Beintehaa 18th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 18th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain keeps pleading to everyone to believe him as police take him away. Later, Surayya, Fahad have discussion about that topic. Surayya hopes they took the right decision. She tells Fahad about seeing same guy before on road and he hugged her right away. Fahad tries to convince Surayya that they took absolute correct decision. They can’t let anyone come and take Zain’s place. He thinks the guy came full trained but once they asked personal questions, he got quiet. And even his mum said he’s Rocket. Surayya asks Aaliya what she thinks and she says Fahad is right that no one can take Zain’s place like that.

Zarina is angry at Bilal and calls him useless just like his father for failing twice to kill Zain. She tells Rocket to get Aaliya’s signature right away now and

gives him till noon tomorrow. Rocket thinks he would have been on honeymoon with Aaliya by now, but Zain spoiled everything. He doesn’t know what to do now.

Rocket comes out and his mum is standing there. He lies to her that he’s not Rocket, but she catches it and tells him about Zain having only Aaliya in his mind, doing Namaz which Rocket would never do. She tells him to run away from here before it’s too late. They are rich people and they won’t spare him. Rocket, however, says soon this house, property, and Aaliya will be his. His mum tells him to forget about Aaliya as her and Zain love each other a lot. Aaliya will always be Zain’s. She tells him to think about leaving from here else he will be in real big mess. Rocket says he never gets trapped. The person who had to be trapped is already trapped. His mum leaves.

In jail, seeing Zain’s like an innocent, a prisoner tells about his plan to escape away tomorrow and asks Zain to also run away while they are being transferred.

Rocket wakes up and sees Aaliya unpacking. He tells why they are cancelling their plans because of that guy. Aaliya says all are in tension and they are not cancelling, they are just postponing. She touches his cheek and say she knows that he’s not Rocket and Rocket gets happier. She further says, once this mess is solved, they will go wherever he wants. Rocket starts getting dreamy already.

Shaziya sees Zarina tensed and goes to her to try and find out what’s going on. She indirectly tells her that she didn’t help her, but if she needs any help, she can ask her.

Shaziya then tries to find out what’s going on from Bilal and he gets trapped in her talks.

Zain and another prisoner are being transferred. The other prisoner acts of vomiting, so police stop car and open the door. He passes Zain’s handcuff’s key and a message to Zain. While police are busy in looking the other prisoner, Zain escapes. A cop chases him. He tells him to stop else he will shoot him. Zain keeps running, The cop fires a bullet and Zain screams, Aaaaliyaaaa.

Precap: Zain, Aaliya, Surayya plans to know Rocket’s plan. Zain asks who will tell that. Aaliya says he himself. Later, Aaliya gives drinks to Rocket and tries to find out the truth.

Update Credit to: Niki

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