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Aaliya is surprised to see Zain/Rocket’s sketch and asks when he cannot even hold pencil properly, how can he draw so well. He says he learnt it when she was away from her. He shows her movie tickets and says they will go for a movie tomorrow. She thinks when he does not like theaters, how come he brought tickets.

Shazia thinks she should take revenge from Nafisa. She sees Fahad preparing milk for Nafia, calls him from unknown number. He goes to pick call and she add medicine in milk.

Aaliya gets milk for Zain/Rocket and he gulps it in one breath. She reminisces Zain does not like milk and asks when he does not like milk, why is he drinking it in 1 gulp. He realizes Zain is completely opposite to him, but only thing common between them is Aaliya. He says he did not like

earlier, but likes now. He tries to get romantic with her, but she stops him and says she is fasting for his good health and asks him to take tablet and sleep well. He gets annoyed that his plan failed but takes tablet.

Shazia gets happy seeing Fahad talking milk towards Nafisa’s room but gets irked when servant clashes with him and drops milk on floor. She starts scolding him. Fahad asks why is she angry for such a silly reason. She says she can be angry at any time and he should not be bothered about it.

Aaliya looks at Zain sleeping and thinks why she is not feeling Zain’s closeness when he is with her. In the morning, they both leave for a movie in their car. He says they are going for a movie after a long time. She says they are going for the first time and says she forgot ticket home. She then calls Surayya and asks her to get ticket to the movie hall. She sees windmill kinda paper toy and runs out of car to get it. Rocket thinks Aaliya is so unromantic to love windmill and kids, he will have to change her. Mrs. Fernandez and Zain come there in an auto. Fernandez asks driver why did he drop here instead of hospital. He says he cannot go beyond this point. She says she will find out hospital and clears auto fair. Zain senses Aaliya’s presence there and subconsciously starts walking towards her. Isqh hai……song plays in the background.

Mrs. Fernandez sees Rocket and asks why did he come from there when she asked him to stay at one place. Rocket identifies his mom, but says he is Zain Abdullah and not her son. She says her son looks exactly like her. Rocket realizes that Zain has come back to Mumbai with mom and will separate him from Aaliya. He runs towards Aaliya and drags her into car and leaves.

Shazia is annoyed on Fahad and thinks he is always behind Nafisa. Bilal comes and says he is with her. She holds his hand and says she needs his help. He gets excited feeling her touch and says he can give his life for her. She says he has to take someone’s life and tells her plan. He is shocked but excitedly hears as she is holding his hand.

Surayya reaches Aaliya’s told venue and sees Zain there. She asks what is he doing here and if he will go to movie in this condition. He hugs her subconsciously. Mrs. Fernandez comes and asks Rocket/Zain what is he doing here and says Surayya that he is her son Rocket and apologizes her that he hugged her. Surayya is shocked to see Zain’s duplicate.

Aaliya sees Zain taking her back home and asks why are they going home. He says he got some important work and asks if she wants to watch movie. She says even she wants to go home. He thinks Zarina and Bilal must have done something that Zain is with his mom now, he will teach them a lesson today. He sees driver taking a wrong route and scolds him. Aaliya reminisces Zain being gentle to servants and thinks how can he change so suddenly.

Precap: Surayya asks Aaliya why is she looking tensed. She says she is seeing a lot of changes in Zain. Surayya says she saw Zain’s duplicate today. Aaliya is shocked to hear that. Zarina says we both will solve this mystery.

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