Beintehaa 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 18th March 2014 Written Update

Zain asks Aaliya to make him wear his gown. She shyingly drapes the gown over him without seeing his bare body. Beintehaa.. title song plays in the background. Aaliya says she has 10 more bedsheets to dry. Zain says to give it to laundry. Aaliya says she promised Surayya to wash it herself. He then picks the bedsheet and says he will give it to laundry and to inform Surayya that he gave it. He says he will give them while going to office.

Gowhar calls Rizwan and smiles romantically. She goes near him and says she wants to tell him something. She gives him his watch. She gets shy.

Zain takes the watch and says it has stopped. He tries to go but strikes her. She runs from there shyingly. Zain gets into his car. Aaliya also gets in. He asks if she will come with him to the laundry. She

says she will and says she has to tell something to laundryman. He says how did phupa/phupi tolerate you. She says just like mama/mami tolerated you. She goes out of car to give it to laundry. Zain sees 1 more bedsheet in the car and gets out and walks to give it to her. Just then Rocky comes in a car and hits Zain. Zain falls on the ground. Aaliya is shocked to see that.

Aaliya sees Rocky in that car but runs towards Zain. Bedsheet falls on Zain. Beintehaa music plays in the background. She goes and removes bedsheet from Zain and asks him to open his eyes, but he is unconscious. Peoeple gatehr around them. Zain then opens his eyes.

Aaliya scolds him to be in a hurry always. Zain asks if that car got a dent. Aaliya helps him reach till the car. They see each other while walking. Zain asks who will drive the car. Aaliya asks her to sit there and calls Usman and informs him about the accident. She asks him to call doctor and they will come soon. Zain again asks who will drive the car.

Aaliya says she will drive the car and starts praying god. Zain says this is car and it won’t run on prayers. Aaliya starts car and they reach home. Surayya gets worried and asks Zain what happened. Usman says nothing and they all take him to the bed. Doctor says nothing serious and asks them to take care of him an goes. AAliya asks Usman if he spoke to police. He says he spoke. Aaliya says she saw that boy and it looked like he hit Zain with his car purposefully. Zain says who will kill him. Aaliya says that guy turned back and saw you, smiled and went from there. Aaliya says until she finds that guy, she will not keep quiet. Surayya says she is with Aaliya and should find that guy. Usman asks everybody to go and rest in their rooms leaving Aaliya and Zain.

Aaliya performs Namaz. Zain sees her silently. Ali ali mere maula song plays in the background. Zain asks why is she praying namaz at 12 noon. She says she is thanking god that he saved him on behalf of mamu and mami. Zain says whatever happens, her attitude does not change. He says she should accept that she prayed for his health. Zain says today he came to know, howmuch angry she gets. She says he is talking to tolerate pain. Zain says he does not feel pain. Aaliya says she gave him pain killer.

Aaliya says she will get him soup and goes. Zain writhes in pain after she goes. He calls Rizwan and asks him to come. Rizwan says he is just there. Just then Gowhar comes in front of him and says today is very hot day and if he wants to drink water. They see each other’s face romantically and the water glass falls. The pick the glass piece looking at each other romantically.

She gets injured with the glass piece. Rizwan takes her finger in his mouth and asks if she is feeling pain. She says no and runs from there shyingly. Nafisa comes and says this is the right time to be near Gowhar and wants Gowhar to fall madly in love with you.

Surayys is preparing food for Zain. Chandbibi comes and says she thought AAliya would be preparing soup for Zain. She says Zain drinks only soup made by her from childhood. She comes to Zain’s room and sees already Zain having food from Aaliya’s hands.

Precap: Aaliya shows Zain sketch of the Rocky and says he is the one who hit you with his car. Zain remembers it is Rocky.

Update Credit to: MA

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