Being his by Rena

Anika pov

Idiot!! I mutterd under my breath crossing the road
Some people doesn’t know how to drive
I reached over the coffee shop
Anikaa I heard someone calling my name I turned to find Eva my best friend
What’s up Riya asked me nothing much I replied
Ready for your interview Riya asked and I nodded
Hope I get this job
“Oh sure u will because you are my awesome gorgeous best friend”
Replied Riya
AHH that’s my Riya my best friend knows to encourage me and the one who helped me to overcome my nightmare if she wouldn’t have been there..
Anika Riya called intrepting my taughts
I have to go see u soon all the best she hugged me and left as it is the for her job
I took my files and headed out the coffee shop
Now I have to wait for a cab
It’s already 9:35 am
I Have to reach there at 10am
I groaned internally I hate my  life
Shivaay pov
Do whatever u want but I want that deal with that I ended the call
Damn the traffic!!!
With that I banged on  the seat and looked out of the window through my car
My eyes immediately got strucked on her
She is an angel
Her eyes look so beautiful
Her rosy  lips
The way she tugs her hair behind her ear
Her smile was a sight to see
What is happening to me I taught
I feel butterflies in my stomach
She is so innocent
I need her
Love at first sight???
But I don’t believe in love
I am the devil
The arrogant businessman
How can I be in love …
Is this love???
Yes it is !! I am in love with her
Love at first sight
I looked where she standee but she is not there
Where did she go
How will I find her
I was thinking deeply
That’s when my driver intrepted me
Sir we reached the office
I nodded and enters my building
Straight to my cabin

Sir it’s time for interview  said one of the employe I nodded 

After some time

Ahhhh  I banged on the table it’s the 15 time and I still haven’t hired anyone
I can’t think properly my mind is occupied with her
Where is she
What will be she doing now
All these questions are running in my  mind
I hear some one knock on the door
May I come in sir I heard a sweet voice 
I looked up to find omg!!
I gasped …there she is 
My angel
my girl standing there
Oh I don’t want her standing I asked her to sit down
She just nodded her head
Awww she is so cute when she I nervous
Sir she called me
Ohh she doesn’t have to call me that
I asked her CV and just looked it fastly I don’t care what it is
Her name is Anika
Such a sweet and beautiful name
Anika shivaay Singh oberoi it sound do perfect
She is hired
You are hired I said
She looked at me shocked then she smiled
Thank you sir
What is my job
She asked
Well u  don’t have to do anything
I wisperd
What she asked me
Oh nothing as u  are my PA
Just fix my meetings appointment and all your job starts from tomorrow morning
She nodded and stood up
Thank you sir
Call me shivaay I said
But sir that’s so unprofessional
You are my boss how can I
I started walking closer towards her
Each step I took forward she took each step backward
I pushed her towards me
What are you she sutterd
Call me shivaay
I said as I placed my hands on her waist
Shivaay she shouted angrily
Ohh how melodious to her her say my name
She pushed me suddenly
What happened baby ?? I asked with concern
  Anika pov
What happened ??
What did he think
How dare he come closer to me
Did he think that I am a sl*t
Sir this is not the way to behave between a boss and an employee
If this is what u want to  do
Then sorry I resign
I am not a sl*t
He cut me off
Ohh god don’t say all that Anika
U are just misunderstanding
Sorry  u can leave and come tomorrow
Office at sharp 9 am if u want the job he said before looking at his laptop
I nodded and
I desperately wanted the job
I came out from his cabin and sighed
Tomorrow is going to be a long day

Shivaay pov
Ohh god how can she say all that
She is not at all a sl*t
I can’t blame anyway I am proud that my Anika doesn’t allow anyone to come closer
But I am going to make her mine
She is mine to cherish
Just mine
Shivaay Singh oberoi’s girl


Well how was it guys it’s my
Story and it is not related to serial plot anyone can read ittt
I have updated some parts in wattpad thought that I will update it here also if you then plz leave your comments

Shivaay Singh oberoi as nakul mehta
Anika malhotra as Surbhi chandna

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