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Beintehaa 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain and Aaliya comes back home. Surayya hugs Zain/Rocket. Rocket thinks this old woman wants to show her affection at this time, says he will talk to her later and walk out. Aaliya asks Surayya what happened. She says she felt like hugging Zain and asks why is she looking tensed. She says nothing and walks towards her room, thinks how to tell Surayya that Zain has changed a lot. Surayya thinks how to tell her that she saw Zain’s duplicate today.

Rocket asks Zarina why did she tried to kill Zain and lied her. She says she did not and says he was just beaten. He says he saw Zain today with her mom. Zarina angrily looks at Bilal. Bilal says Zain’s body rolled into cliff when they were trying to hide his body from forest officer. Zarina scolds him and says Rocket she will

get Zain out from Mrs. Fernandez.

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Shazia thinks to harm Nafisa and sets thread on her way so that she falls off stairs. She calls Bilal and asks him to switch off lights after 3 seconds. She sees Nafisa coming and signals Bilal to switch off lighs. He does so. Nafisa thinks of checking herself, walks down stairs and falls down. Shazia gets happy that her plan worked, but is shocked to see Fahad rescuing her and angrily asks why is she limping. She says she fell of stairs but Fahad rescued her. She angrily goes and scolds Bilal. Bilal says why is she hitting him when he is not responsible for her plan fail and even Ammi hits her when her plan fails. Shazia asks Zarina’s which plan failed. He tells about fancy dress and Roket.. Just then, Zarina comes and asks him to get items from market. Shazia asks what fancy dress. He says he tried to inebriate Zain in fancy dress function, but Zain did not drink.

Aliya reminisces Zain’s recent changes where he is drawing well, drinking milk and scolding driver for forgetting route. He thinks how can Zain change so soon and why is she not feeling his presence even when he is around him and prays god to help him. She takes out Holy Quran and does Istiqara (finding answer in Holy Quran via its verses).

Mrs. Fernandez brings Rocket/Zain to hospital and asks him to check. Doc says he will check Rocket’s report, enters room and is surprised to see him praying namaz. He asks Mrs. Fernandez why is rocket praying namaz. Mrs. Fernandez remembers meeting Rocket who said he is Zain Abdulllah and realizes Zain is performing namaz actually. She calls him Zain Abulllah. Zain hears his name and gets a flashback of his marriage with Aaliya Ghulam Haider, reminisces calling her malika-e-zain.

Aaliya on the other side thinks god is in people’s hearts and he guides them to a right path. Surayya sees her keeping Holy Quran in cupboard and asks if she has any questions in her mind. Aaliya says there is nothing like that. Surayya says she has a question. Aaliya asks what happened. Surayya asks her why she is tensed. Aaliya says she does not know if her thinking is right or it is just her doubts, she feels Zain’s habits have changed a lot. Surayya asks her to tell clearly. She tells her all the incidents happened. Surayya says she saw Zain’s duplicate on road and felt he is Zain for sure, but that guy’s mom told that they came to Mumbai for treatment. She says we both will have to find out Zain and his duplicate’s truth. Aaliya says she is with him. Surayya hugs her emotionally and says she tried a lot to separate her from Zain and to find out real Zain, she can take only her help.

Doc says Mrs. Fernandez that he has to wait until Zain’s tests are back and Rocket has to rest till tell. Mrs. Fernandez takes Zain with her.

Rocket says he wants to kill Zain now. Zarina reminisces Rocket opposing Zain’s murder and asks him how did he change his decision. He says after being with her, he changed. Bilal asks when will he get Aaliya’s signature. He says he will and asks her to find out Zain first. He thinks Aaliya will have to fall in his love now.

Precap: Rocket tries to kiss Aaliya, but she walks away. He thinks nobody escaped from Rocket’s charm, soon she will forget Zain and will fall in his love.

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