Beintehaa 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Beintehaa 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 11th February 2014 Written Update

Zain and Usman are walking on a beach. Zain says he should not have done what he did and asks sorry for it. Usman says good you realized your mistake. Problem is you insulted sacred marriage and Aaliya and asks Zain to say sorry to Aaliya. Zain says he is not happy with this marriage. Usman says he sent him to boarding school for higher secondary, which Zain was not happy about, but when he finished his schooling and came home he was very happy. Zain says your decision was right. Usman says after that he made a mistake by sending Zain to London. Zain says London was his life’s beautiful period. Usman asks if he thinks his decision to send him London was right. Zain says yes, you take right decisions always for me. Usman says if that is the case, then why don’t you accept this decision

of marriage. Usman says Aaliya is a good girl, bought up very well by Ghulam and Shabana. He then requests Zain to give this relationship one more chance and to start afresh, he is sure Zain won’t be disappointed. Zain says lets see, we have given 1 month for each other, Aaliya herself will run away within 1 month. She cannot be best for me and I will prove it.

Zain and Usman reach home. Aaliya meets them. She says Usman that she knows he is very worried about me and asks him not to worry. She says she will not break his and her parent’s trust and won’t let their heads down anytime, it is her promise. Usman gets happy.

Shabana inquires about ticket price to someone on phone and asks to book it.

Aayath comes and says you didn’t allow me to speak to didi. Shabana asks her to bring atachi. Aayath asks where is she going. Shabana says just do what I say.

Usman and Chandbibi comes to Zain’s room. Usman says according to Bhopal’s custom, couple has to eat in a same plate after nikah. Husband eats same food and same quantity to develop love between them. Aaliya brings food. Usman asks them eat food. She eats kabab. Zain picks cucumber. Usman stops him and asks to eat kabab. He eats angrily same food which she eats. Aaliya eats chilli. Zain says he does not like chilli from childhood. Usman insists him to eat it and he eats it. Usman then asks Chandibi to serve tea of him and Surayya and goes. Zain tries to eat sweet, but Aaliya calls mamu and challenges Zain to eat chilli. Zain eats chillies forcefully, Aaliya smiles. He asks what kind of custom is this. Aaliya says she made it just now by lying to mamu. You made me cry a lot, today it is your turn. Now score is equal. Zain says next time I will teach you a lesson.

Zain goes. Aaliya could not withstand chilli’s hotness and starts drinking water. Zain gets Shabana’s call. She asks him if he wants to give Aaliya divorce. She says Ghulam is not reach, but can keep his daughters well. If that is the case, she will come to mumbai tomorrow and take back Aaliya. She asks his decision again. Zain says Aaliya has ruined my life, I like to live my life my way and does not like anybody to interfere. Nobody stopped him, but she is trying to rule on me. Earlier he was free, now he is bounded. Shabana asks is this his reason to divorce Aaliya. Zain says not to worry, he will not leave her daughter so easily. He married her and let her know what Zain Abdullah is. Shabana asks if he will not leave her, what Surayya told is wrong. Zain says mom has some misunderstanding and asks her not to worry. He asks to convey Salaam to Usman and keeps the call. Shabana is relieved now and is happy. Zain goes to Surayya’s room. He asks him why did she tell about divorce to Shabana phups. Surayya says she told you at last. She would have tried her emotional drama. She trapped Usman and now she is trapping you. I will not let this happen. Zain says it is his problem and let him handle it. Maid comes and says Usman wants to meet Zain. Zain goes.

Zain goes to his room. He throws chocolate on Aaliya and says to eat it to sweeten her tongue. Aaliya throws choc back. Zain throws tissue paper and says to keep it to wipe her tears. Aaliya throws it back and says it is his time to wipe tears.

Zain throws saree and says dad sent it for her. Aaliya says you are tricking me now as I did it in the morning. Aaliya says mamu would not gift such a bad saree. Zain says dad gave it and asked to get ready in 10 min and come down. Aaliya throws the saree out. Usman comes and catches it. Usman asks if she didn’t like the saree. Aaliya says it is good. Zain says Aaaliya told it is bad. Aaliya says it is good and will wear it. Usman goes. Zain starts laughing. He says he thinks 10 steps ahead of her. She says whoever thinks high will fall down. Zain picks the saree and says he will tell dad that you don’t like it. Aaliya asks to leave the saree. They start a verbal spa, grab the saree and fall on the bad. Zain falls over Aaliya. She is shy. Beintehaa yoon pyar kar song plays in the background. They lie in the same position for some time.

Precap: Zain and his friends come to watch football match in his room. His friends ask if Aaliya won’t object. Zain says it is his room and his life, nobody has right on it. He sees Aaliya already sitting in the room…

Update Credit to: MA

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