Beintehaa 12th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Beintehaa 12th February 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 12th February 2014 Written Update

Zain speaks to Rizwan on phone. Rizwan says today is soccer match on TV and asks him to come to his house. Zain says they used to watch matches in his room, then why change of venue now. Rizwan says match will start around 12 midnight and will end at 1:30 a.m. and Aaliya bhabi will be in his room. Zain asks him not to call her bhabi and asks him to come to his room, whowever has problem will go out of the room. Aaliya listens to his conversation.

Fahad is exercising. He gets a call and picks his phone. Shaziya comes with weighing machine and asks him to check his weight. He checks it and it is 400 gram more than usual. She says Nafisa should have mixed something in icecream and fed you. She drags him to the treadmill and asks him to walk on it. She says she will send warm water with

lemon it, and it will help him lose weight faster. She goes. Fahad starts walking, but gets a call. He picks the call and says not to call him when he is at home. Shaziya will catch them. Shaziya comes back and asks him to run on treadmill.

Aaliya sees her parent’s pics and hugs it happily. Chandbibi comes with a parcel and says it came from Bhopal. Aaliya gets happy and opens it. She sees sweets and savouries in it and gets happy as it his favourite dish. She opens garam masala box and gives it to Chandbibi. She opens an envelope and sees her wedding pics. Chandbibi takes them and says let me see how bride and groom are looking. She says both are looking cute, you both are made for each other. She says your mom is same as I saw many years ago. Pics are beautiful. She asks Aaliya to call Bhopal and inform them you got the parcel. She calls. Ghulam and Aayath won’t pick it and says they are busy. Shabana picks the call and is happy to hear Aaliya’s voice. Ghulam and Aayath come listening Aaaliya’s name. Aaliya says she got the parcel and dishes are good. She says chandbibi told you are as beautiful as many years ago. Shabana smiles and she remembers her a lot. Usman snatches the phone and speak to Aaliya. Aaliya asks how is he. He says he speaks about her and gets happy. Aayath and Shabana snatch the phone and speak to her. They are all happy talking to Aaliya. Aayath asks her to come on video chat and show her room and house. Aaliya promises to come on video chat in the evening. Aaliya is tensed now and says ammi and abbu are thinking I am happy with Zain, but it is the opposite. Hope they doe not come to know about it.

Zain is driving to his home with his friends. They says after marriage, situation changes. Zain asks them to come and check, nothing has changed. Zain Abdullah lives his life as he wishes.

Aaliya decorates her room happily and spreads bedsheets on her bed. Zain is enjoying beer with his friends. Aaliya decorates her room well.

Aayath is trying to connect Aaliya on video chat. Ghulam asks howmuch time will it take. Aayath says net is troubling and even yesterday it was not connecting. Shabana says you were on net yday night for many hours. Aayath says she was preparing college project. Net gets connected then.

Zain’s friends asks him he was afraid of marriage, then why he married suddenly. Aaliya speaks to her family on video chats and cries happily. Ghulam asks her to wipe her tears. Aaliya asks him instead to wipe his tears. Ghulam asks how is she. She says she is fine. She remembers everyone there. Aayath asks to show her room. She shows it. Aayatth sees it and gets happy. Aaliya asks how is it. Aayath says it looks like your Bhopal room has become bigger and lavish now. Ghulam says it has become bigger, but her soul is still of Bhopal. Aaliya says her soul be will be of Bhopal and she won’t forget their upbringings. Shabana says Zain must be liking your decorations. Aayath asks about Zain. AAliya says Zain has gone out. Aaliya asks Ghulam if he getting checkups regularly. Ghulam says he is fine and after seeing her now, he is perfect now. Shabana asks how is everything there and is she mingling with everyone. Aaliya says everything is well and says she has to go now to serve tea to Usman. Ghulam says ok and says he is happy now and convey his prayers to Zain. He asks to take care of herself and Zain. They say Khudahafiz and cut the call. Aaliya thinks for her parent’s happiness, she can say 1000 lies and prays for her parents. Chandbibi comes and sees the room. She gets happy to see the room decorated. She then says Zain is coming with his friends now and asks her what to prepare. Aaliya asks how are Zain’s friends coming at this time. Chandbibi saks they always come at this time. Aaliya says I will help you in preparing food and they both go to kitchen.

Surayya is scolding cook for adding more salt and taking more time to prepare food and fires him. She asks him to throw the food. Cook tries to throw the food, but Aaliya stops him. She says if salt is more in food, dough should be added, it will suck the salt. It is Bhopali tip. She puts dough balls in food and tastes it. Surayya then tries it and says it is fine now, but presentation is also important. Dough has changed food’s color and asks the cook to throw it. She asks Aaliya what is she doing in kitchen. She says mom sent kabab masala and I wanted to prepare kabab. She calls chandbibi and asks her to explain Aaliya that without kitchen ritual, Aaliya can’t prepare food. She then says she uses only organic masalas. Aaliya asks her to try her masala. If she wants, she wil finish kitchen ritual now. She says she will prepare kabab with her recipe. She says she read her recipe book. Aaliya asks her if she can prepare sweets. Surayya asks her to prepare kabab using her recipe and gives 20 minutes. Aaliya says she will prepare them in 15 min.

Aaliya asks Surayya not to fire the cook as her gift. Surayya says prepare kabab in 15 min and get your gift and I will prepare gravy in between. Aaliya gets busy preparing kababs as Surayya prepares curry. Zain comes home with his friends. He messages Aaliya and asks her not to enter the room until his friends are there.

Zain enters his house. His friend says bhabi is cool, she is allowing us to watch match in midnight. Zain says he is cool, he does not change hsi lifestyle and priorities. Chandbibi comes and says Aaliya is in kitchen with Surayya. Zain says then there must be fireworks going on in kitchen. Chandbibi says she is worried because of that. Zain says not to worry. She goes to kitchen to check. Zain says it is his lucky day. Fahad comes wearing football clothes with football and throws it on Zain. He is supporting opposite team. He starts singing and praising the opposite team. Zain’s friend says he won’t watch match with Fahad. Fahad says he wants to watch match with them and calls Rizwan BIL, brother-in-law. Rizwan says he is Nafisa’s brother, but not his BIL. Fahad’s daughter comes and asks him to help her sleep. Fahad takes her to her room and says Zain that he will be back in 10 minutes. Zain’s friends tease that Fahad has changed after his marriage. Rizwan gets angry. He then says he is talking in general, men change after marriage. Zain says there are exceptions and to watch himself. He asks them to come to his room.

Chandbibi comes and praises Aaliya for preparing wonderful kababs. She asks her to meet Zain’s friends. Aaliya says Surayya that she prepared kabab in 15 min and asks if cook’s job is saved. Surayya nods, cook comes and thanks Aaliya..
Zain is praising himself and comes to his room with his friends. Everybody is schocked seeing the room decorated and different than before. Zain’s friends tease him and laugh. They says it seems even your clothes are selected by Aaliya. Zain gets angry. Rizwan says just to tease Zain, Aaliya changed the decorations in the afternoon. Zain goes and asks Aaliya what is it. He if she is thinking she is smart. She says she is smart. Zain holds her shoulders and says she is trying to show that she is controling him. He says how dare to change my room’s decoration. She says ammi and abbu wanted to check my room, so I changed. He asks just for a chat, you changed the room and didn’t bother to correct it, what do you want to prove. Aaliya says it is her room also. Zain shouts and says enough.

Precap: Zain throws all his room’s decoration and even their marriage pics. He divides their room into 2 and asks her not to enter in his portion.

Update Credit to: MA

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