Beintehaa 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Beintehaa 13th February 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 13th February 2014 Written Update

Zain holds Aaliya and asks why did she mess his room. Aaliya says ammi and abbu wanted to video chat, so I changed. Zain says just for a video chat you decorated the room and didn’t bother to remove it, not even marriage pic. He asks what does she want to prove. Aaliya says it is also her room. Zain warns her not to come near his room. Zain’s friend comes and greet Aaliya as bhabhi. He sees kabab and says they are awsome. He thanks her and introduces himself. He says he will serve it, Aaliya says she will serve and take the kababs to Zain’s room. She greets everyone. His friends introduces themselves. He serves kababs to them, everybody likes kababs and praise Aaliya. Match starts. Everybody starts watching it. Aaliya asks Zain to take kabab, but he does not and goes to watch game. Aaliya

goes and sits next to Fahad. Zain starts watching her instead of Aaliya.

Zain’s friends saw Zain and Aaliya and says one match is going on TV and one between AAliya and Zain. He asks Zain to stop signalling her. Aaliya says she is a fan of opposite club, so Zain was fighting with her throughout the day that his team will win. Friends ask if she knows about soccer. She says why can’t girls also be soccer fans. She says her cousins used to watch soccer in Bhopal and she used to serve kababs and drinks to them. She comments on the current soccer game. Everybody are amused with her knowledge and praises Aaliya. ZAin again starts watching Aaliya instead of match. Aaliya’s team starts making goals. Zain friends enjoy the match with kababs. Fahad gets Shaziya’s call and he speaks to her and keeps the call. Zain looks at the last kabab left, picks it and goes out to eat it. Aaliya comes and says it will taste good with chutney and serves him chutney. He says he does not need her kabab and gives it to her. Cable connection goes off. Zain asks if she played with the cable. Aaliya says all the bad thing happened in the world today was because of her, Zain says he does not know about the world, but whatever bad happening in his life is because of her. He says he wanted to watch match and she didn’t like it.

Aaliya says he ruined the happines she got by seeing her parents on video chat today. Zain’s friends come and asks him to do something about the cable. Aaliya says she will check. Rizwan says Zain to let bhabhi help. Zain asks him not to call her bhabhi. Rizwan says lets go and help bhabhi.

Aaliya goes to the terrace and tries to fix the cable. She asks Fahad to check. Zain says she is just acting and asks his friends to accompany him to a restaurant. Just then Fahad comes and says cable is back. ZAin’s friends get happy and thanks Aaliya. She says she used to get this problem in Bhopal and she used to fix it. Aaliya tries to get down via the ladder and falls, but Zain picks her. They stay in that position for some time. Beintehaa yun pyar kar song plays in the background. They both stare at each other in the same position. Zain’s friends clap and they gain their senses. Zain drops her down.

Zain’s friends go to watch soccer match. Aalya tries to go, Zain holds her hand and says not to think much about their clappings, if she would have fallen, dad would have scolded him, he does not like anybody with broken legs in his room. Aaliya says he has insane mind. He grabs her neck and they both stay in that position for some time. Beinttehaa song again plays in the background.

Zain says let his friends go, he will speak to her. Aaliya asks him to go and watch match with his friend and its technicalities to use it on her life and trouble her.

Zain’s friends watch the match. Zain looks at his marriage pic. Match draws. Everybody is happy. ZAin’s friends praise Aaliya and say she is a rockstar. Another friend says tomorrow is valentine’s day and Zain must have planned many surprises for you. He says he is planning a party tomorrow and asks Aaliya to come with Zain. Rizwan says let them enjoy and asks Zain to go ahead with his plans. Zain says he doesn’t have any plan. Rizwan says Zain won’t reveal his surprises. Aaliya says they have not planned antyhing yet. Zain’s friends says then to come to his party as his girlfrind is coming there and to meet her. His friends says it is good and asks Aaliya to come and counsel their girlfriends. Aaliya says not to underestimate anybody, everyone has his own weakness and strengths and not to backbite their girfriends. Zain’s friends agrees not to backbite hereon. Fahad asks if he is not invited. His friends says he can come with Nafisa. He agrees. Zain’s friends go. Zain locks the door and breaks all the decoration. He says howmany lies she will tell. She asks what lie. He says all this decoration is lie and what does she want to prove, he won’t fall prey. Zain throws their marriage pic. Aaliya catches it and gets angry for throwing it.

Precap: Zain holds Aaliya’s hand and says it is valentine day party, she is not his valentine and can’t become and to remember it.

Update Credit to: MA

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