Hello doodles, I am back to post another story named as BEHIND THE BARS. This story revolves around Saumya and her life after she gets arrested on the day of her marriage. Do read the story and share your opinions. A HUMBLE REQUEST TO BHAVYA LOVERS, PLEASE STAY AWAY DEARIES OR ELSE YOU MAY END UP FEELING BAD.


‘They say everyone has their bright tomorrows if not todays, her tomorrow never seemed bright, neither her today is… but most importantly she is happy now, with her life, her little life’ I am Lilly Raichaind, a lawyer… the story started two years back with my entry in her life and her entry in jail.



Soumya was explaining and I was listening to her very carefully, registering every word she is uttering “he was crying badly, I remembered my bhaiyaa’s last moments looking at him. I gave him a dhaaga, well for everyone it was a simple dhaaga but for me it was my bhaiya’s blessing, he clutched that simple thread and cried his heart out confessing that how much he loves his brother. I was feeling lonely then, very lonely but I just asked him to compose and have faith and got up from beside him” she stopped and smiled, maybe all the moments flashed in her brain. Indeed it was an amazing time when she was with that family, the family who never understood her value.

I paid attention to her as she continued “I sang a song for his brother when his brother regained his consciousness, I was never that much confident while singling but that day I just left every thoughts and sang for his brother. His brothers’ were giving him naughty smirks, though I did not get that time like why were they smirking but after the second meet I got to know the actual Rudra, the dumbhead, he only values a woman based on her figure… well I thought that he will recognise me in college when I met him but he completely ignored me and also said that my bhai’s dhaga is just a simple thread, I can bear and accept everything but not my bhai’s insult or the insult of any stuff related to my brother. I walked off, I don’t know how he felt from inside but he was happy it seemed” she stopped again and looked at me, I was stupid to smile back like a fool.

“Lilly… you must be wondering where is my bhai… right?” she asked me to which I nodded yes initially and then no like a fool again.

“He died Lilly… well I will narrate the story of my brother’s death some other day… let’s stick to my life story only for now” she said a bit sarcastically. Seriously, circumstances can change a person so much and one of the best example is Saumya.

“Saumya… tell me something, when you met Rudra at the hospital he was one type of person and when you met him in college you are saying that he behaved weird… any particular reason for it?” I asked, well I knew what type of person Rudra was but I wanted to know everything from Saumya’s mouth as none knows Rudra better than her, not even his so called brothers.

“Yes Lilly… because I was fat, I never believed that a girl is only beautiful when she is of zero figure but she is beautiful when her heart is pure… but stupid he, he always believed that a girl with zero figure is only beautiful” Saumya said and took a deep breath.

I so hope that I bring Rudra here and show him Saumya’s condition now, I have searched instagram feed and facebook profile of Saumya for her two years back pictures and I am seriously shocked to see that how was she and how is she now.

“Saumya you are really a beautiful person” I complimented her to boost up her confidence but it was of no use.

“Well Lilly don’t compliment me, I know how much beautiful I was and I am now, see dear you may feel pity over me and try to sympathise me but I know whatever I have done was correct because I had reasons, my own reasons” she said, I thought to share the most important news with her which I heard today morning only.

“Saumya I think you know that tomorrow you will be taken to court, Svetlana as well, and Tia is going to give statement against you two and in favour of Oberois” I said. I don’t know that how can a sister be so selfish, initially Tia was behind Shivay to take revenge, then suddenly her love for her husband awakened and she started supporting Shivay, till then it was fine. Then suddenly she changed sides again and started to support Svetlana and now again supporting Shivay, I doubt she is okay mentally or not. How I want to take Tia to a mental asylum, ohh yaar I am again lost in my own thoughts.

“Hehehehehe….” Saumya was laughing after listening to my sentence. I felt a bit awkward and smiled awkwardly.

“Lilly, I bet you… Tia di won’t be against us” Saumya said. This girl still believes Tia, but why.

“Why do you still believe Tia?” I asked.

“She is our blood afterall” she simply answered, I was amazed by looking at her love towards her family but what to do, she will only get heartbreak again the next day.

My session of meeting Saumya for that day ended, as the time is over. I bid her bye.

“Lilly…” she called me from back, I immediately turned “do you have water?” she asked. It was so surprising that in a single day she crossed all the barriers.

“Yeah… yes” I extended the bottle and she gulped down twice. She returned me the bottle and smiled. I smiled back and went away.

