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Beintehaa 17th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya and Surayya are shocked to see injured Zain coming from outside when one is there already in his room. Zain waves his hands towards Aaliya to hug. She goes near him. He then touches her emotionally. She realizes that he is real Zain. Bilal and Zarina come and are shocked to see Zain there. Bilal says let us leave from here. Fahad and Nafisa also come there and are shocked to see injred Zain. Fahad asks who is he. Zain says he is he. Zain says he is his brother Zain. Fahad shows Rocket and asks who is he then. He says Rocket that this man is calling himself Zain. Rocket says he looks exactly like me. Zain says I am Zain and you are Rocket. Rocket says he is Rocket and I am Zain. Zain says you are an imposter.

Rocket says he will call police. Zain tells them the whole

incident happened after he left party and says by god’s miracle, he went to Rocket’s house and met his mom, once again goons kidnapped him, but he escaped from them and came back home. Rocket says he planned this from long ago. Zain says Surayya that I met you 2 days ago and even after losing my memory, I hugged you. Rocket acts as getting angry on Surayya for not informing him about meeting Rocet. She says she was about to tell her. Zain asks Rocket when did stop pronouncing Faa for Shaa and when did he start wearing spectacles. Rocket asks how can anyone kidnap Abdulla from his own’s house.

Zain asks Bilal why did he call him out. Rocket says Bilal called him and says he is cooking up a story. Zain says he does not remember what happened after going out of party. Zain says Aaliya sghe knows he forgets things a lot. Rocket says he remembers only till that. Zain remembers Zarina telling him that Aaliya is waiting for you. Aaliya says someone locked her inside and asks Zarina. Zarina says Zain how dare he is to allege her and asks when did she tell him that. Zain says she is plainly lying. Rocket says he does not believe there are imposters like him even at this moment and asks Nafisa and Shaziya to decide. Zain says he is real zain and reminds Zain Rehman the words he said when he first met him. He then says Fahad about betting scandal trap and the words Usman used to tell. Rocket tells Usman’s words and remembers Zarina giving him Usman’s diaries. Zain asks how does he know all this. Mrs. Fernandez comes with police and asks Zain/Rocket what is he doing here.

Rocket says he is Zain and Rocket came here to take his place. Mrs. Fernandez asks Zain when will he stop his forgery and trap rich people and says let us go now. Inspector says he will arrest Rocket for forgery and drags him from there. Zain pleads Aaliya that he is real Zain. Rocket holds Aaliya. Zain asks him not to touch his wife. Rocket smirks and says he is real Zain.

Precap: Aaliya says Rocket that she is sure he is real Zain. Rocket thinks his charm is working well on Aaliya.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Is aaliya mad?

    1. She’s just testing him

  2. Wat is aliya doin is she tryin to cop of zarina n bila n wen dis shw endin ?

  3. i thk she hv a plan for that coward.

  4. Omg I hope aliya is tricking rocket I think she knows his not the real zain

  5. Is aaliya mad

  6. The upcoming episodes are going to be full of surprises……going to love it.

  7. harshika's fan

    The upcoming episodes are going to be full of surprises and suspense….going to love it…..

  8. 18 th November ka written update kr do plzzzzz M.A

  9. Please don’t end this show. I love to watch it.

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