Hello doodles, I am back to post another story named as BEHIND THE BARS. This story revolves around Saumya and her life after she gets arrested on the day of her marriage. Do read the story and share your opinions. A HUMBLE REQUEST TO BHAVYA LOVERS, PLEASE STAY AWAY DEARIES OR ELSE YOU MAY END UP FEELING BAD.



“Mrs. Bhavya Singh Oberoi, you are no more a part of our police force… you have ashamed us by constantly helping a criminal for your personal issues, I am sorry to say but the department terminates you from your post” commissioner  Khan said and ordered other lady police officials to take back the stars and the badge from the respect ex-ACP.

ACP looked at me, and then at Rudra. A fire of revenge was visible in her eyes but she could do nothing. ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa too is terminated. Fake Svetlana aka Riya is awarded with life time imprisonment for murdering so many and for her another deeds. Bhavya and Ranveer too received the order of their imprisonment. Maybe not for life time but for a good length of five years, I hope they get to realise their mistakes and then return back to this world being a nice human being.

For the first time ever I am feeling bad for Bhavya, she did everything to take her friend’s revenge but in all these she knowingly or unknowingly committed crimes that destroyed her life. Hope to see her again when she becomes a good person.

I am happy for Saumya, she got released, she got her Svetlana di back. I talked to Svetlana di yesterday and believe me she is a gem of a person.

Few minutes ago when the game turned to our side and the judge declared his judgement, the world of the Kapoor’s came back to life it seemed. The judge’s judgement was “after analysing every documents and proofs I cam to a conclusion that, the fake Svetlana aka Riya provoked Miss. Saumya Kapoor against Oberois and thus Miss. Saumya Kapoor tried to defame Oberois, she got the punishment for her this act. About burning the marriage hall… it was completely done by fake Svetlana aka Riya, she had the remote and it was her second plan about which Miss. Saumya didn’t knew until fake Svetlana aka Riya disclosed it. For committing all the crimes and for murdering so many people I announce the life time imprisonment of Riya. ACP Mr. Ranveer and Mrs. Bhavya is ordered for five long years of imprisonment along with termination from their job and post. THE COURT IS ADJOURNED”

Most importantly Shivay Singh Oberoi seemed so happy after listening this judgement. He himself came forward to Saumya and folded his hands and bent his head down. He said sorry.

“It’s okay Mr. Oberoi” Saumya replied with a faint smile at the corner of her lips and came towards me. She didn’t allow her emotions to come on her face and prove her weak and vulnerable once again.

“Thank You Lilly, without you nothing could have been possible but still you didn’t answer the question I asked you” Saumya said looking at me.

“Which question?” I asked as I had forgotten what exactly she had asked me.

“From where did you get to know that I am being arrested and why did you help me, as far as I know, I am a stranger to you” Saumya said.

I smiled and cupped her face just as a best friend does and answered her question “you are love angel who saved my life and my love’s life too… your advice regarding love and our almost everyday conversations over phone made me to believe in life again, you took me out from depression… and I got to know about you being arrested from news, after that I contacted Daadi, Mrs. Kalyani Singh Oberoi and narrated the story of how you have helped thousands of people who had lost their faith and belief on life and love through your radio show. I got to know that you are the same love angel on the day you called me for the last time before you went to Australia. I have asked you that why did you stop your radio show abruptly and that time you said that Saumya Tendulkar is dead, and this Saumya Kapoor won’t look back ever. And you have cut the call. Maybe that time you were afraid that I would get to know about your identity so you stopped speaking to me. Then I searched about your identity from the radio station you worked for and I got to know about you.”

“Lilly, I have don’t know I should thank you or not because I have no words left to say… will you stay as my best friend forver?” she asked so sweetly as if she is badly in need of a friend with whom she gets to share her pains and happiness and everything else.

“I am Saumya” we hugged each other and came out of the court where we noticed Commissioner Khan is terminating Bhavya from job. Rudra came towards us.

“I have a question Rudra” I said looking at Rudra.

“Yes go ahead my friend” Rudra said in a very happy voice.

“You said that day that you loved Saumya, then why did you marry Bhavya and planned against Saumya along with your family?” I asked.

