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Scene 1
Shakti says come out of the care coward. Ananiya says you are coward you are scared of your mom. He says yes I am, because I am her son. But then.. something happened. She says what? He says I won’t tell you but show you. Come. I won’t eat you up. Come. They come in the jungle a tree lightens. Ananiya smiles. She says they are so beautiful. He says not more than you. Shakti says sometimes in ordinary talks something special happens. Like you meeting me. Love. Love is when you some gives life for you. If you wanted you could leave me in jungle but you didn’t. Maa ordered but I couldn’t shoot you. What is that? Love. This is love. She recalls when he picked her up and didn’t shoot her. When he said din’t come to kill you but to save you. Shakti says what are

you thinking? Why is this happening so early? Because I have realized. Even you have changed my mom’s heart. That is why she forgave mayank. She says but.. He says sh.. He takes her hand and places it on his heart. The song ‘boldo naa’ plays in background. He says ask my heart when you are around what happens to it. I never said it to anyone but I am saying it today. He knees down and says complete my love. I love you. She recalls him dragging and insulting Ramakanth.
Ananiya says i respect your love but the distance between us is too long. I can never reduce it. He says don’t say that. give me one chance. I will talk to maa and your baba. If you help me I will wither away the shadows of darkness. Ananiya says some darkness can’t go away. In real life these all mean nothing. So forget it like a good memory. I wanna go home, its late. She sits in the jeep.

Ananiya comes home and sits on her bed. She says you shouldn’t have done this shakti. Sorry but I can never hold your hand.
Bindya says to shakti you gave up? A girl only says yes when she trusts you completely. She will only own you when she trusts you. Till then you have to work hard. Mayank has come now go and show him you don’t like him.

Amar says jeja wants to drink i think. Adarsh says this is english drink it slowly. Shakti says lets start it now. Mayan starts drinking.He says my mind is working now. I wanted to talk to you people about something.I am feeling emotional inside. When I came to Begusarai I got a wife like sohni and five brothers like you. I was so happy. Shakit says then dance for us. He says yes yes. He starts dancing. Garv says wow jeja. Mayank wears a tiara and dances. He faints after a while. Adarsh says jeja is gone.

Next morning, Ananiya realls what shakti said.Ramaknath asks what are you doing? She says sorry I wasn’t focusing. He says I know you are worried for mayank.She says he always had dreams.I didn’t like either what he said but don’t get him wrong. he says i fear under ma thakurain he might agree to stay in their house.She says lets call and talk to him.
She calls, mayank picks the call. She says are you asleep? He says who would want to wake up.I am so happy. You helped me out.I love you. Tell me what you want. She says I want nothing just keep bhabhi happy. She says he was sounding so happy. Ramaknath says all I want is happiness of you two. Bell rings. Ananiya opens the door, Its Shakti. She is dazed.

Precap-Shakti says you think there is nothing common between us? she says I don’t know how to make you understand. He says I don’t wanna understand anything. I have decided that you are mine.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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