Beintehaa 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 18th February 2014 Written Update

Zain breaks Aaliya’s blouse button by mistake. She turns. He then holds her against him and hides her torn blouse. Beintehaa song music starts and they start dancing. Zain carefully holds her blouse and they both dance well. AAliya then asks him to leave her. He says he wants to leave her, but there is no option and she will be embarrassed. Zain hugs her and dons her blouse button.

They look at each other. Zain leaves her and goes. Zain checks photographer’s camera and deletes Aaliya’s pic in it. Zain then warns photographer if he does it again, he will kill him. Aaliya thinks he must be thinking of some mischeif. Shaziya sees pic with Aaliya’s torn blouse in her mobile and says herself that she will gift it to Surayya. Nafisa comes and asks Shaziya what is she doing here. Nafisa

asks her to take think of her sister Gowhar than enjoying party. Shaziya says if Gowhar is caught, then Nafisa will so be caught. Shaziya says Surayya herself sent her here.

Aayaat chats with her boyfriend on laptop. Her boyfriend asks her mobile number and says he has sent valentine’s day card to her home address. Aayath gets worried. Door bell rings. Shabana goes to open the door. Aayath stops her and herself goes to pick the courier. Shabana asks her who was it. Aayath hides the card and says someone came here instead of going to neighbours.

Zain and Aaliya are announced as best Valentine dancing couple. Everybody claps for them and says they both are made for each other. Zain and Aaliya go receive their award. Host asks Aaliya about her dream man and if Zain is the one. Aaliya describes about her dream man. Zain listens to it carefully. Everybody claps for them.

Zain and Aaliya travel in a car. Zain switches on FM radio and changes channels and adds romantic songs. Aaliya changes the channel. They reach home.

Surayya comes to her room and sees rose. She picks them and gets happy. Usman wishes her happy valentine’s day. Surayya thanks her. They speak to each other romantically. Usman asks sorry for taking word talaak and says he is very unhappy about telling that word. He asks promise from Surayya to not take that word in his house even after his death. Surayya assures her and says all decisions will be taken by him, so not to worry.

Shabana comes to Aayath’s room and sees her sleeping. She switches off the lights and go. Aayath sees her going and opens the valentine day card. She gets happy seeing the card, but gets worried if Shabana get to know about it.

Fahad tries to console angry Nafisa. Fahad says Surraya gave her permission. Surayya comes and says she gave her permission. Shaziya shows Aaliya’s torn blouse pic to Surayya. Surayya gets happy and calls news paper publisher to publish the news.

Surayya calls her friends to come to her house to see Aaliya. Usman says it is good she is calling her friends. Surayya asks him to get ready as breakfast and newspaper are waiting for him.

Aaliya reads newspaper, but does not see her news. She sees Zain swimming from the window. ZAin sees her watching him.

Precap; AAliya asks Zain why did he publish her torn blouse pic. Zain says he didnt do it. Aaliya takes the paper to show it to Usman.

Update Credit to: MA

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