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Scene 1
Bindya is sleeping in her room, she wakes up and finds Komal pointing gun at her, she gets up with jerk, they listen sound of people walking around, Komal says to Bindya that dont try to be clever else i will kill you, tie yourself fast, Bindya ties her feet and asks what will you get? Komal says Lakhan, this Haveli, money and power, Bindya is stunned, Komal says i came here to get all this and i will get it, Bindya says you can get money and power but not Lakhan Thakur, he is of Poonam’s and will remain hers, Komal says what if Pooanm doesnt remain alive? listen carefully, if Lakhan cant be mine then he cant be of anyone else, if he tries to be of someone else then i will destroy everything.
Lakhan comes in room, Poonam hugs him tightly, he asks her what happened? she doesnt

answer, Lakhan says its good, because of Komal my wife doesnt want to leave me, Poonam beats him and says you think this is joke? Lakhan says i am hurt, Poonam asks if she beat him harshly? where did it hurt? he says in heart, now you have to heal me, he makes her hug him, Poonam says i know you are saying all this to set my mood but i wont be at peace till Komal’s shadow is over us.
Bindya says to Komal that this is not your love for Lakhan but its your lust, Komal says shut up, what did you say that my love is lust? you cheap dancer, who used to give pleasure to men is telling me all this, Bindya says i tried to live like you but this life will not give you anything, Priyom’s love changed me but you will destroy yourself in all this, Komal says you were fool but not me, Lakhan will come to me, love has two rules, either become his or get him by force.
Lakhan says to Poonam that Komal as you have tears in eyes because of her, Poonam says what happened, how can we neglect it? what if badi Amma was not outside? Lakhan says nothing will happen, you remember you said that in end truth wins only, this Komal is wrong, you know it right? this Mangalsutra and sindoor of yours is witness that i am yours and you are mine, our relation is so strong that it has kept this family together, dont make this relation weak, dont make pillar of this house weak, do you trust me? she nods, Lakhan says i promise you that i will take revenge from Komal for making you cry.
Bindya says to Komal that even God will not be with your love, Komal says fine then i will be loyal to devil instead of God, i feel like shooting and silencing you, she covers her mouth with cloth and says i feel like killing you rightnow but i wont do this rightnow, first i will do what i want to then i will give you death.
Choti Amma says to Manjeeta that its morning now but i dont know about Komal, did you get any news of Komal? Manjeeta thinks that i have this chance only, he says if you want then i can go out and find her, Choti Amma points gun at him and says if you want your wife to remain alive then dont try to be clever, Komal comes there, Choti Amma says where were you whole night? i was tensed for you, she sees blood dripping from her hand, she asks who did it? Komal says he was with her, lakhan Thakur was with Poonam, how can he cheat me like this? today i am wasting my blood but tomorrow i will waste his blood, Choti Amma says you cut your nerve yourself? have you gone mad? Komal says i want to kill, Choti Amma says you have gone mad for Lakhan, she asks Manjeeta to bring bandage, he does, Choti Amma asks Komal to control herself, there is still time, he does her wound’s bandage, Manjeeta says wound is deep, blood will stop with stitches only, i have got wounds like these too so i know, Choti Amma asks him to say as much as he is allowed, she asks him to bring Kadha for Komal, he goes, Choti Amma asks why she is giving pain to herself for Lakhan? Komal says i did mistake by loving Lakhan, he has hurt me.
Badi amma call her goons and says find Komal and Choti Amma everywhere. Lakhan comes there and says we are trying everything, why are you tensed, Poonam says your health will deteriorate, Badi amma says i dont care about myself but my family, Mitlaish comes there and says i have tighten the security, Bhushan says after yesterday’s night, Komal wont try to come here again, Badi Amma says we need to be careful still, she asks Poonam and Lakhan to be extra careful as she came here to kill them, Badi Amma asks where is Bindya? Poonam says she must be sleeping, Badi Amma says to Poonam that so much happened last night but Bindya didnt come out of her room, go and see if her health is fine, Poonam goes.
Poonam comes to Bindya’s room and doesnt find anyone there, she says where must be she if not here? she starts to leave but listens some noise, she sees somoene tied behind bed, she says Bindya, she comes behind Bed and frees Bindya, she asks who did it? Bindya says Komal, Poonam says how can she stoop so low? Bindya asks for water, Poonam brings water for her, Bindya faints, Poonam is shocked, she calls out her name, she asks Bindya to wake up but Bindya doesnt respond, she calls out Badi Amma, Lakhan there, all come there to see Bindya unconscious, Lakhan asks what happened? Poonam says she is unconscious, Lakhan goes to call doctor, Poonam says Komal did all this, all are shocked.

PRECAP- Manjeeta comes in Haveli and calls out Lakhan’s name. Lakhan says we have to do something that kills our enemy and also all remain safe, Poonam asks what can we do? Badi Amma says i have one plan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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