Hello doodles, I am back to post another story named as BEHIND THE BARS. This story revolves around Saumya and her life after she gets arrested on the day of her marriage. Do read the story and share your opinions. A HUMBLE REQUEST TO BHAVYA LOVERS, PLEASE STAY AWAY DEARIES OR ELSE YOU MAY END UP FEELING BAD.


‘They say  our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we often might win, by fearing to attempt but who knew that my doubt will become my friend at the last pages of this case’ I am Lilly Raichaind, a lawyer… the story started two years back with my entry in her life and her entry in jail.



Lastly I got to know about Priyanka. I contacted her some days ago and she promised me to arrive at India as soon she can. She was shocked at first to know that I know about her and Mr. Ranveer Randhawa’s marriage as Oberoi’s never declared the marriage news of their beloved daughter/sister publicly. She sounded nervous at first but when I shared about Soumya’s case and Rudra-Bhavya’s marriage she was stunned to reply anything.

“I am trying to come back as soon as possible” she replied and cut the call.

I am right now at the airport to receive her, she warned me not to inform her family about her arrival at India. I asked her about the reason for suddenly vanishing like this but she said that she will let me know once she comes face to face. There she is, I got her photograph from Daadi and it really helped me to identify her at the airport.

“Hi, I am Lilly Raichand” I introduced myself as I went forward.

“Hi… well Ms. Raichand, please I request don’t tell my family about my arrival at India” she requested once again.

“No no… absolutely not, at first let’s go to my house and there we will discuss the rest” I said it to Priyanka and took the luggage from her and we marched towards my car.

I occupied the driver’s seat while she sat at the back. The journey was quite and it ended as soon I parked my car inside the garage. I took Priyanka inside and asked her to get freshened, that day passed and we were just talking casually. Next day I asked everything about her and her truth just left me speechless.

“Lilly, my family members know that I am at New York for my job but the truth is I am at Switzerland with one of my friend and I do a part time job along with my studies. Actually after I went to my so called in-laws place, Ranveer’s aunt tried to prove me as a mentally disabled woman, she did a lot’s of tries and at last proved it in front of Ranveer that I am mentally disabled. We then went to London for my treatment. Ranveer always blindly believed his aunt so he never cared to listen to my words. They admitted me to a mental asylum there and came back to India but not to Mumbai, Ranveer is right now posted to Pondicherry. I could never contact my family after I got admitted to the mental asylum. The friend with whom I am staying right now was a doctor staff at the same hospital I was admitted then, she asked the doctors to check me and the doctors certified that I am perfectly fit and they wanted to punish Ranveer and his aunt for admitting me there without any reason, I somehow requested them not to take any action against Ranveer and his aunt and they agreed. My friend took me to her native place, that is Switzerland and from then I am staying with her at her house, right now her parents are funding for my studies and I am doing a part time job there. She works as a junior doctor in one of the hospital there. My friend is an NRI actually” she completed leaving me in complete shock.

“But Priyanka… why are you silent, why you don’t want to punish Ranveer and his aunt?” I asked her.

“He has a friend named Bhavya Pratap Rathore who can do anything to safeguard him from getting punished, and believe me Lilly when you told that Bhavya got married to Rudy bhaiyaa… I couldn’t forgive my family. After I was taken to London by Ranveer and his aunt I don’t know for what reason but my family did not call me much, they did not even tried to verify that how am I, so I started to distance myself from them and now I am just Priyanka… and not Priyanka Singh Oberoi” she seemed to feel proud of what was she doing. Her tears seemed as the fire in her eyes.

“Priyanka I won’t sympathise you… I would salute you, you are a great girl… don’t worry, from now your friend Lilly is also beside you forever, just call me in the time of need and I would be there for you” I assured her pressing my hand over her hand.

“Lilly I am really good and now I want them to get punished who pushed Saumya to this condition… and please take me to her” she requested.

I smilingly nodded my head and got up along with her to go to Saumya’s cell. We reached there after two hours or so and Priyanka covered her face with the dupatta. We went in and after taking permission went to Saumya’s cell.

“Saumya” she softly called as tears glistened in her eyes.

“Priyanka… you came… how are you? Where were you stupid, do you even know how many times I have tried to contact you but every time you either cut the call or didn’t receive and then suddenly your number got switched off one day… where were you?” Saumya uttered these questions in one breath gripping the barrier.

“I am fine Saumya… how are you?” Priyanka said as her voice and cheeks became wet.

“I am same the way I should be… you don’t cry na… you know right that I can’t see you crying” Saumya said nodding a no.

Priyanka couldn’t hold back much and started to cry. Saumya kept on requesting her to be strong and not to cry. I rubbed Priyanka’s shoulder and back and said soothing words. Saumya too requested her continuously to be strong. After sometime Priyanka composed herself.

