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Beintehaa 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rocket walks hand in hand with Aaliya and winks Zarina. Zarina smiles thinking that her plan is working. Bilal is with Zain’s kidnappers and thinks Zarina sent him with goons instead of letting him enjoy with Shaziya.

Aaliya gets vomiting. Surayya sees that and asks Rocket to take her home. Goons beat Zain to pulp with blood all over his face and head. Bilal asks them to kill Zain. Aaliya tells Rocket/Zain that she is feeling something bad will happen. He says nothing to worry, everything will be alright and takes her towards room.

Rocket checks Aaliya’s property transfer papers and feels relaxed. He then sees Aaliya coming out of bathroom and drying her hair with towel and starts starting at her. Aaliya asks why is he staring her like he is looking her for the

first time. He says he feels like looking at her repeatedly. Zain calls Aaliya’s name before falling down on ground. Aaliya says Rocket that she is feeling weird. Rocket checks Zain and thinks he is dead now. Rocket asks Aaliya why is she tensed when he is with her. Shes says she is feeling something is happening and hopes everything is alright.

Bial asks goons to throw Zain’s but, but stops hearing forest officer’s car siren and asks goons to hide Zain’s body and they hide him under leaves. Officer comes and asks what are they doing. Bilal says they lost way. He shows them direction and leaves back in his jeep. Bilal comes back to check Zain and does not find him. He asks what is after this point. Goon says it is cliff. He says let us go home and come back tomorrow and asks not to inform Zarina. Just then, he gets Zarina’s call who asks him not to kill Zain and to keep him safe. Bilal gets tensed. Surayya sees Zarina talking on phone and asks if she is talking to Bilal. Zarina says yes and says he has gone out with friends.

Rocket says Aaliya that when he is with her, everything is alright. He tries to touch her with lust and French kiss her. Just then, power goes off. Aaliya comes out to check and asks servant about it. Zarina also comes there. Servant says electrician is checking and it will come soon. Power comes back. Zarina asks Aaliya to go back to her room with Zain. Just then, Saif comes and says he is afraid after power failure. Aaliya says he can sleep with her and takes him. Zarina asks Rocket if he got Aaliya’s sign on paper. He says he will soon. She asks him to get it done by tomorrow. He thinks if he signs paper, he will have to part ways with Aaliya, which he does not like.

Saif sleeps in between Aaliya and Rocket. Rocket tries to push him out, but Aaliya asks Rocket/Zain to sleep now. Rocket then even after getting so closer to Aaliya, he cannot play hanky panky with her. Aaliya thinks something bad is happening.

A boy sees Zain unconscious on beach and informs about it to others. A man sees him says he is Rocket, Mrs. Fernadez’s son who eloped 3 years ago.

On breakfast table, Surayya asks Fahad about Zain and Aaliya. They both come just then. Aaliya sits on usual chair, but Rocket tries to sit on Usman’s chair. Fahad and Aaliya are surprised to see that. Aaliya asks if he has forgotten that it is Usman’s chair and he himself told that only Surayya can sit on that chair. Surayya says it is ok as either Zain or Fahad will be occupying this chair later. Rocket says Surayya she should sit on it and goes to sit next to Zarina. Zarina signals him to sit next to Aaliya. Rocket’s mother comes running to get Zain home thinking him as Rocket. Aaliya says Surayya that Zain is forgetting thinks, he had forgotten her signed property papers.

Precap: Rocket tears Aaliya’s signed property papers and says he cannot go against Usman’s wishes. Zarina gets irked seeing this.

Update Credit to: MA

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