I got out of the police station and one havildar came running towards me.

“Mam… Lilly mam… I have a news to share… mam” he called me as I was walking not paying attention to him. But he stood in front of me and started huffing being out of breath.

“What happened?” I asked him.

“Mam… next week Mrs. ACP Bhavya is joining in this police station… do something mam, please” the havildar requested. I was shocked that why is she joining this suddenly and why is this havildar requesting me to stop this process.

“Why you do not want her here?” I asked the havildar.

“Mam, not here… I will let you know somewhere else… this is my number… please contact me and stop this, atleast to save Saumya stop this” he went inside the police station giving me his phone number.

If that stupid joins here, then how will I meet Saumya… how will I fight her case… ohh god, I have to inform Saumya about this. I ran inside and requested the inspector to let me go inside Saumya’s cell once more. He was adamant not to let me go inside, but when I threatened her taking my father’s name he had no other option but letting me go inside.  Saumya was sitting still and stood up after seeing me.

“Saumya Bhavya is joining from next week in this police station, see I don’t want that Bhavya sees me with you while we discuss… I am tensed now what to do… and how to stop all the procedures” I was blabbering when Saumya’s single sentence stopped me.

“Relax Lilly… she is Mrs. ACP Bhavya Pratap Rathore Singh Oberoi after all… pay her some respect” Saumya said sarcastically.

“Arre Saumya meri maa… how to stop her from joining this police station?” I asked in such a tone as if I am the closest friend of Saumya.

“Arre arre… okay relax let me say” she smiled and continued while I looked on “she is an Oberoi daughter-in-law, and believe me in Oberoi family none is dedicated much to jobs and works. Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi is indeed an great business man but when I was in their house I have seen him only attending a meeting or two in a day and nothing more, Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi is a great artist and he works from home only after he got married, Mr. Rudra Singh Oberoi had once opened a fashion boutique which seriously is running in loss and he has attended the office for initial one month or less and now about Mrs. ACP, see after she went inside Oberoi Mansion with fake identity of Rudra’s wife, I have never seen her going back to her old office and doing her job, so relax she would come to police station less” she explained so nicely, and yeah this no job, no office policy of Oberois are really great. Shivay is really lucky to have a good brain to run the business without his presence.

I was relaxed after listening to Saumya’s reasons, but I feared thinking about her.

“But Saumya wat about you… Mrs. ACP won’t allow you to smile also after she joins back” I said.

“She has snatched my smile that day only when she kicked on my face and the Oberois dragged me… huuhhh… Lilly I am fine and I will be fine, you just relax and go back to home” she sent me outside her cell and went back to her position and sat down.

She tried to hide her tears but I have already seen them. I promise you Saumya I will try my best to take you out from here at least you get to take your revenge from those Oberois.


I was fool to promise myself, I thought I will take her out but little did I knew that what plan was going through her head. But that day I was happy that she at least respects that ACP but I just don’t want to respect that ACP still and then I knew that I have to become ACP’s friend and then stab her back the way ACP did to Saumya.


Here is the next part doodles, do share your opinions down and please hit the like button. Thanks a lot for the support in the last two chapters. 

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  1. Jasminerahul

    sad that rudra never paid attention to soumya as she was fat. soumya saying that oberois are not dedicated to work was funny.wonder how bhavya will be after joining the police station.which actress is lily?

    1. Nilash

      Yeah, hahaha… thank you. Do check the next episode to know Bhavya’s behaviour. I never thought of any actress as Lilly, you consider anyone you want.

  2. Niriha

    Superb update dear..

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      Thank You so much Niriha

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      Thank You so much Bhai

  4. Its awesome…update next soon…

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      Thank You so much Sanjukta, next part is posted

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    It is nice one

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      Thank You so much Niki dear

  6. ItsmePrabha

    you ———— womeniya…jab mein out of station jaakar busy ho gayi thi tab hi tumhe story post karne ko mila hai kya..thank god that i read these three parts in Watty..i love this story baby..and i am glad you are posting it here too..will be waiting for the next update darlos..till then take care and Pyaar tum woh bhi baalti bhar bhar ke..

    1. Nilash

      Hehehehehe…. dash dash kyun kiya jaaneman 😛 Tu out of station gayi aur mujhe bola bhi nai, haawwwwwwww, mujhe jana tha na. Thank You so much baby, chalo next part is posted here also, 🙂
      Pyaar tum too baby bahut bahut bahut zyada

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