“Hmmm… so the basic answer is I am egoistic, arrogant and a bit like my Shivay bhaiya who can do anything and everything for his family” Rudra answered.

“I didn’t get you” I said.

“I was a believer of the fact that fat girls are ugly, so I failed to see my love for Saumya everytime she came close to me then came Bhavya in my life and I got attracted towards her for her figure, I thought this attraction to be love and started to run behind her, we both got married. I thought that it was a love marriage but my faith on the relation started to vanish as we never tuned well after our marriage. The unnecessary fights became the partner of our relation and maybe then I realised that the love never existed between us. Then came you to help SUMO. There was an unknown happiness in my heart I don’t know for what but maybe my heart knew that everything is going to be right very soon. I started to follow you and got to know that you are Sumo’s lawyer. I visited Saumya then and tried to speak to her but she refused. Then I noticed that my Saumya isn’t chubby and bubbly anymore, her innerself has died. I secretly made a plan to follow Bhavya the day I got to know that she got posted in the police station where Saumya is kept. I realised Bhavya’s actual face and understood my mistake. Then I understood the relation that existed between me and SUMO” Rudra completed.

“I don’t love you Rudra” said Saumya’s from the other side who was listening to Rudra’s story too.

“I know, I would wait for you Saumya until I take my last breath” he said.

Saumya didn’t utter any other word and proceeded towards the police van that was too take her back to her jail to complete last formalities and then she would be free. She would come back to normal word.  The police officers were also going in the direction of the van when… **BOOM**

The van caught fire and thick smoke covered the distance around the van.

“Saumyaa…..” Rudra cried aloud.

My eyes fell on Riya and then on Bhavya, they were smiling looking at each other. That means did they… yes they has fit the bomb in the van and then it had burst when Saumya went close to it. A man was running away from there, but the police caught him. That means… they paid a man to do this.

“SAUMYA IS DEAD…” I thought as my knees trembled and my vision blurred. Tears cascaded down my eyes.


Rudra got broken, he was traumatised. His words that said that he will wait for her until he breathes last still rings in my ears. The last pages were so dark and painful of this case that I never understood. Love got back after they lose it. Treasured love it was after that. Everything got connected but the family was never formed. Not even now.


Here is the second last part doodles, do share your opinions down and please hit the star button. Thanks a lot for the support in the last eight chapters. 

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  1. Jasminerahul

    shocking that ranveer n bhavya too got arrested.surprising that its fakelana who turned soumya against the oberois n everything was done by her.glad that soumya got released.loved rudra helping soumya realizing that bhavya is not the right person for him..knowing her true colours…rudra lives soumya but soumya saying that she doesn’t love him was sad.but rudra willing to wait till the end was touchy.shocking that her van got destroyed.did soumya really die? sad

    1. Nilash

      To know that Saumya died or not please do check the next episode. A surprise awaits there 🙂
      Thank You so much Jasmine for supporting and loving the story 🙂

  2. Jasminerahul

    i liked the fact that soumya as love Angel had helped Lily indirectly. who did riya’s accident?

    1. Nilash

      Someone else did her accident but she thought Priyanka did it.

      1. Jasminerahul

        yes I know.but who did the accident?

    2. Nilash

      That’s a secret for now, maybe it will get revealed in it’s sequel 😉

  3. ItsmePrabha

    Darling eee kaa kardiya tune..??? i am totally stunned…..baaki sab bheje se ud gayi yaar…ab agli wali ko jaldi post kar warna mein curiousness se pagal ho jaongi…Btw my fav parts in this epi are rudra’s dialogue and billuji’s apology…but you did shocked me with the end part..Post the next ASAP..warna katti…take care..Keep smiling..Pyaar tum Muaaahhhh bub…

    1. Nilash

      Kuch naahi kiya maine, jo bhi kiya Bhavya aur Riya ne kiya.
      Agla wala posted, ab jo urr gaya hai usko wapas laao… tu pagal already hai aur kitna hogi?? Hehehuhuhahaha
      Katti mat kar, le agla part is posted, padh lo 🙂
      Pyaar tum

    1. Nilash

      Yeah… a bit 🙂

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