Begusarai 9th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bindya says to Poonam that day i touched your feet now i ask you to touch my feet, i will give you keys then you can also Badi Amma, come on touch my feet, Poonam is disgusted, Bindya says why are you waiting? Rekha says didnt you listen what Bindya is saying, Poonam says you are not making Bindya instead you are provoking her, if i have responsibilities as daughter in law towards you then you have responsibilities towards Badi Amma too, Bindya ask her to not waste time and touch her feet, take keys and leave, cant you do this much to save Badi Amma, Poonam says you dont know what i can do to save Badi Amma, i wont let Badi Amma be in this state, she leaves, REkha ask Bindya to come and see what she is upto.
Guddi comes to Dolt’s room, she closes door, Dolt doesnt look at

her and ask why did you come here? please leave from here, i dont wanna see your face nor i wanna talk to you, Guddi says but i want to talk to you and i wont leave till i complete my talk, Dolt says i will leave then, Guddi says i am Thakurian and i will do what i want, i will tell you today why i did drama of fake love with you.
Badi Amma Ask Choti Amma and Maya to leave from there, she is fine, Poonam comes there, she says Badi Amma is hungry, i can sense that, we have to give her food and water, Maya ask but how? Choti Amma says when Mitlaish made this store room, he made window too but its not opened, Poonam says we will open it today, maya goes to bring water and food. Poonam, Choti Amma and Maya comes and opens window, they call Badi amma and ask her to take water, Badi Amma tries to get up but cant because of weakness, she get up and walk towards window but she feels dizzy and faints, all are shocked, Poonam leaves from there, she comes to door and tries to open store room, she finds axe there, she takes it and is about to break lock but Rekha comes and stops her, Bindya comes and stare here, Poonam starts breaking lock with axe, Bindya thinks that this will cost Poonam a lot, Poonam gets tired but lock doesnt break, Poonam says to Bindya that Badi Amma has fainted, open door now, show your anger some other time but open door now, Bindya doesnt budge, Poonam leaves from there and comes back with kerosene, she pours kerosene on wooden door of store room, Rekha says you know its not good to go against Bindya, Poonam says i am daughter in law of this house too and i have same right like her, the only difference is that she is on wrong side and i at right side, she cant leave wrong side and no one can force me to not follow right path, she lits match stick and looks at Bindya, she se door on fire, Bindya angrily looks at her, Poonam opens door by axe and goes to Badi Amma, Choti Amma and Maya comes there too, they make Badi Amma drink water, Badi Amma becomes conscious, Poonam is happy, Choti Amma says we should take her to her room, Poonam stares Bindya and take Badi Amma from there, Bindya thinks that you went against me but i will stop you soon.

Scene 2
Guddi says to Dolt that i know sorry is small word, i am miffed with Lakhan and Poonam but i cant say anything to them so i used you but when i saw you getting beaten up by Mitlaish, i realized my mistake, i thought i will be happy to see you getting beaten up but it didnt happen, my lie costed so much to you, Dolt says lie? and for you lie, i came in Haveli and confessed my love infront of all, did you ever thought that i could have died because of your lie? my life would have gone which i never want as i wanted to live my whole life with you Guddiji, Guddi is ashamed listening this, she is in tears and puts hand on Dolt’s shoulder and says i am sorry, trust me i didnt want to take your life, if you want then you can punish, forgive me please, Dolt says are you done? he jerks away her hand from his shoulder, Guddi starts to leave, Dolt says listen, you want me to punish you right? he looks at her and pulls her closer, he kisses her on lips, she is stunned and is shy, he looks at her, she looks away and leaves from there, Dolt smiles and says what you done with me, i will take revenge for that, you will have to pay for Mitlaish’s punches to me.
Rekha says to Bindya that see this Poonam, you said to her that you wont give her keys so she set door on fire, Bindya ask her to leave, Rekha says i am not your enemy, its Poonam, Bindya says i know who is my enemy, leave me alone, REkha leaves, Bindya says how dare you Poonam, the girl who had no words in mouth, now she is looking straight in my eyes, i have to teach lesson to Poonam.

PRECAP- Bindya comes in kitchen and turns on gas of stove, she leaves. Poonam comes in kitchen and lits match stick without knowing that Gas is leaking.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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