Beintehaa 15th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 15th March 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 15th March 2014 Written Update

usman is praising aliya’s preparations while suraiya getting annoyed..LOL… usman questions why aliya has set up a stage to which aliya replies that its for the special guests tht will be performing and mentions anandi, rathore, tapasya etc…

orphanage kids come and aliya happily meets them and wishes them happy holi.
sanskaar team arrive.. as well as soham and rajji. basically everyone wishing 1 another happy holi

anandi and dhara performance on “rang de” song…
I love that song… tabu danced so well in the original…no1 can match her grace
next, bani team (soham-rajji-parmeet-bani) perform on “sadi gali”… soham is a brilliant dancer!
haha nafeesa-shazia-gauhar outfits r colour co-ordinatedROFL…

never thought i’d see this happening…LOL

zain Abdullah ka rang aliya par kabhi nhi charega! haila what a dialogue we all know that aliya par agar kisi ka rang charega then its only zain’s rang

ET in their co-ordinated outfits r scheming against aliya… mukta and Vishnu hear them – Vishnu worried tht someone will spoil the function – mukta assures him nothing will happen.
aliya is worried tht someone cancelled the “dhol” people…jus then zain enters and says he’s made hero entry. aliya replies tht he’ll only be a hero if he rangs the heroine and he wont be able too. she wishes him happy holi and runs away. zain promises to colour her…
next performance by tapasya, dhara and mukta followed by performance by rathore, jai and Vishnu on remix version of rang barse (must say I like the remix version of this track)

roli and siddharth drinking naryal pani and he spots aliya running away from zain…
so cute aliya running away from zain and zain is following her… hayyeee so romantic and cute
zain about to put colour on aliya when roli comes with yellow colour and throws it in the air and all of a sudden in aliya’s place its maasi from sasural simar ka and zain is shocked…LMAO tht scene was funny…zain was cute when he says nayi nayi nayi and falls downLOL
zain and siddharth conversation…funny… siddharth giving tips to zain…LOL…

chak dhoom dhoom dhoom performance with kids… followed by RoSid performance
suraiya angry at her gang (nafeesa-gauhar-shazia) as to why they haven’t ruined the party yet
madhubala cast arrives… and suraiya thinks to use abhay to ruin aliya’s party. madhubala is running with kids and playing holi.
shazia is happy tht abhay is here n tells nafeesa and gauhar 2 take a picture of her and abhay kapoor cos she wants 2 put it up on friendsbook…

rajji and bani to the rescue make sure the dish isn’t bad… haha madhu dissing the ET in front of them
dadi from kapils calling usman ussy…LMAO…

Aliya throws color on gauhar as she was trying t play holi with zain…
Then aliya tells zain to stay away from gauhar.
Den aliya throws color on zain to…
And then zain comes towards aliya to throw color but she runs away..
They r in der room and aliya isntrying to save herself and she collides with..
Suna na song in BG.

Update Credit to: thejazzgal

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