“Priyanka at least once visit your family, they would be missing you” Saumya suggested to which I also nodded yes.

“Okay I would go, but not as Priyanka but as a stranger and Lilly’s friend” Priyanka said. We tried to change her mind but she didn’t agree to go as Priyanka.

That evening I went to Oberoi Mansion along with Priyanka, Priyanka wore a burka so that none gets to identify her.

“Who is this Lilly?” Anika asked.

“My friend” I simply answered.

Everyone gathered at hall gradually and out of nowhere the Saumya case popped up. Ohh wait, Mrs. ACP started the discussion.

“Bade bhaiyaa… we should ask judge to announce his judgement very soon” ACP said.

“Why are you rushing Mrs. ACP?” I asked.

“Nothing… actually I have to look to other matters as well right, so I want this case to get closed soon” ACP answered.

“Ohh then you handover the case to someone else, and you move on to the next case”  Priyanka said.

“See I take up a…” ACP was saying when Rudra interrupted and said “Prinku…”

My eyes widened in shock so I looked down.

“This is Prinku’s voice” Rudra said.

“No Mr. Oberoi… you must have mistaken” Priyanka tried to cover up.

“No Rudra how can she be Priyanka? Our Priyanka is completing her studies and look at her im-laws, they allowed her to study in abroad after marriage as well” ACP tried to explain.

“Shut your mouth Bhavya… I know Prinku’s voice better that you” Rudra defended in a rigid tone.

“Rudra you must have mistaken, please don’t create a scene like this saying that my friend is your sister Priyanka” I tried to cool the fire.

“Fine… when none listens to me then I should not stay over here… I am going out” Rudra went away.

“What kind of childish act is this Rudra?” ACP shouted from back.

“Yes I am a child, I like to be a child when it’s about my siblings, you won’t understand that Mrs. ACP” Rudra said every word in anger and went away without looking back.

ACP lowered her gaze in shame.

“Why do you always call her child” I asked looking at ACP.

“He is that’s why” she tried to give a defending answer.

“No… he is not, after you came to his life… he must have change himself for you… see I don’t know much about your relationship so I don’t want to comment, and daadi I think we should leave now” I said and we both, Priyanka and me, got up and went out.

We went far from Oberoi Mansion and suddenly a motorbike stopped in front of our car. I applied harsh brakes and the car stopped with a creak sound. I an Priyanka got down the car to say something or the other to the man for this stupid did of his. Priyanka was still in the burka covering her face. The man got down his motorbike and walked towards Priyanka.

“I know you are my Prinku… please show your face, at least to your Rudy bhaiya… please Prinku” Rudra said, Priyanka looked at me and I looked at her helpless. She opened the covering of her face and Rudra immediately hugged her tight.

“I knew it that you are my Prinku… how are you Prinku, where have you been… you are fine right?” Rudra asked lots of questions while tears brimmed down both their eyes.

“I am fine bhaiya but how can you marry Bhavya and forget that Saumya is your wife?” Priyanka asked pushing Rudra and freeing herself.

“I… I… actually…” Rudra stammered and looked down.

“I know you have no answer to this, it’s okay bhaiya… if you love Bhavya then I have nothing to say much… please go back to your family and let me go right now” Priyanka said.

“It’s yours family as well Prinku” he said.

“It was bhaiya… but not now, let me go” Priyanka turned and started walking towards the car.

“I love Saumya Prinku… I only love Saumya” Rudra said and broke down at the middle of the road.

Priyanka immediately turned back in shock and I too looked at Rudra in complete shock. Priyanka ran towards Rudra and hugged him tight.


I was shocked, I was in such a state that my knees went numb, this thing did not happened then as well when my boyfriend proposed me. It seemed as if an unknown happiness ran down my spine. I never knew that love can be like this as well, I loved to feel complete but they loved each other after knowing that they would separate forever. He accepted everything with heavy heart and she was the reason for him to be the strongest after what all happened in his life. Love got another meaning that day.


Here is the next part doodles, do share your opinions down and please hit the star button. Thanks a lot for the support in the last six chapters. 

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  1. Fenil

    Emotional update.
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  5. Where is real Svetlana? & why the fake one is against the Oberoi?? Why Rudy is forced to marry Bhavya? What is the connection between Bhavya and Ranveer? Why Prinku is this much ignored by the Oberois? Who is the person went to meet Saumya-Is it Rudy?? What is Saumya hiding from all? Want to all these…
    bdw this part was amazing…post next asap ..

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much dear, do check the next part to know the answers of the half questions you posted here. Prinku is not exactly ignored but Oberois got busy in solving their family problems and Ranveer asked Oberois not to contact Prinku much, so she got ignored. Thank You so much dear and the next part is posted 🙂

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