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Aaliya on the breakfast table says Surayya that Zain is forgetting things now a days. Surayya asks what did he do now. She shows papers and says he forgot these signed papers at room. Surayya asks what are these papers about. She says she transferred her 51% share in Zain’s name so that he can work at office without her signatures. Rocket thinks if he gives these papers to Zarina, he will have to part ways with Aaliya. He tears papers and says he does not want 51% share. Fahad says let us go to office. Rocket thinks he wants to stay with Aaliya instead of going to office and starts acting as getting headache. Surayya asks him to go and rest. Aaliya tries to walk behind him. Surayya stops her and asks her not to feel bad that Zain tore paper, he cares about you and you care about him,

Usman did right by uniting you both.

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Doctor checks unconscious Zain at Rocket’s house and he wakes up, but without memory.

Rocket happily walks towards Aaliya’s room thinking he can be with her now. He stops seeing Zarina and asks why did he tear papers. He says what if Zain comes back and sees his property in her name instead of Aaliya. She says Zain will not come back now. He asks Surayya and other family members will doubt if Zain transfers papers so soon when there are other family members. She asks what plan he has then. He says he will try to praise Zarina in front of all the family members. He will then lure Aaliya by being with her and make her transfer papers directly in zarina’s name. Aaliya comes and asks what is he talking about with Zarina. He says Zarina wants to become daadi. Aaliya gets shy. Rocket takes her to room.

Zain has lost his memory and sits on bench thinking who he is. Rocket’s mother asks him to have some food and asks why is he not wearing spectacles. He asks if he was? She says yes and says he use to call chafma instead of chasma. Zain then sees children sowing a plant and gets a flashback about him and Aaliya sowing plan. He gets headache and starts shouting. Rocket’s mother comes running and asks him what happened. She calls doctor. Doctor checks him and asks what happened to him. He says he saw girl’s blurred face. Doc says Mrs. Fernandez that she should take Rocket/Zain to Mumbai to get a brain CT scan.

Bilal sees Shaziya alone and tries to converse with her. She says she is angry as nobody is bothered about her. He says he is bothered about her and is her friend now. She asks what is Zarina doing now a days. She takes Rocket’s name and stops. She asks what rocket. He says nothing important. She says she needs his help. Servant comes and and tells Shaziya that Surayya is calling her.

Shaziya sees Surayya in Nafisa’s room getting food charts fixed. She asks her to prepare Nafisa’s food according to the chart and to take care of her well along with Aaliya. Shaziya gets irked that she has to take care of both Nafisa and her unborn child.

Rocket eagerly waits for Aaliya to come. Saif comes and asks him to prepare a drawing for him. Rocket draws a nature scenery well. Saif says it is very good. Aaliya is surprised to see that and thinks Zain does not know to draw at all, how can it be. She reminisces Zain cannot even hold pencil properly and asks Rocket/Zain how can he draw such good thing when he can’t hold pencil. He says he learnt for her when he was away from her. Aaliya starts suspecting him.

Precap: Aaliya sees Zain on road and asks what is he doing here. He hugs her. Mrs. Fernandez comes and says he is her son Rocket and is ill. Surayya is suprised to see Zain’s duplicate.

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