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Rocket asks Zarina to find out Zain and kill him. She asks how did he change his mind when he was against murder. He says he changed his mind and again asks her to find Zain soon. He thinks while Zarina and Bilal get busy finding Zain, he will lure Aaliya.

Aaliya comes to her room and sees it well decorated. Zain/Rocket comes from behind and tries to kiss her. She reminisces Surayya telling about Zain’s duplicate and backs off. He again tries to kiss her, but she walks away with blanket. He thinks nobody escaped till now from his charm, even Aaliya will fall for him soon. Aaliya thinks Zain was never so rude till now.

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calls Surayya and informs him about Zain/rocket trying to force himself over her. Surayya asks her not to worry as it is his way of showing love. Aaliya says he did not force himself till now and says she does not feel his presence even after he is with her. Surayya says she is real zain and the one with that lady is her son Rocket. She gets down at City Hospital to find out truth about Rocket.

Doctor checks Zain/Rocket’s report and says he is seeing a lot of improvement in his health. Zain says he gets flashback about a girl but not his mother or anyone else. Doc asks him to relax and take rest.

Aaliya gets tea for Zain, sees him working on laptop, and asks what is he browsing. He says he booked honeymoon tickets for them. She gets tensed. He asks if she is not happy. She says nothing like that.

Bilal reaches City Hospital with his goons to kidnap Zain. Surayya asks receptionist about Rocket and his mother. She shows her doc’s room’s direction. Zain walks in corridor behind her and she does not notice her. Surayya then sees Mrs. Fernandez and asks where is her son. She asks why. Surayya says my son’s face matches with your son’s face and she wants to meet him once. Bilal and his goons kidnap Zain and leave in car. Mrs. Fernandez says her son was here and just now and dunno where he went. She says her that her son is ill and she does not anyone to meet him and worse his illness.

Zain starts fighting with goons in car and they hit his head. He gains his memory and gets flashback of Aaliya, Usman and all his past life.

Rocket packs his bags for honeymoon and asks Aaliya to pack her bags soon. Aaliya says she cannot go without meeting Surayya. He says he will call her and inform and asks her to pack her bags soon. Aaliya thinks Surayya has gone to hospital to find Zain’s duplicate and why she has not reached home yet. Surayya comes there. Rocket/Zain says she came at a right time. She asks if you are going somewhere. He says honeymoon and says Aaliya wanted to take your permission and asks if she will permit. Surayya smiles and says yes. He hugs her happily and then Aaliya and says mom agreed now and she should pack her bags soon. He thinks once she goes on honeymoon with him, she will be his forever.

Aaliya asks Surayya if she met Zain’s duplicate in hospital. She says she met his mom instead and says god has made Zain’s duplicate, but the one we have is real Zain. She says she is still nervous. Surayya asks her to relax and pack her bags.

Goons take Zain to a secluded place to kill him and take him out of car. He pushes them and runs from there. Rocket and Aaliya meet Surayya before leaving for honeymoon. Surayya asks Zain/Rocket if he kept tickets with him. He says it is with Aaliya. She says he booked tickets. He goes to his room to get tickets. Surayya says Aaliya that she was unnecessarily doubting him, he is our Zain. Aaliya suprisingly looks at door. Surayya also looks at door and is shocked to see original injured Zain with blood flowing down his head. He calls them and forwards his hand to hug.

Precap: Zain says Rocket that he is real Zain.

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