Beintehaa 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 10th March 2014 Written Update

Zain and Aaliya get tensed seeing Surayya and Usman in front of them. Usman greets Zain and introduces himself, but Zain does not say anything and gives his card. Usman reads it and says even he is into hotel business. Raghu bhai asks Chakkawala to take Zain/Aaliya and introduce them to other guests. Chakkiwala says he will come back and tries to go. Zain stops him and asks it hotel is his or Raghu bhai’s. He says it is his hotel and goes from there. Aaliya thanks god that Usman and Surayya didn’t identify them and prays nobody identifies them. She says they must take the papers and go from there. Aayath is seen standing behind them.

Rocky’s friend asks him who is this new girl. Rocky says she is a new girl and it is her first day of escort service. He brought him from flight and will

keep him for 10-15 days, she should also know about the game and how it would be so that she should come back. Aayath hears his words and gets angry on him. She tries to leave but Rocky tries to stop him, he drags her and goes to the corner. She pleads she wants to go from there. Rocky says what did she think, if she goes to party she will get 50000 rs.

Rocky says to get 50000 rs, she should meet everybody and they will touch her and speak to her for that. Chakkiwala tries to hide from Usman, but Usman comes in front of him. He asks he must be having deep relationship with Raghu bhai, so he is here. Chakkiwala says he got a catering order, so he came here. Usman says business is okay, but he should keep in mind whom he is meeting. Rocky asks Aayath to stop crying and be professional. He asks her to go to restroom and wash her face. Aayath sees Surayya and gets tensed. Surayya identifies her, but her friend comes and takes her to meet other friends. She thinks she saw Aayath, but why will se come to Mumbai.

Zain and Aaliya see key in Raghu’s neck and says a fraud like Raghu will keep keys like that. Usman comes and sits next to Zain waiting for Usman. Zain sees him sitting next to him and gets tensed. Usman says he thinks his face resembles someone he knows. Zain says nobody can have face like him. Usman says he has friends in dubai and other country and asks if he can do business with his hotels. He asks about his hotel’s names. Usman thinks dad knows about every hotel and he can’t lie to him.

Zain calls him dad. Usman listens that and says he heard him calling dad. Zain says he must be thinking about his son. Usman gets surayya’s call and turns. Zain runs from there. Aaaliya dances on Assalame-ishhkum yaara song. Usman asks Surayya to leave from there. Raghu sees Aaliya’s dance, falls for her, and starts dancing with her. Zain also comes and starts dancing with them. Aaliya takes key from his neck and gives it to Zain. Raghu does find key in his neck and tries to go, but Aaliya stops him and starts dancing again. Zain searches Raghu’s room and hides seeing security guard. A man is seen misbehaving with Aayath and she is pleading to leave him. That man says he know she is new in this line and he will teach her everything. Aaliya tries to escape from him and strikes Zain while running. Zain does not see her face though. He sees Raghu’s room and goes inside searching for the locker.

Zain finds locker behind Raghu’s photo. He opens the locker, search Barkath Royale’s papers and finds it. He says Fahad bhai’s problem is solved now and Barkath Royale will be always his dad’s. He goes from the room taking papers. Raghu is dancing with Aaliya. Police come and raid the premises. They catch everyone. Raghu asks with whose permission, they entered here. Inspector says it is court’s orders and shows papers. Chakkiwala reads it and says inspector is right. Police catch Aayath. Zain andn Aaliya search for each other. They see each other and ask each other where were they. Zain shows file to Aaliya. Aaliya gets happy that her guess was right. They try to leave from there, but Zain sees police dragging Aayath. He asks Aaliya to go from there and he will come. He thinks why is Aayath in mumbai.


Update Credit to: MA

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  1. good episode glad ayyat realized truth super glad zain no’s truth so now zain shud tell shabana n aliya wat ayyat does behind bck. zaya’s dance on assalme ishkum yaara was best part

  2. i just want to say the 3 magical words
    loved the epi….

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