Beintehaa 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 12th March 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 12th March 2014 Written Update

Chakkiwala is talking to Surayya. Zain comes and asks why is he here. Chakkiwala says he was walking from there and just came to wish them. Zain asks Surayya why is Chakkiwala here. She says nothing important. She asks where was he. He says he was in kartar’s home. Nafisa asks Shaziya to pack her bags. Gowhar sees Aaliya standing on the door and signals Shaziya. Nafisa also sees Aaliya. Aaliy comes in to the room. Aaliya says one wife to save her father, didn’t mind getting her husband into trouble. Another wife to get her sautan out, informed police. She asks how can they be so cunning and greedy. Fahad loves them so much, but he knows he is alone even after having 2 wives. She asks both who won, she thinks both failed and goes. Nafisa also goes from there.

Surayya asks if she saw Fahad.

She says even she didn’t see. She sees Zain standing there and remembers the news about him going with escort. She asks if her important work got over. Zain remembers his promise to Aayath and says it is none of her business, it is his work and not to be too sarcastic. Aaliya stops him, she says he is tired and does not have time for her. They see Zain in their room very tensed. Zain says Fahad that mom is searching him. Aaliya says now they got papers and everything is fine now. Fahad says there is news about betting scandal in all channels. If dad gets to know about it, what will he do. Even Chakkiwala can’t save him now. Zain says chakkiwala works for Raghu bhai and played double game with him. Fahad says why did Chakkiwala betray him, what will happen now. Zain says not to worry, they have got back Barkath Royale’s paper from there. Aaliya asks what he wants to do now. He asks what she would have done if she was in his place. Aaliya brings holi Quran and asks to find his answer in it. Fahad reads a verse stating truth is a mirror, you cannot hide from it. Fahad says he got his answer and will go on the path of truth.

Aaliya says he is going to say truth and a human being should always say truth. Zain goes. She says if he is hiding from himself or her, who was the escort, what did he do that he is not seeing into his eyes. Surayya sees Fahad and asks where was he, she wants to talk to him. She says Chakkiwala had come and informed me everything and says he would have informed her, she would have handled the case easily. Usman comes and asks what they are talking about, if there is any problem. Other family members also come there. Surayya asks everybody to go and sleep and asks Usman to come with her. Fahad stops Usman and Surayya. He says Surayya that he didn’t inform her before, it was good that he didnt inform as he got courage to face truth now. Usman asks what happened. Fahad informs him about the sin he did, he is also involved in betting scandal. He also made betting and lost 2 crores. He didn’t have money, so he took debit from Raghuveer Sahai. He didn’t realise when he lost 2 crores and as a collateral he gave Barkath Royale’s papers. He says Raghu’s goons came in office to get 2 crores and Aaliya was there and helped her by pledging her jewellery.

Fahad further informs after taking 2 crores, Raghu didn’t give back the papers. Aaliya and Zain disguised and went to the party and got the papers back. Usman asks if he is inform it as he would know it in 2-4 days. Fahad says he is doing it as Aaliya showed him the right path of truth, he is really sorry for his sins and Usman can punish him as he likes. Usman says repenting for the sin is a big reason to forgive. He is seeing a ray of hope in him now. They will find a way keep law in mind.

Usman says if Fahad was wrong, why did he save her instead of correcting his fault. What would have happened if Aaliya was not there. Surayya says Aaliya is daughter-in-law of this house, she is so irresponsible that she did not think important to inform elders. Usman says she should thank Aaliya. Shaziya and Nafisa thank Aaliya for helping Fahad, but think in their mind they will show her right plaace and send back to Bhopal. Surayya thinks now she has to learn from Aaliya, never, she will teach her lesson.

Precap: Aaliya asks Zain where was he, he says he went with some important work. She sees a lipstick mark on his T-shirt and asks how did he get it.

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