Behind the Mask (Intro and Episode 1)

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

A spy is a person engaged in espionage, obtaining information that is considered secret or confidential. One of the most effective ways to gather data and information is by infiltrating.So, many times Spies work staying inside the system.Defence Sector holds most sensitive informations regarding country’s security.Spies usually targets this sector.In 2002,after Kargil war,Government of India created an organization,Defence Intelligence Agency(DIA) to protect Defence Secret ,for counterintelligence (operations specifically targeting opponents intelligence services themselves, such as breaching confidentiality of communications) & for fighting against terrorism.

Aham Sharma as Major Agniva Sinha

Nazea Hasan as Aparna Sinha, wife of Agniva Sinha.

spandan chaturvedi as Aganya Sinha, daughter of Agniva & Aparna.Nickname- Pari.

Ratna Pathak as Neelima Sinha, mother of Agniva.

More Characters will be introduced as the story progress.

Chapter- 1

Aparna held her daughter in her hands & was looking into her little girl’s eyes. Agniva sat beside her on the bed & stroking the baby’s thick black hair.
Agniva- Thanks Apu for giving the most precious gift in my life.My daughter.She is the prettiest.Simply an Angel.I am going to call her Pari.
Aparna- That’s great.Everything is complete now.What else can I possibly want in life now?”
Agniva- I want nothing as I have both you & my daughter in my life.
Aparna- I love You Agni.
Agniva- I love you too Apu.
Sighing happily, Aparna entwined her fingers with his.
Agniva- By the way, You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.
Aparna- really??

Agniva- Yes ( He kissed her forehead & he gently kissed baby’s forehead).
Aparna put her little daughter in the cot & then lay down on the bed.Agniva placed an arm over her protectively, moving closer so that she can cradled against him.
Agniva- Apu, I can not promise you every night of my life. I cannot promise to be beside you for every difficult moment neither happy one. In truth, I can promise you that I will not be with you for most.
Aparna- I know Agni, you said it all before our marriage, but still I married you. I love You & I honour you. I became frustrated & angry when each time you left me.But I cherish these moments when you are with me.Its a soldier’s life.I can understand your duty.
Agniva- I am the luckiest that you are with me.But will my daughter going to understand me & my duty?If she considers my absence as ignorance towards her?
Aparna- She will never do that. Trust me. She is our daughter.
Agniva-I have to join my duty next week.My next postings will be on Manipur.I am going to miss my daughter.But I will see the face of our daughter in every life that I can protect.
Aparna hold her husband’s hand tightly & started kissing it.There was tears in her eyes.

Agniva was checking his mobile after completing his mission.He was connected with other soldiers through conference call, So, if somebody tried to call him ,then they will find his phone busy.Agniva’s eyes grew wide in surprise as he noticed 10 missed call from Aparna.Usually, Aparna never call him in this time.Agniva dialed his wife’s number.He heard a mechanic female voice from other side, the number you are calling is currently switched off. He was feeling tense & nervous.Is his Apu okay??Is his Pari okay??Suddenly his phone started ringing.Agniva noticed his mother calling him.He picked up the call.
Agniva- Hello maa.
Agniva’s mother Neelima Sinha ( crying & her voice shaking)- beta, just now, I received a call from Police.They said Aparna had an accident. I am on the way to hospital.
Agniva- & Pari??
Neelima- she is fine.She was sleeping, so Aparna alone went to market.
Agniva felt that he lost his strength.He started shaking & sweating.
After sometimes,

Agniva just looks at the red light on the OT, which indicating that the operation was going on.The doctor came out.Agniva rushed near him with loads of hope in his eyes.
Doctor- I am Sorry, We could not save her.
Neelima started crying, but Agniva kept standing there,completely numb, not a single drop of tears escaped from his eyes.Life without Apu??
A police Officer came near him.
Officer- I am sorry.It was a terrible accident…
Agniva- Accident??? ( he can only muttered the word in a low voice).

Agniva opened his eyes.Sleeping pills effects wearing off.He has become an insomniac after the incident.He is leading a life without his Apu.It is the speciality of life that it never bows down, breathes stop, but the life never stops.Now, he can feel this line is so true.But yes, he is suffering from a guilty feeling.When she was in danger, he was not with there to protect.He still believe his Apu’s death was not an accident, but he failed to prove it.Now, only two things matter in his life.His duty & the responsibility of his mother & daughter.He is always very passionate towards his duty. For Him,Two Stars In The Shoulder Are Better Than A Thousand In The Sky.Last year, when a bullet pierced through his shoulder in a mission in Kashmir,more than the pain he was afraid.The face of Pari, came infront of his eyes.What will happen to Pari, if something happens to him?He tried to open his eyes.Being a Soldier,he was not afraid of death.but what about Pari.

Agniva sighed & got up from his bed.Now, he was back in his home in Delhi, with his mother & daughter.His mother was relieved that finally he got a peaceful posting, Pari was happy that now his father will be staying with them.But Agniva only knows that he is now in a most dangerous mission,”Shadow”.

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