Beintehaa 17th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 17th February 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 17th February 2014 Written Update

Zain is waiting for Aaliya near his car. He says ladies take much time. Just then, Aaliya comes wearing a beautiful white saree. Zain sees her coming and gets mesmerized with her beauty. Serial’s title song Beintehaa plays in the background. Aliya opens the door, he listens to the sound and regains his conscience. The leave in a car. Aaliya asks him to stop the car and says they must buy a bouquet for his friend. Zain says he does not have any formalities with his friend. Aaliya says she is going for the first time and goes to pick flower bouquet. Traffic constable comes and asks Zain to remove his car and add it in parking. Zain takes his car out. Aaliya turns back after buying the bouquet and does not find Zain.

Aaliya gets worried and starts searching for Zain on the streets. Zain

parks his car and calls Aaliya, but her phone is in the car itself. Aaliya is still wandring on the streets. Zain comes searching for her but does not see her. They search for each other. Aaliya asks constable about Zain and his car. Constable asks her to check in the parking area. Aaliya goes to the parking lot. Goons see her and start misbehaving with her. They start following her. They hold his hands. Just then Zain comes in his car and sees Aaliya between goons. He goes near them. Goon asks who is he. Zain asks goon’s phone to call ambulance for them.

Zain tells goon in his ears that Aaliya will send them to hospital like she sent others before. Zain starts frightening the goon and says Aaliya is mad and ran away from mental assylum. He starts making stories. He is from mental assylum and has come to pick her. Aaliya has virus in her blood and she will infect you also. He then holds Aaliya’s hand and goes. Goon asks other goons to let her go as she is a mental patient. Aaliya listens this and gets angry on Zain. Zain takes her in his car. Fahad and Nafisa reach the party venue. Fahad leaves her and goes. Shaziya comes behind them. Fahad goes and meet Zain’s friends and wishes them happy valentine’s day. He sees Nafisa in a burga and asks her to remove her burga. She removes her veil, Zain gets shocked seeing her. Zain and Aaliya reach the venue. Aaliya asks him why did he say her mad. He says he said truth to save her. Aaliya says he would have fought with the goons. Zain’s friends comes and thanks Aaliya for coming. They start praising Aaliya and take her to meet their girlfriends. Zain says it looks like they are Aaliya childhood friends than his.

Zain meets his friend’s girlfriends. He asks if they met Aaliya. They say they met her, looks like Aaliya is very impressive. Zain says she knows how to speak to people and praises Aaliya. He provokes them against Aaliya. Zain’s friends come with Aaliya and introduce their girlfriends to her. AAliya speaks to them. Zain says something in Marathi to them. AAliya goes and sits next to Zain. Zain takes his friends for drinks and says let the girls enjoy. Girls start making fun of Aaliya. Zain gets happy listening to them. Then Aaliya starts mingling with them and laughs. The all become friends. Zain sees that and is shocked.

Aaliya then goes to Zain and see his sad face. She then speaks in Marathi, Zain is amused hearing that. Aaliya says war’s first rule is not to underestimate one’s enemy and first rule is to know both strength and weakness of enemy. She then says she knows Marathi and says you told the girls that I am fool and lets teach her a lesson. She says they are laughing on you. She asks him to remember her childhood words that whenver her hair is cut, his pant will also be removed. Zain says he didnt make fun till now, when he will make it, she will be crying. Aaliya says she would not have come here. Zain says he was also not ready, dad asked him to ask sorry after seeing CCTV footage, so he took her for a party. Aaliya says she didnt see such a disgusting man like him and goes. Zain goes behind him and tries to hold her, but tears her blouse by mistake. He then holds her.

Precap: Pic of Zain tearing Aaliya’s blouse is printed on news papers. Surayya sees that and gets happy.

Update Credit to: MA

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