Beintehaa 14th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Beintehaa 14th February 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 14th February 2014 Written Update

Zain and Aaliya divide their room into 2 portions. Zain says to remove her items from his portion of the room. Aaliya says she will change the bedsheet every 3 days with her choice and 4 days with Zain’s. Aaliya says she stepped into his world today, and her marriage book’s chapter is started. Zain says he hates her a lot. He says after 1 month, she will be out of the house.

Fahad is practicing to say happy valentine’s day. Shaziya comes with a bouquet and wishes him happy valentine’s day. He gets happy happy. Just then Nafisa comes and he wishes her happy valentine’s day. Shaziya and Fahad both fight to take Fahad for party with them.

Nafisa says Shaziya herself told that she can take Fahad to party. She signals about the video. Shaziya agrees to let Fahad go with Nafisa.

Fahad gets a call and goes. He says Shaziya was there, so he could not pick the call soon. Fahad gets into his car. Chakkiwala is already in the back seat and greets salaam to Fahad. Fahad asks him not to call him so many times, if shaziya sees them she will create a scene. Chakkiwala asks to drive the car and they go. Aaliya asks permission to go for a valentine’s day party with Zain. Usman says to go and come closer to each other.

Fahad is rearranging his side of the room. He sticks King card on his side and joker on her side. Aaliya comes and sees that. Zain asks her if she took permission from dad. He says he thinks 10 times ahead of her. He says he won’t come with her for the party. AAliya says she does not like going to party, since his friends invited, she agreed. Zain says she is not his valentine and will not become any time. Zain gives his friend’s adress. She says she will find the address herself. She says she will not go and gives back the address. Beinthee music plays in the background.

Maid comes and tells them that Usman called him. They go downstairs. Inspector comes and informs that he got a TV footage from the shopping mall and Aaliya is innocent.

Usman asks how did that watch came into Aaliya’s bag. Inspector says a girl added it in her bag. He says he brought the video CD with him and will show who the girl was. They see the video, but Gowhar’s face is not shown. Inspector says another camera was not working, else they would have know who the girl was. He says he is trying to check mall’s other CCTV fotages and will inform him once they know. Usman goes to Aaliya and says he knew his daugther is innocent and after seeing the footage, nobody will dought on her. He kisses on her forehead and asks her to go her room. Aaliya sees Zain’s face and goes towards her room. Zain watches her going. Inspector asks Usman’s permission and leaves. Usman asks Zain to ask her forgivness.

Shaziya speaks to Surayya. She says god saved her and Gowhar. If she would have been caught, she would have told everything to police. She then says that super market video with Gowhar’s face is in Nafisa’s mobile. She says it is 5 years since her and Fahad’s marriage, but Nafisa is still thinking to kick her out. She then warns Surraya that Nafisa will harm her and says she has some idea. Shaziya says today is valentine’s day, Zain and Aaliya are going, she will go behding them. Surayya agrees. Shaziya thinks in her mind that she will go behind Nafisa and Fahad to spoil their valentine’s party and enjoy herself with Fahad.

Aaliya picks her parent’s pic and smiles seeing it. Zeeshan comes. He gets his friend’s call and says he will reach there. He says he will get ready but dunno about Aaliya. ZAin gives phone to Aliya and she speaks to Zain’s friend who asks her to come on time. She agrees and keeps the call. Zain goes near her and says it is confirmed that she is a big fool that someone added watch in her bag and she couldn’t see it and says how will she live in mumbai. Aaliya says now she is ready to take any challenge in this city or with anbody. She goes and Zain watches her going.

Precap: Fahad says Aaliya that she is nothing to her, forget valentine. Aaliya says she came to valentine’s party for her mamu’s happiness. Zain catches her and her dress’s back hook breaks.

Update Credit to: MA

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