Beintehaa 13th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 13th March 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 13th March 2014 Written Update

Aaliya comes to her room and sees Zain marking on the calendar. She says only 13 days are left and why didn’t mark the today’s day. Zain says today after helping Fahad, she has become daughter-in-law of this house and there is no need of this calendar. He strikes the calendar. He then changes the dress. Aaliya sees lipstick mark on his T-shirt and asks whom did he go with after the party. He says no one. She asks in news, they showed sheikh running with a girl, who was that girl. He says there was no girl with him. She shows his T-shirt with lipstick mark and asks what is this then. He remembers the mark is made by Aayath when he tried to console her. He gets up and goesnear him and tries to fall. She saves him, but her lipstick mark comes on the T-shirt. Zain then shows it and says anybody

can get lipstick mark and asks her to stop questioning like a wife. Aaliya asks who was that girl. Zain says she was a good family girl who was forcefuly dragged into escort racket, so he helped her. He says why is she questioning as wife. She says she is his wife, so what is his problem. They see into each other’s eyes romantically. Beintehaa title song plays in the background. She then says telling lie is okay when when it is helpful to someone like she lied to help Fahad bhai. She again asks who was that girl, she wants to help her. Zain scolds her and goes out.

Aayath gets Rocky’s call. She gets afraid but picks the call. Rocky says she knows her adress and he is coming there soon. She gets tensed and calls Zain. Zain is in deep sleep. Aaliya gets up to the phone bell and tries to pick it, but Zain gets up and picks it. Aayath informs that Rocky got her address and he is coming there. Zain asks her not to worry and he will come there now.

Shaziya calls her father and scolds him for being so careless. Chakkiwala remembers Zain and Aaliya as Arab sheikh. He says he will teach them a lesson and then asks her how can she help her father. She sees Fahad just then and starts acting and asks to help her father. Fahad says her father came and blackmailed Surayya to help him get out of the betting racket and he is Raghu bhai’s aide. She says he is misunderstanding. Fahad says he is not misunderstanding and goes.

Rocky calls Aayath and says he is standing below the building and asks with whom she is spending the night. Zain just comes then and knocks the door. She sees him from the keyhole and opens the door. She informs Rocky is here and is calling him. Zain checks her phone and deletes the tracker. Rocky calls her. Zain picks his call and tells that he is Aayath’s brother Zain Abdullah. He says she is going to Bhopal. Rocky says he is uploading her pics. Zain asks him to upload pics, he will find him and beat him like a dog. His pic in Raghu’s party is with police, they will catch him soon. Zain is behind him now.

Aayth gets call again in the morning. She gets worried, but it is Aaliya’s call. She picks it and asks how is she. Aaliya says she is fine and asks if her college festival got over. She says it got over and asks about Zain. Aaliya sees him not on the bed, but says he is fine and sleeping on the bed. Aayath sees him sleeping on the chair in her room.

Aaliya asks Aayath why didn’t she call Shabana and asks her to call her around 8 a.m. Aayath says she will call and cuts the call. Aaliya thinks she told like because of Zain. She is cutting vegetables and remembers the news about Zain with escort. Chandbibi comes and asks if she is thinking about Zain. Aaliya calls Zain’s friend. He asks her sorry for not meeting her yesterday night and informs about him giving flat keys to Zain and her. He asks if her night was comfortable. Aaliya says it was comfortable. He asks address of the flat to order food. Zain’s friends gives address and keeps the call.

Precap: Zain calls Rocky and gets worried that his phone is switched off. Rocky calls him then and says he will upload Aayath’s pics.

Update Credit to: MA

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