Beintehaa 17th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 17th March 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 17th March 2014 Written Update

Gowhar gives bhang milk to Zain. He drinks it. Aaliya also drinks bhang milk and says she should inform Zain. She starts finding Zain. Zain goes behind him, but she does not see him. Gowhar follows Zain and locks the room door. She thinks Zain will be hers now. Both Zain and Gowhar are seen on the bed. Gowhar wakes up happily. Shaziya calls her and did her plan got successfull. She says it is successfull. Shaziya gets happy and says she will make her marry Zain today itself.

Gowar happily looks out of the window and gets shocked seeing Zain outside. She then checkes the man on the bed and it is Rizwan. She starts crying. Aaliya wakes up with bhang hangover and finds Zain in front of her. She asks why is he staring at her like a langoor. She finds herself sleeping next to Zain.


comes to Gowhar’s room and shouts what is happening. Gowhar asks her to stop shouting. Shaziya starts drama and says she will inform everyone. Nafisa comes just then and asks why is she shouting. Shaziya says she will tell everyone what Zain did with Gowhar. Just then Rizwan gets up. Nafisa and everybody gets shocked. Rizwan says goodmorning to Nafisa, finds himself nude and starts shouting.

Zain says she was sleeping on him and he pushed her on the side. He then starts narrating a story that she was like a hungry tigress yesterday, very wild. Aaliya asks her to stop rubbish. He says exactly he was telling the same, but she didn’t listen him. Aaliya says she does not believe him. Zain says she is his wife and everything is allowed between husband and wife.

Zain says he is complementing his wife and says they will sleep next to each other. Aaliya asks why did he stop her. He says he was inebriated with bhang and why would he stop himself. He says she has fullfilled her wife’s duties and now they are completely husband and wife. Aaliya starts crying. Zain tries to console her and then says she kicked him on face thrice. He says he slept in the opposite direction yesterday. Aaliya then starts beating him with pillow.

Rizwan shouts, starts wearing clothes. Shaziya then goes and slaps Rizwan. Nafisa asks how dare to slap her sister. Shaziya asks Rizwan to stay away from her sister, he is always in his sister’s house. Nafisa says she knows how cheap is her father and her whole family. Shaziya then drags Gowhar from there. Nafisa asks Rizwan did something happen between him and Gowhar. He says no. She says he should do something, Shaziya spoilt her life.

She says he gets angry when she sees Shaziya. Zain is his childhood friend and he was happy when she got Fahad’s allowance for her. Nafisa says they should repay whatever Shaziya did to her. She asks him to love Gowhar first and then break her heart.

Surayya speaks to her friend and says she will inform Usman that she enjoyed a lot. Usman comes and says even he got a call that they liked Aaliya’s holi party. He thanks Surayya for letting Aaliya to arrange holi party.

Surayya says Aaliya coloured everybody’s life and it is not good. Surayya asks Chandbibi not to wash the bedsheet as Usman will scold her if Chandbibi falls ill. Aaliya comes. Surayya tells Aaliya to ask Chandbibi not to wash them. Aaliya says she will wash them. Surayya says there are 25 precious bedsheets. Aaliya says she will do it as she used to do it in Bhopal and goes. Nafisa says they used to throw holi’s dirty bedsheets. Surayya says we will throw it but only after Aaliya washes them.

Aaliya comes near the swimming to wash bedsheets and finds Zain swimming. Zain asks her what is she doing and asks what is in the bucket. Aaliya says Surayyas asked her to wash bedsheet and she has brought them after washing to dry here. Zain comes near her and starts twisting bedsheets to dry them with her. Aaliya gets shy seeing him in only shorts and turns her face. Zain asks why is she shy like a 50s heroine. She says she is not shy and gives him gown to wear it. He asks her to do it herself. She then make him wear the gown shyingly. Beintehaa songs plays in the background.

Precap: Zain finds bedsheet in his car and gets out of the car to give it to Aalya. Speeding car hits him and he falls on the ground. Aaliya sees that and runs towards Zain.

Update Credit to: MA

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