‘They say freind in need is a friend indeed, if this has to be true then I have met a correct person who atleast  proved the proverb’ I am Lilly Raichaind, a lawyer… the story started two years back with my entry in her life and her entry in jail.



ACP has joined happily. I had to plan to visit my friend. But one thing I have to admit that Oberoi boys seriously loves their wives, Rudra went to the police station to drop his wife… Isn’t it amazing, my boyfriend never came to my office to meet me ever as well. Is my boyfriend unromantic or Oberois’ does a lot showoff.

I reached her cell and she wasn’t there.

“Where is Saumya?” I asked the constable.

“ACP mam has taken her in a room to charge her” the constable answered.

Why can’t I kill that ACP and myself get register as a murderer. Now if I wait then my identity would be disclosed and if I go then how will I ask Saumya next set of important questions. I was thinking all these when I saw Saumya coming behind the ACP and the ACP was dragging her. I stood still.

“You??” the ACP asked, her expressions changed drastically from shock to doubt.

“Yeah, came to meet Saumya” I very casually said. I can never hide the fact that I come to meet Saumya from her anymore, one thing I have to keep in mind that she does not gets to know that I am Saumya’s lawyer too.

“You know Saumya?” ACP asked.

“Yeah, we are school friends, I got to know about her some days back and as we were friends, I thought to come and meet her once” I explained.

“See Ms. Saumya whatever, look at this girl who thinks you as her friend still and you… you never respected anybody’s respect and love” ACP howled looking at Saumya.

Saumya looked away without answering. Believe me I wanted to punch that ACP hard after she completed her sentence. How dare she say that Saumya never valued any relation. She pushed Saumya inside the cell and looked back at me and smiled. I was so stuck to smile back, and as I smiled she approached towards me.

“Be careful, this girl is psycho and dangerous” she whispered in my ear.

I looked up at her eyes and looked away in disgust. She gave me one of her most stupidest smile and went away. As soon she went away the constable also went away with her leaving me and Saumya alone. I banged my hand over the bars of the cell in frustration.

“Lilly, please will you help me… I need help really badly, please help me” Saumya sounded helpless and this increased my tension.

“What happened? Why are you sounding so helpless?” I asked her forgetting everything and concentrating over her.

“See Lilly today while Bhavya was investigating me I somehow guessed through her questions that Svetlana Di would be in some problem, see Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi and Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi always hated her and now I think they are planning something big. I want to save my di, please do something” Saumya said in a go with pleading eyes.

“Saumya I don’t even know where your di is” I sounded stupid I know.

“Okay Lilly, leave it” she bowed down sadly and sat down.

This shook me through and now one thing I knew was that I have to save Svetlana by hook or by crook. For that two ways are their. First is disclosing my identity as Saumya’s lawyer and then asking police officers that where Svetlana is and the second is becoming friend of ACP and asking her directly.

Both ways had risks. Second way is a bit disgusting as if I become ACP’s friend then I have to bad mouth about Saumya but that way is a bit easier.

“Don’t worry Saumya… I won’t let anything happen to your sister” I said in a promising voice.

She looked up at me and just hummed. The thought that stroke me thereafter was that should I ask the question for which I came.

“Go on, ask whatever you want to” Saumya as if read my mind.

“Have you ever loved Rudra… Saumya” I asked and stopped.

This question and her expression while answering it will clear few of my doubts. She looked at me with an expression at first and then smiled.

“What do you think?” she asked back.

“I don’t know” I simply answered the truth.

“Yes Lilly, or else I would have never come back” she answered and looked away. This confused me more.

“Saumya… you know you have to share everything with me, I know you have many a things in your store… I won’t force you, take your time but share it soon whatever you want to. We don’t have much time” I said. She hummed and nodded her head.

I turned back to go when she called me from behind “Lilly, if possible try to search Mrs. Priyanka Singh Randhawa” I know whom she meant, but why search for Priyanka.

“Saumya… Priyanka is alright right?” I asked.

“Hope she is” she answered in a taunting tone.

“Saumya tell me… what’s the matter?” I asked her.

“Oberois have hated me, that had a reason… but why do they don’t even care for Priyanka… after Bhavya came and Priyanka went away to London, no one called her, no one even invited her in Rudra’s marriage… try to find out Priyanka soon… please Lilly, from day one after coming back I tried to search for Priyanka but I couldn’t… I don’t know where is she… how is she… is she fine or not… please Lilly try and find her out” she said, in a pleading tone later.

“I will try hard, Ranveer Singh Randhawa was ACP then why would he go to London?” I asked.

“Yeah… I also had the same question running through my head from the day I heard that Priyanka is in London, she is happy with her family, her in-laws” Saumya paused.

“But Saumya why are you suddenly asking me to search Priyanka… what are you hiding Saumya?” I asked her. She shot her head up and composed herself within seconds.

“For now… nothing important, let the right time come Lilly” she said in a very cold voice.

I went to her and held her arms “say it Saumya, today is the right time… say it, if not today then we may loose Priyanka… say it, please for god sake say it” she looked at me.

“Ranveer and Bhavya are good friends” I freaked out as she took a pause “what?” I said.

“Yes, it’s not surprising… Ranveer and Bhavya they both are in police and Ranveer always wanted to frame Oberois for his sister’s accident and for that he married Priyanka so that he can torture her… I don’t know Bhavya knows about all these or not… but maybe you will get the clue of Ranveer from Bhavya and the about Priyanka from Ranveer, it’s urgent so do it fast” Saumya ended.

“I will Saumya… I will bring Priyanka in front of your eyes as soon as I can and before that I have to become ACP Oberoi’s good friend… you will have to bear some taunts from my side… I apologise now and please don’t mind the words I will use for you in front of the ACP” I very softly said so that none gets to hear.

“I understood… you go and please take a check about my Svetlana di as well” she smilingly trusted me and I returned her smile back.

“I promise you Saumya, I will find your di and your friend soon and will bring them to you and after that I will free you… I can’t see you behind the bars” I completed and got out.

Mrs. ACP Oberoi was standing there. I faked a smile and said “Saumya has so changed, she doesn’t deserve to be my friend anymore”

“I don’t know Lilly that how she was… but now she is a criminal and she will get her punishments” she angrily said.

“Okay but what was the crime that she did?” I asked.

“Many… well leave those and tell me you wanna have tea or coffee or cold drink?” ACP asked smilingly.

“No, the day you will answer my question… I will myself offer you tea, coffee or cold drink… actually Bhavya I want to know what were her crimes and how did she change like this… I want good for her… you know na childhood friendship” I tried to clear my point.

She looked at me and sternly said “you are not a lawyer Lilly, you left your studies and you yourself have confessed it, so don’t try to get into the case”

How dare she talk to me like that… just wait Mrs. ACP, if I fail to free Saumya as well, then also I will teach you a nice lesson. I walked off after faking a smile again.


The war got started, the war in which one side friendship was at stake and at the other side Saumya. I was lost from where to start. She gave me the hints to something and that I knew… but what? She wanted to see Priyanka but now I know why Priyanka was needed at that point of time.


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