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Begusarai 9th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddi says to Bindya don’t feel ashamed listening to others. You don’t have anything else to do. Bindya says true love doesn’t have to be proved, it shows automatically. The one you have to prove is not true love. True love doesn’t is dying for your lover. Its like open air. It can go anywhere. Nothing can stop it. The one whole loves truly is not scared of the world. Rest you know.

Poonam asks Rekha where is lakhan? She points at Dadda ji and says he has lakhan. He has concealed him. Dadda ji says to his man rain season is almost ending. Get the field work started. Poonam says where is my lakhan? Give him back to me. Dadda ji asks men to leave. Dadda ji says first time I was wrong in recognizing someone. You are standing like this in front of me, your feet

are trembling. There is a limit to everything. Whats wrong with you. Poonam says whats wrong with you, have you forgotten who you are. Why are you back? He says you dare not. Poonam says you don’t speak in such loud tone. The saints have good manners in their head. But I see a man who shouts at women and wants them to be in control. I wont cover my head. Why can’t I smile and laugh in my own house. why can’t thakur family girls go out to study. The woman, why she has to face so many restrictions. You do pooja of durga maa, she is a woman too. Why such dual life? Now I know why you want me to be quite. Because you don’t have any answers. No one showed you mirror by now. So you want me to be quite. Why this dual life dadda ji.
Bindya says to Rekha she is saying way more than I expected. Maya says to badi amma please do something. I think Bindya mixed something in her food. She doesn’t even know what she is saying. Badi amma says she is under hangover still speaking sense. She is saying right. None of us had the courage to speak like this in front of him.
Dadda ji says to Poonam you operation has to be done. Poonam laughs. Dadda ji says no one can save you from me today. Poonam says nothing will happen to me. I didn’t do anything wrong. My mom says that until you don’t do wrong, no one can do wrong to you. But the people who think ill, they are haunted by wrong. Dadda ji asks his man to bring the belt. He says for the first time, I break the rule of not hitting a woman. Today I will tell you, he is about to slam it but Lakhan holds the belt. Poonam smiles. Everyone is bewildered. Lakhan stands in front of Poonam. she hugs him. Dadda ji says Lakhan you came in my way. You the consequence of stopping Manohar thakur. If you had seen your wife doing what she did, this belt would have been in your hand. I said it once, that i will punish her. And its final. Lakhan says I am sorry till I am alive no one can touch my wife. Dadda laughs and says nice dialogue. You consider yourself a man, once the sword is out it doesn’t go in unless it has blood on it. Rekha says dadda ji please calm down i will handle him. I’ll talk to him. Rekha says to Lakhan are you out of your mind. Dadda ji is certain about his words. you will stop him? You will argue with him? How did you even think? It was poonam’s mistake. We were all here. You are saving her and she misbehaved. Leave her and come with me Lakhan says maya bhabhi take poonam from here. Poonam says i wont go anywhere without you. Lakhan says go to your room poonam. Maya takes her to room. Lakhan says to dadda i understand that she must have done something that she shouldn’t have as daughter in law of this badi haveli. Dadda ji says you want to be your wife’s slave. Sending her to room doesn’t solve the problem. The punishment has to be served.

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