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Beintehaa 1st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shaziya angrily asks Saif to come out who is hiding under Aaliya/Zain’s bed. She feels hungry and eats Saif’s tiffin thinking she cannot wait till evening, breaking her fast.

Zain is remembering Aaliya looking at her pic in his mobile. His client comes with Rehan and introduces Rehan as his lawyer. Zain says he liked his proposal and wants to deal with him. Client says he brought 5 acres papers and asks Zain to sign it. Rehan stops Zain from signing and says it is 4.5 crores land and he cannot sell it as 5 acres. Zain says he will not accept his deal now and asks him to leave. Client gets angry on Rehan for making his loss and walks out from there.

Zain thanks Rehan for saving him. Rehan says he instead saved himself. Zain says Aaliya tells about an angel and he is an

angel to him now, invites him to his house for iftaar/breakihng fast. Rehan says he is a human being and he will have iftar at home as it is first day of fasting.

Zubair asks Aaliya if she read his card. Aaliya says she did not get his card at all. Zubair thinks where did the card go. Saif gives that card to Rehan’s son as a thank you card who shows it to Rehan. Rehan is shocked to read that Zubair has expressed his love for her and saying that he and Aaliya loved since childhood and wants to hide their relationship. Rehan remembers Aaliya’s concern for Zubair and thinks bad about Aaliya.

Zain is busy with his office work. Zubair comes there and starts talking to his friend, saying that he is not enjoying fasting in Mumbai like in Bhopal and says he and Aaliya used to be together for whole night. Zain asks what was he talking. Zubair repeats the same that he and Aaliya used to be toghter whole night and says he and Aaliya are like two faces of a coin and were mad behind each other, Aaliya used to hold his hand and people used to think them as couple. Zain asks if she used to twist her ears and says Aaliya told her everything. Zain says Aaliya did not have another cousin of your age, so she used to roam with you, but now she will roam with her prince charming. Aaliya comes there and says her prince charming is Zain Abdullah and says she and Zain are going to Mohammed Ali road for iftari and they both live. Zubair gets annoyed that his plan did not work.

Aaliya/Zain reach Mohammed Ali road and suprisingly see the delicacies on the street. Aaliya says she used to hear a lot about this street and asks Zain if he came here before. Zain says he came here for the first time and thanks her for bring him here. Aaliya says I want to go near Minara Masjid to eat delicacies at the nearby shop. Rehan comes with his children there and asks them to be with them. He asks them what will they do if he geets kidnapped. They say they will beat them. Rehan says they have to eat something to beat them and takes them to a sheek kabab shop. A cap vendor outside masjid/mosque forcefully sells Zain a cap for 50 Rs. Zain buys it on Aaliya’s insistence and start walking around the street. Rehan with his kids is buying kababs/ His ron sees a toy in a nearby and goes to the shop. Shopkeeper asks kid if he has money. He says no. Shopkeeper signals his friend to kindap kid who butter talks with kid and carries kid with him.

Rehan does not find his son Kabeer and starts searching him. Aaliya says he wants to buy bangles. Zain asks if she wants to buy cheap bangles. Aaliya says it is very precious as he is buying it for her on the first day of Ramzan. Zain happily gifts her bangles. Kahiye ye tere dil se….. song plays in the background. Zain sees goon carrying Kabeer and goes behind him. Rehan and Zara are also searching Kabeer.

Precap: Zubair calls Surayya and says he will succeed in his plan. He lifts Aaliya forcefully, which Rehan sees.

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    1. Not better than parud 🙂 🙂 :)♥♥♥♥♥

  9. why zubair lift aaliya in his arm I don’t like it.

  10. Wtf how can they turn a goid guy to a baddie hate zubair!!!!!; (

  11. I can’t believe zubair is so evil I thought he cared about aliya like a sister but he wants to break her marriage for his own selfish reasons hate him!!

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