Beintehaa 14th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 14th March 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 14th March 2014 Written Update

Zain gets Rocky arrested by police. Aayath gets emotional and thanks her. Zain says lets go to Bhopal now. He says he will call his wife. He calls Aaliya and informs he is going to Delhi. Aaliya asks howmany lies he will tell and she says she had gone to Kartar’s flat. He asks why did she go there. Aaliya threatens that she will inform it to Usman. She says he was out of the house for whole night and now he is ordering her. Zain says he is coming home right now. He asks Aayath to go and pack her bags, he will come later. He comes home and asks Aaliya what is her problem, why is she spying on him. Aaliya brings holi Quran and asks him to swear on it and tell where was he the whole night.

Zain takes holi Quran in his hands and keeps it back in its place. He asks if she was

an office bearer in Bhopal’s court. He then says he does not care if he believes him or not. That girl was worried, so he went there and helped her. That girl has gone to her home now. Zain does his packing. Aaliya says she has not seen Delhi and will come with him. Zain says he is going for business trip. Aaliya says she will get Usman’s permission and tries to go. Zain stops her, gets her near him and asks if she can’t stay without her, he is going for work. He says their first holi is coming. They see in each other’s eyes.

Chakkiwala is in police custody behind the bars. He scolds Shaziya for not helping her and says she could not make her own position in her house. Shaziya says because of her, her in-laws didn’t take action against him and says she will convince Surayya to help him, till then asks him to stay there. Rocky is thrown behind bars. Rocky asks Chakkiwala if he has seen him somewhere. Chakkiwala says he was in Raghu’s party. Rocky says he runs escort service and was there with her escorts. Chakkiwala says he thought they caught only bookies, didn’t know they caught escorts also. Rocky says police didn’t catch him for that, Zain trapped him.

Zain reaches Bhopal. Aayath asks him for tea. Zain asks her to b ring salty tea. Usman and his family are having breakfast. Usman says Aaliya that he got a call from Zain and he is okay. He then gets a call from his friend. Zain says even this year, he is organizing holi party and invites his friend. Aaliya asks even if he organizes holi. Usman says he does charity on that day and helps orphans and old people. Aaliya says she organizes holi in Bhopal. Usman says Surayya does it here and asks Aaliya to organize holi this time. Aaliya says let Surayya organize it. Surayya asks her to organize as she will enjoy this time. She says Chandbibi will show you how to organize Barkath’s holi.

Rocky says Chakkiwala that their enemy is same, Zain Abdulla. Chakkiwala says Zain tricked him, else nobody traps him. He asks Rocky to tell him about himself. Just then constable comes and says his bail is done and opens the door. Rocky asks Chakkiwala to inform Zain that he will be back soon. Chakkiwala thinks enemy’s enemy is a friend.

Surayya and his bahus are scheming in their garden. Surayya says she will do something this time that Usman and Aaliya will be surprised. She then says Shaziya her father trapped Fahad into betting scandal, but she is allowing Gowhar in her home as she wants Aaliya to be out of her house. Shaziya says she will help her in her mission.

Zain calls Aaliya and asks what was she doing. Aaliya says she is working and asks him to keep the phone. Zain says it is 7.30 and his time now. Zain says it looks like he is missing him. Aaliya says people misses someone who are nearby, but he is not there always. Zain says he will come early. Aaliya says to stay there, she will enjoying in her room. Zain says she is irritated now and is missing her. Aaliya says once he comes, she will go to Bhopal. Zain says even he will come to his phuph’s house will enjoy and see himself in her mirror. Aaliya asks if she remembers it. He says he remembers everything. Zain asks if she brought colours. She says she has. Zain says he will put colours on her first. Aaliya says his entry is banned. Zain says he likes entering in no entry. Aaliya challenges him and says he will lose.

Precap: Colors’ holi celebrations promo is shown.

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