Beintehaa 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 19th March 2014 Written Update

Aaliya feeds Zain soup. Surayya brings soup and gets angry that Aaliya is feeding Zain soup. Zain sees Surayya and asks her to feed her soup as he cannot drink tasteless soup. Surayya gets happy and feeds him soup. She says Aaliya that she would have told her before making soup as Zain does not like Bhopali food.

Aaliya marks date on calender and goes into flashback where Rocky hit Zain with his car. She calls Zain loudly. Zain gets up and asks what happened, he woke up twice because of her. Aaliya asks sorry to him and to sleep. Zain catches her hand and asks what is troubling her. Aaliya asks him to sleep and says she does not want to talk to him. Zain says he knows she is remembering his accident and that guy. He says he does not care and is not afraid of dying.

Aaliya scolds Zain

for not valuing his life and asks her to respect Allah’s gifts. She says there are many people who loves him and his life. She takes all the family member’s names and even her name. Zain listens her silently. Beintehaa music plays in the background. Zain says nothing can happen to him as her Allah knows if anything happens to him, her schedule will change. Aaliya asks him to go and sleep and goes. Zain thinks what happened to Aaliya and why is she so angry.

Aaliya sits beside the swimming pool and cries. She remembers Zain’s words of not afraid of dying. Usman comes and sees her crying. He says I told you one day your hearts will meet. He asks her not to stop her tears and her feelings. Aaliya nods her head. Usman says whenever a man and woman marries, Woman thinks her husband is a superman and will realize it slowly that he is a common man. He thinks why do they fight, though they are both same. When something happens to her or him, they both get worried. It means they both love each other.

Aaliya says Usman that she wants to find that guy. Usman says he has spoken to inspector and he will be coming any time. Chandbibi comes and says inspector has come with sketch artist. Inspector comes and says if Aaliya can describe the culprit, artist can make his sketch. Aaliya says she cannot forget that guy.

Aayath calls Zain and asks what happened to him. Zain Aaliya just make a big issue out of small things and says it is just a small accident.

Zain he is loving the VIP treatment. Aayath asks about Aaliya. He says she is searching the culprit like a tigress. Aaliya gives description of culprit to sketch artist and he makes the sketch. Aaliya says he is one. Aaliya comes with culprit’s sketch with Usman and Inspector. She shows Zain his sketch. Zain identifies him as Rocky. He remembers his promise to Aayath and says he does not know him. He asks are you sure he is the one. Aaliya says she is 100% sure. Inspector asks to take time and remember. Zain says he does not remember him meeting any time. Zain says he does not have any enemy, he must be a mad guy. Inspector says it is hit and run case and they should find that guy. Aaliya says when they find him, she will meet him and ask why did he smile after making an accident. Usman asks everyone to disperse and asks Zain to rest.

Shaziya sees Rocky’s sketch and identifies him with Chakkiwala in jail. She thanks the sketch artist and sends him. She goes and inform Surayya that she saw the culprit in jail. He was in chakkiwala’s cell. She is sure he is the one.

Zain thinks of changing his T-shirt. He removes his arm sling with pain and tries to remove his T-shirt, but cannot. Aaliya comes and helps him change his T-shirt, though he resists.
Zain says earlier he was in doubt, now he is sure that she likes him seeing without T-shirt. Aaliya says what? He says when he was in swimming pool, she came there, now when is changing T-shirt, she came. Aaliya says it is called helping. She says there is book near bed and to read it as she has some work.

Surayya comes to police station and meets Chakkiwala. He says Rocky was a bit weird and says he will take revenge. Surayya says he should have informed her and says he must be behind this accident. Chakkiwala says Zain is like his son and he wont do it. Surayya asks proof and tell about Rocky. Chakkiwala says Rocky runs escort service and brought escorts to Raghu bhai’s party. Zain saved escort and got him arrested. Surayya asks why did Zain save escort, who was she. Chakkiwala says Zain was calling her as doll and her brother. Shaziya says when did Zain start making sisters. He used to make girlfriends, why did he make escort his sister.

Precap: Aaliya ties taweez of Haji Ali dargah on Zain’s arms and asks not to remove it. Zain says he does not have habit of tying it and asks why is she doing it for him.

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