Beintehaa 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Beintehaa 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 19th February 2014 Written Update

Aaliya reading newspaper while having tea. She glimpses outside her windows and sees Zain. She remembers her words about him. Zain says if she knows he is not her dream man, why did she marry him. He will fight with her as before, he will fight with her from tomorrow.

Aaliya goes back and starts reading the newspaper. Zain enters the bedroom. He removes his apron and starts changing dress. Aaliya murmurs helself, he is very shameless, he would told at least before changing, she would have gone out. Zain gets Rizwan’s call. He says all his friend’s and their girlfriends are Aaliya’s fan and says even he will be her fan soon. Rizwan also says that even he is happy for Zain now. He says he could not get the girl better than Aaliya for him and keeps the call.\

Zain starts reading

newspaper. Aaliya sees her torn blouse pic and reads the news. She remembers Zain’s word about troubling her and he meeting the photographer and thinks he published it. She shows the pic to him and says how can he stoop to that level. Zain sees that and gets shocked. Shaziya sees the newspaper, gets happy and asks Surayya if Usman saw it. She says not yet, but will soon see it. Nafisa comes and greets goodmorning to Surayya. Surayya asks if she saw the newspaper. She says yes. Shaziya says she took that pic yesterday. Surayya says Shaziya will help her separating Zain and Aaliya.

Zain says he didnt do it, he just saw photographer clicking the pic and deleted it. Aaliya does not believe it and asks if it is deleted, then how come it is published. Aaliya says only he knew about her torn blouse, alleges he published it and says he is disgusting.

Zain says think whatever you can and get lost. Aaliya says you are weak I know, but didn’t know you would fall so low to this level. She says she wont get afraid and leave him so easily. She picks the paper and says she will show it to mamu. Zain says go and tell, I didn’t do anything, so I am not afraid. AAliya goes. Zain calls Surayya and informs about the pic. Surayya says it is a great new that Aaliya’s pic is on newspaper. She says she will see it and show it to Usman saheb. Zain says not to show the paper to dad. Surayya asks him to relax and she wlll do something.

Aaliya calls newspaper office and says she will sue them for publishing the pic. They say Zain himself gave the pic.

Aayath starts chatting with her chat boyfriend. She sees Shabana and closes the chat. Shabana says why is she chatting again and asks why did she shut the laptop. Shabana says she has changed. Aayath says she is same and asks if she does not believe her. Shabana says she believes her but not her age. Aayath asks when Aaliya was of her age, why didnt she doubt her. Shabana says Aaliya was her obedient chid, but Aayath seems to be changing her behaviour now and asks her to concentrate on studies. Aayath asks her not to worry. Aayath sees the valentine’s day behding the pillow and gets worried. Door bell rings. Aayath asks Shabana to go and check. Once Shabana goes, she hides the card.

Chandbibi serves breakfast to Usman and says Aaliya prepared it. Usman gets happy. Chandbibi says Aaliya gets into kitchen by 7 a.m. itself. Usman smells the parathas and says they smell like her ammi’s food, same spices and tase. She would have learnt from Shabana and Shabana from their mom. Chandbibi says yes. Aaliya comes and greets Usman. He says he praises her for the food. He asks why is she tensed.

Aaliya says she wants to speak to him, holding a newspaper, it is important. Nafisa asks Surayya to stop Aaliya, Shaziya says dont stop. Surayya says Shaziya is right, let her tell. Usman asks why is she hesitating. Aaliya says she wants to do right all the time, but today. Just then door bell rings. Chandbibi says people are coming see Aaliya and goes to open the door. Shaziya asks Surayya to stop her, else there wont be much entertainment left. If Usman sees the pic between the guests, it will be a great entertainment. Surayya goes and asks Aaliya what is she doing here, guests are coming and asks her to go and get ready. Usman also asks her to get ready, he will speak to her later.
Guests come.

Zain is standing silent, thinking something. Aaliya goes to him and says to relax, already pic is on newspaper. She wont be convinced that he is innocent with his tensed acting. If he can go to such level to throw her out, he is wrong. She knows to adjust herself now. She says he didnt care about his family and her at all any time. She is this house’s daughter-in-law and knows how to protect its dignity as she knows she is innocent. She goes. Zain silently listens to her words.

Shabana gets a courier from Mumbai. She opens it and sees Aaliya’s torn blouse pic. She gets tensed. Beintehaa music plays in the background.

Surayya and Nafisa meet the guests. Guests praises her for calling them again after valima’s mishap. Surayya says she thinks Aaliya is innocent. Guets says Aaliya is lucky to have mother-in-law like you. Surayya signals Shaziya and Shaziya drops the newspaper. Guest picks it and asks about the pic. Surayya and Shaziya start acting seeing the pic. Surayya shows the pic to Usman. Usman is shocked to see the newspaper. Surayya says he reads the newspaper earlier than everone and asks why did not he tell her, she would not have called guests else. Guests starts gossiping about Aaliya, they say what did they see in Aaliya and starts talking about her wrong upbringing. They say Aaliya does not care about Usman’s status.
AAliya comes and says though the pic looks scandalous, no girl would like herself to be in that situation. It can happen to anyone and she knows how humiliating it is. Guests start scolding Aaliya and says she is very misbehaving. They say Abdulla that he is wrong in accepting Aaliya as her daughter-in-law.

Zain comes and defends Aaliya. He says it is not Aaliya’s fault. He says her blouse got torn because of him.

Precap: Aaliya alleges Zain and says he acted like supporting her, now nobody would doubt him that the pic was published by him. First he published the pic and then he acted like supporting her. Zain says she has got a habit of misunderstanding him. She says she got this habit from him.

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