a habit of misunderstanding him. Aaliya says this habit is given by him and says she won’t go from his life or his room so easily. ZAin says she is thankless as usual and says let us if she will get afraid or not. AAliya asks him to test her anytime, challenges him and goes. She removes the joker card from her side of sofa and tears it and says she is queen, not joker and will live like a queen.

Surraya is furious that her cruel effort went in vain. Nafisa says it happened because of Zain, he supported her. She says it was so embarrassing and starts provoking Surayya. She says today it was insult of them and their guests. Aaliya though from small town has a lot courage and guts. She accepted wardrobe malfunction so easily. Shaziya says she will break Aaliya’s courage. Nafisa taunts Shaziya and says mom will know that Shaziya is a big loser.

Shaziya walks around ZAin/Aaliya’s room and sees them sleeping in opposite direction. She sees their room is also divided and takes pics. She starts dancing. Fahad sees her dancing, gets worried, and asks her if she is alright. She says she will be making someone dance on her tune from tomorrow.

Shaziya is preparing breakfast in the morning. Surayya asks what is she doing in her kitchen. She says she is helping her and tells her about Zain and Aaliya sleeping in opposite direction. She shows her the pics. Surayya gets happy. Shaziya then takes juice to Zain/Aaliya’s room. ZAin thinks it is chandbibi and asks to keep the juice. Shaziya says it her. Aaliya/Zain hears that and get up in a hurry.

Surayya shows Zain/AAliya’s room pic and says they have divided their room and sleep in opposite direction. Usman asks what is the matter.

ZAin/Aaliya are trying to explain Shaziya that have changed room according to their taste. Shaziya says she thought there is some rift between them, but looking at them it does not seem. She goes. Aaliya/Zain start fighting then. Surayya says she wants to show from so many days that Zain and Aaliya are not happy together.

Surayya then says they are obeying his punishment. She says she called Shabana and asked to Aaliya back after the valima incident, but Shabana called Zain instead and pleaded not to leave Aaliya, so Zain promised he wont leave Aaliya. Surayya says Zain/Aaliya are not made for each other and this pic is the proof.

Zain/Aaliya are still fighting. Zain says she is just a guest here. Surrays on the other side says Shabana is irresponsible towards Aaliya and is narrow minded. Usman gets angry and says she is irresponsible for not understanding her kids and trying to separate them. Surayya provokes Usman to separate them, but Usman says he is against it and wants them to unite and asks if she can help him, else he will do it himself and thanks her to inform him about AAliya/ZAin’s rift. He goes.

Zain/Aaliya are still fighting. He asks to convert him room back to Mumbai style. She says no. Fahad comes to their room and greets Aaliya. He tries to enter their room, but she does not allow him. Zain also comes avoids him entering in. Fahad asks if he can enter in. Zain/Aaliya say their room is out of order, so they cant allow him in. Fahad asks zain to accompany him for exercise. Aaliya says leaving the room like this, Zain wont come for exercise. Zain backs Aaliya and says he will exercise in room itself. Fahad says his t-shirt is in, but ZAin avoids him and says he will send it. Fahad goes. ZAin/Aaliya get happy and try to shake hand but get conscious and start fighting again.

Usman and everybody start having brreakfast. Aaliya comes with parathas. Fahad picks parathas and praises Aaliya.

Aaliya goes and sits next to him on breakfast table. Usman gives an envelope and says it is a gift for them. He says he has booked honeymoon suite for them on behalf of his employees. Zain gets happy and says they will go for sure. Shaziya acts like coughing and signals Surayya. Aaliya thinks why did this idiot accept the envelope. Zain sees Aaliya and thinks, lets celebrate our honeymoon.

Aaliya walks in her room worriedly. She asks Zain why did he accept the envelope. He says his staff gave them as wedding gift, so he can’t deny it. He goes near her and starts talking romantically. He says it is a very good room with privacy and asks her to keep him happy, everything is fine between husband and wife. He asks her to do the packing and ask to keep her hot dresses also. He holds her and sees in her eyes romantically. He asks her to prepare for the honeymoon.

Precap: Usman says Aaliya that it is her responsibility to send Zain for work. Zain says he won’t go to office. Aaliya challenges to send him to office. Zain is seen going to office.

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