I am behind you… One shot


Hii guyzz.. Iam sanjana who is writing the fan fivtion DESI MODERN LOVE .This is my first attempt to write a one shot.. Pls pardon my mistakes
Ragsan are studying in same college….
Sanky was colkege’s rockstar
Ragini had already fallen for him at the first sight,..
But sanky didn’t even care about it… He thought it is just a time pass for her but ragini was a fighter and she fought for her love
Ragini followed sanky wherever he goes…
Everyday she used to write i love you sanky in the class board but sanky thought it is just her timepass
Oneday sanky confronted her because he was fed up of ger
Sanky: what is problem? What are you trying to do? Are you trying to show you love me.. I know tjis is just your time pass
Ragini: this is not a time pass for me.. This is my life.. You are my life… My heart beats only for you..now you will not understand the value of my love but one day you will.. And i will wait fot that day… Till my last breath i will wait for that day.. Hereafter i will mot disturb you.. Withthis she ran from there crying
Afterthat one week sanky didnt see her….later he came to lnow that ragini left the college..once he learned the truth that she has gone away from him.. He was completly shattered… Now his love for her and the value of her love towards him .. He tried to search for her but he couldnt get any information
Later he got N offer to go to london for higher studies he tried to resist but his parents forced him to goand he went

After 2 years,
He completed his studies .. He got job in london itself.. He still searched for ragini but he couldnt get
His parents started forcing him for marriage but he didnt agree because his heart had already connected with ragini’s heart…
So inorder to escape from marriage he left london and went to hong kong… In homg kong he tried to search ragini but he couldnt get.. Like that he went many places but couldnt find her… BUT WHEREVER HE GOES HE FELT SOMEONE BEHIND HIM… BUT HE JUST IGNORED IT
He left all his hopes… Now he was in complete depression,.. Now he really inderstood the value of ragini
After 50 years
Now samky is a old man
But still living in ragini’s memories
He decided to go back india and vsit his college
In india
Sanky was travelling but roads was blocked due to traffic.. After few hours in traffic he just looked behind to see the present condition of traffic
He was shocked to see it.. An old lady
That lady was ragini sitting in a taxi

Without even seeing sanky’s face
Ragini: aagai tum… You took 52 years my love was not a time pass.. I kept my promise that ivwill wait for you..

Sanky was in 9th clouddue to happiness after all he is seeing his ragini after 52 years.. He tightly hugged her..
Sanky: kaha thi tum? Itne saalom mein.. I searched for you every where.. Almost in all countries … Each and every where…
Ragini:yes you searched fir me everywhere but you never bothered to lool behind.. I was always behind you as a SHADOW…
Sanky: what do you mean
Ragini: sanky you akways looked ahead but never bothered to turn back and see ur loved one behind you..
I FOLLOWED YOU EVERY WHERE…FROM LONDON TO ALL THE PLACES YOU HAVE WENT… I was always behind yo just lik a shadow but you didnt turn.. Whenever you walked.. I walked behind you.. When you was travelling in your car.. I followed you on a taxi.. Like this i followed you every where.. Whereever you let it b any country iwas with you.. I never left you alone.. With the hope that one day you will look behind………,,,,,,……….But you took 52years to find me.. You could gave just looked behind and easily find me…

Sanky: ragini if uou followed me everywhere then why didnt you just come infront if me..
Ragini: then if i again came infront of you and say that i love you… You will again say thatmy live us a timepass… So i wAited for the day which utou will come to me and you came…
Sanky: after 52 years
Ragini: true love never dies.. Infront of true love years are just like secondssss…
Now will you propose me or again you will make me wait(she said in a teasing tone)
Now our sanky was trying to kneel fown in order to propose her but he couldnt becz of his age..
Ragini understood this and said
Ragini: you became an okdie now so propose me in standin position itself
Sanky: hey old lady.. Are ready to spend your oldage with this oldman
Ragini: yes… It will b my pleasure…
Both hug..
True live never dies… Whenever you are looking ahead atleast once look behind you could see your loved ones waiting for you…

So how is it? I know it is not so good.. But pls oardon me its just my first attempt..,

Credit to: Sanjana

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  1. Lol cute but sanky bechara ek baar peeche dekh leta to uski zindagi Bach jati….air ragini..ek baar fake galti ke bahane se hi sahi ek baar aage aa jati to uski bhi zindagi ban jati:-) 🙂 🙂

  2. Omg I dont have words to express abt this ff….its just amazing….I m just in love with this os….. Haha pagal sanky peeche hi apne pyar ko rakkar pure duniya goomliya…… But I just love their love….. Love u loads…. U nailed it….can I pls know r u a schl student????

  3. a different story and its good

  4. Os is awesome. I loved it.

  5. Priya iam not a school student.

    1. Oh sry di…I m extremely sry… So ur CLG… I m sry I said u sanju n all…I thought u r small….that’s y dont take me wrong…

  6. Awesome

  7. Lol different lovely what not

  8. Nice

  9. It was just awesome and wonderful
    Loved it…….

  10. Wow u r awesome as always.nice one.

  11. nice one

  12. It was unique
    Its true that true love has no boundaries

  13. Cute and sweet story. 🙂

  14. cute one

  15. Awesome 😀 yar abhi tak to unke 5- 6 pote-potiyan bhi hotein pura time waste kiya inn logone

  16. This was awesome……cute story dear

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